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Everything You Need to Know About the State of New York (NY)

The Dutch were the first to settle by the Hudson River in 1624. After two years, they founded the colony of New Amsterdam on Manhattan Island. By 1664, the English had taken control of the area and changed its name to New York. A part of the original 13 colonies, New York played a vital political and strategic role in the American Revolution. 

On July 26, 1788, New York was awarded statehood. It is a state that has housed immigrants from all over the world, making it the epitome of cosmopolitan ethics.
Between 1892 and 1954, millions of immigrants arrived in New York Harbor and passed Ellis Island as part of their process of becoming U.S. citizens. As a result, approximately 40% of Americans can trace a part of their ancestry to Ellis Island. New York City is the largest city in the United States and is a primary international economic center, housing the New York Stock Exchange and is a major international economic center.
New York is located in the Mid-Atlantic Census Bureau division in the northeastern United States. New York has an area of 54,556 square miles. This makes it the 27th largest state by total area (but 30th by land area). The state is bordered by six states in the United States. These states are Pennsylvania and New Jersey to the south, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Vermont to the east.
New York also has the Canadian provinces of Ontario and Quebec to the north and the Atlantic Ocean to the southeast. Two of the Great Lakes: Lake Erie to the west and Lake Ontario, are also located to its northwest side.
The state capital is Albany.
New York has the moniker "the Empire State." The state's tree is the Sugar Maple, and its flower is the Rose. Excelsior, which means "Ever Upward," is New York's motto.
New York City was the first capital of the United States after the Constitution was endorsed in 1788. On April 30, 1789, George Washington was instated as the nation’s first president at Federal Hall, located on Wall Street.
The popular tabloid New York Post was initially founded in 1801 as a Federalist newspaper. It was called the New York Evening Post by Alexander Hamilton, an author of the Federalist papers and the nation's first Secretary of the Treasury.
The Statue of Liberty was a gift from the people of France to honor the United States' unchanging dedication to freedom and democracy and the coalition between both countries during the American Revolution. Established in 1886 on Bedloe's Island (later renamed Liberty Island) in New York Harbor, the statue was a welcoming symbol to the 14 million immigrants who came into the United States through New York until 1924.
New York City contains approximately 660 miles of subway track connecting 468 subway stations. The lowest station is 180 feet below street level. In 2011, over 1.6 billion people used the subway.
With three waterfalls in the U.S. and Canadian region, Niagara Falls has about 12 million visitors each year. The American Falls in New York is almost 180 feet high and 1,100 feet long. The Niagara River creates enough hydroelectric power to supply more than a quarter of all the power New York and Ontario use.
The National Baseball Hall of Fame is situated in Cooperstown, New York.

Car Shipping in New York

Factors affecting Car Shipping Costs

Car shipping costs are not fixed, and varying factors contribute to its pricing. This explains why car shipping companies request specific information before providing you with an estimate. The most common factors that influence the cost of shipping a car are:

1. Distance

One of the most critical factors is the distance to be covered while shipping your car. Shipping shorter distances usually cost less than longer distances. This is because most shipping companies charge per mileage, hence, the higher the mileage covered, the higher the price. Also, considerations are made for extra gas and extra pay for drivers when your car is transported over very long distances. 

2. Method of Shipping

The open and enclosed methods are the two primary methods of car shipping. The open method is the cheaper and most common method. It involves transporting cars in an open carriage. This method, however, is less safe than the enclosed method.

The enclosed method is used mainly by those who own luxurious and expensive cars. Also, those concerned about their cars being affected by dust, rain, and snow. This method ensures that the cars are covered and have no exposure to external elements. As a result, the enclosed method is more expensive.

3. Functionality

The state of the vehicle to be shipped also determines its cost. For example, suppose you are shipping a car that is not operational and needs to be towed or forklifted. In that case, your car shipping cost will be significantly higher than if the car is fully operational and can work without any help.

  1. Seasons
    Car shipping companies are typically in higher demand during summer. This can be attributed to the fact that most people decide to move or go on holiday during this period. As a result, cars shipped during this period will cost more than those shipped at other times of the year. 
  2. Location
    Areas that are not very accessible usually cost more, as shipping companies have limited carriers who can go to such areas, compared to larger cities. Hence, you can save some money on car shipping if you are located in a central and more accessible area.

    Cars shipped from remote areas often experience delays in pick-up and delivery times. 
  3. Pick-up and Delivery Flexibility
    How flexible you are with your pick-up, and delivery date also influences your shipping costs. If you are pressed for time and unwilling to adjust your pick-up and delivery dates, you can expect to pay more to ship your car at your preferred time.
  4. Weight and Size of Vehicle
    The higher the weight of your car and the bigger the size also determines its shipping costs. Larger cars take up more space in a carrier and affect the number of cars that can fit into the carriage. Also, there is a limit to the overall weight a car shipping truck can carry, hence, weightier cars cost more than lighter ones. The amount of gas consumed is also considered. 

Choosing the Right Auto Transport Company

To have a seamless car shipping process, you need to pay careful attention to the car shipping company you engage. Here are a few things to consider.

1. Reviews

Reviews are vital as they give you information about the experiences others have had with that company. If a company has a lot of negative reviews, you can trust they are not the best company to engage. Look out for companies with a great deal of positive reviews, as you can depend on them to give your car the kind of attention and care it deserves.  However, you should note that a car shipping company that has absolutely no bad reviews may be purchasing reviews.

2. Cost

You can request a quote from different companies and make a comparison to find out which offers the same services and has the most reasonable pricing. However, the lowest or highest cost does not necessarily equate to the best option. This is why you should confirm exactly what services each company is offering. 

3. Available Routes

Before engaging the services of a company, you should find out if your location is one the company plies. It is best if you speak to a representative of the company to confirm that their services cover both your pick-up and delivery location.

4. Transparency and Communication

It is also essential that you observe how the company communicates. If the representatives do not communicate properly or if the company generally uses a lot of vagueness, you should be cautious. Some companies exploit customers by using vague communications. 

Preparing Your Car for Shipping

Before you have your car shipped, it is best you do the following:

1. Empty your gas tank

You do not need a full gas tank to ship your car. In fact, you need just enough to transport your car to the pick-up point and from the delivery location. Usually, you only need to fill your tank to a quarter of its capacity for this. 

Filling your gas tank only increases your car’s weight, which consequently increases the cost of shipping your car.

2. Clean and Declutter

Both the interior and exterior of your car should be thoroughly cleaned. This makes it easier to identify if there was any damage to the vehicle during transit. Removing all unnecessary items also reduces the weight of your car. Although auto transport companies are responsible for the safety of your car, they are not held responsible if any item in your car is missing. Hence, all personal and valuable items must be removed from the vehicle before shipping.

3. Take Photographs

It would be best if you took photographs of your car before shipping to reference your car’s physical state before it is shipped. This helps provide evidence in case there are scratches or other damages to your car during shipping. 


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New York Transportation Information

  • New York Rail Transport
  • New York Roads
  • New York Air Transport
  • New York Marine Transport
  • New York Rail Transport

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    Wikipedia, Accessed March 03, 2020. Editors, Updated: March 03, 2020 – Original:  October 27, 2009,  Accessed March 03, 2020.

    USA government website.

    The iconic New York City Subway system is the most extensive rapid transit system in the world when gauged by stations in operation. Most of New York’s subway systems are open 24 hours a day, compared to other cities that stop operations at night. Such cities include Hong Kong, London, Paris, Seoul, and Tokyo. The New York City Subway is also the most active urban rail transit system in the Western Hemisphere. It had roughly 1.76 billion passenger rides in 2015. Grand Central Terminal, also referred to as “Grand Central Station,” is the world’s largest railway station according to its number of train platforms.

    Public transport is crucial in New York City. For example, 54.6% of New Yorkers went to work in 2005 using mass transit. This contrasts with the rest of the United States, where 91% of people use automobiles to get to their workplaces.

    New York City’s commuter rail network is the biggest in North America. The rail network links New York City to its suburbs. It consists of the Long Island Rail Road, Metro-North Railroad, and New Jersey Transit. The combined systems merge at Grand Central Terminal and Pennsylvania Station and have more than 250 stations and 20 rail lines. The elevated AirTrain people mover system in Queens connects JFK International Airport to the New York City Subway and the Long Island Rail Road. A separate AirTrain system is scheduled alongside the Grand Central Parkway to link LaGuardia Airport to these transit systems. For intercity rail services, New York City is served by Amtrak. 

    Pennsylvania Station is on the West Side of Manhattan. It is where Amtrak provides connections to Boston, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C., along the Northeast Corridor, and long-distance train services to other North American cities.

    The Staten Island Railway rapid transit system exclusively serves Staten Island, operating 24 hours a day. The Port Authority Trans-Hudson (PATH train) connects Midtown and Lower Manhattan to northeastern New Jersey, mainly Hoboken, Jersey City, and Newark. Like the New York City Subway, the PATH operates 24 hours daily. This means three of the six rapid transit systems in the world that operate on a 24-hour basis are wholly or partly in New York.

  • New York Roads

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    There are 1,673 miles of Interstate Highways within New York (combined).   These highways control about 19% of vehicle travel in New York. At approximately 0.50 miles, I-78 is the shortest main interstate highway, while I-90 is the longest, traversing 385.88 miles (621.01 km) within New York. I-878, located in Queens, is the shortest active route in the Interstate Highway System at 0.7 miles.

    Local authorities manage small portions of I-278 in New York City instead of the state transportation agency. In addition, parts of I-87, I-287, I-90, I-190, and I-95 are part of the New York State Thruway system and thus are maintained by the New York State Thruway Authority.

    Despite New York’s heavy dependence on its vast public transit system, streets are a defining element of the city. As a result, Manhattan’s street grid plan greatly influenced the city’s physical development. New York City also has an expansive web of expressways and parkways, which connects the city’s boroughs to each other and to northern New Jersey, Westchester County, Long Island, and southwestern Connecticut via various bridges and tunnels. Because these highways benefit millions of outer borough and suburban residents who commute into Manhattan, it is quite common for motorists to be stranded for hours in traffic jams daily, especially during rush hour.

    New York City’s public bus fleet runs 24/7 and is the most extensive in North America. The Port Authority Bus Terminal is the main intercity bus terminal of the city. It serves 7,000 buses and 200,000 commuters daily, making it the busiest bus station in the world.

  • New York Air Transport

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    New York’s airspace is the most active in the United States and one of the world’s busiest air transportation corridors. The three busiest airports in the New York metropolitan area include John F. Kennedy International Airport, Newark Liberty International Airport, and LaGuardia Airport. Approximately 130.5 million travelers used these airports in 2016. JFK  was the busiest U.S. gateway for international passengers in North America in 2012, while Newark Lierty was the 4th busiest in 2012. 

  • New York Marine Transport

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    The Staten Island Ferry is the world’s busiest ferry route, carrying over 23 million passengers from July 2015 through June 2016 on the 5.2-mile (8.4 km) route between Staten Island and Lower Manhattan. It ran 24 hours a day. Other ferry systems shuttle commuters between Manhattan and other locales within the city and the metropolitan area.

    NYC Ferry, an NYCEDC initiative with pathways planned to travel to all five boroughs, was established in 2017, with second graders selecting the names of the ferries. Meanwhile, Seastreak ferry announced the construction of a 600-passenger high-speed luxury ferry in September 2016 to shuttle riders between the Jersey Shore and Manhattan. It is anticipated to start service in 2017; this would be the largest vessel in its class.

    Also, New York City is located in one of the world’s largest natural harbors. The boroughs of Manhattan and Staten Island are (primarily) coterminous with islands of the same names. In contrast, Queens and Brooklyn are located at the west end of the larger Long Island, and The Bronx is located at the southern tip of New York State’s mainland. This situation of boroughs separated by water led to the development of an extensive infrastructure of well-known bridges and tunnels.

    Manhattan Island is linked to New York City’s outer boroughs and New Jersey by several tunnels. The Lincoln Tunnel, which carries 120,000 vehicles a day under the Hudson River between New Jersey and Midtown Manhattan, is the busiest vehicular tunnel in the world. The tunnel was built in replacement of a bridge to allow unconstrained passage of large passenger and cargo ships that sailed through New York Harbor and up the Hudson River to Manhattan’s harbors. 

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Excellent customer service
Bill Kwiek
I have never shipped a car before and was very nervous about using anybody to deliver this amazing classic car. My guy mad me feel at ease by telling me he'd do all the hard work and worrying for me. He assured me I had nothing to fear. His attention to detail and speedy efforts made it all happen and fit my busy schedule perfectly. The driver who delivered my car was down to earth and very professional. He took his time and attended to my car as if it was his own. They all made my first experience a lasting one. Thanks all.
Patrick K. Wylie, TX
I can not speak more highly of the assistance Joseph G. provided me throughout this process to date. When I first worked with Joseph on this shipment, he told me that if I needed anything during the shipment stage, to let him know. And he was true to his words! When I had to change the person who was going to drop my car off at the shipping port, he immediately contacted Matson to make that change. On the day of the drop off, an issue came up regarding the acceptance of my vehicle at the port, so I called Joseph to see if he could assist. He immediately attempted to get in touch with me to see how he could assist. When I didn't pick up his call, he right away contacted the person I had told him was going to drop the car off at Matson to find out the problem. I then called Joe back, and discussed the problem with him. After a discussion, he gave me pointers to resolve the issue, and requested that I contact him about any subsequent next steps that he could assist with to ensure the car was accepted on that day, which was actually the final day to have my auto on the next ship. I am greatly impressed with the care and concern that Joseph displayed with my situation. He had a definite "can do" attitude, and was ready to jump in head first in order to help me in any way he could to make sure the shipment was a success. To add importance is that I am attempting to have my car shipped from Honolulu to California while I am trying to manage this as I currently am located in Dallas. Having Joseph as my wing man and a concerned and very responsive primary contact point is invaluable, since this is such a long distance transaction for me. If Joseph is a true representative of Ship A Car and the character of their associates, Ship A Car and Joseph deserve 5 Stars and beyond. Needless to say, I am a very satisfied customer.
Rod S.
It was timely service to ship my car. Though my car was picked up 1 day late than the date of the deal, I am happy that they could deliver on time.
Prakash Shrestha
I'm giving SAC a 1 Star due to the transporter they assigned me (guilty by association). SAC (itself) were professional and courteous. Unfortunately, if they assign "Dones Auto Transport Inc:" to you, MAKE SURE you refuse them! The driver was nice enough but didn't speak english - per the dispatcher. And the dispatcher was anything but professional. I'm all for supporting small businesses but this husband/wife team were the absolute worse in professionalism and communication! This is why they probably don't have a profile under Google or Yelp! I was promised 5 star service but received the most bootlegged service ever experienced! Wednesday, March 23: Received a call from the dispatcher "the driver (Javier) is confirmed to pick up my car on Friday (March 25) & would call me 3 hours out." Friday, March 25 Driver was a no call/no show. Attempted to make contact via text and cell to no avail. Dispatcher finally calls back late afternoon - Driver stuck at DMV all morning renewing his registration & would pick up the car  Saturday morning by approximately 8am. Saturday, March 24: 9 am, No word from driver/dispatcher. Several calls/texts made & at 12.30 pm, dispatcher text's back stating her son had the phone & she didn't realize I called. Almost an hour later I'm told the driver caught a flat but was approximately 45 miles away. 3pm, driver arrives & picks up the car. Tuesday, March 29 5 pm, dispatcher texts me - driver needs to drop off "tonight" as another driver injured his finger. I asked for a time, she provided a two hour window which I refused due to the inconsistent communication & lack of confidence. She then became obnoxious and even sent me a photo of the injury (see attached - NOT FOR THE SQUEAMISH) & demanded I make arrangements for a late drop off. After A LOT of back and forth, she agreed to a Wednesday morning drop off. Wednesday, March 30 The driver makes contact stating he was onsite & unloaded the car only to find out he was at the wrong location. It took him another hour to get to the right destination. Two hours later, I finally got my car. I know as a broker, there is little SAC can do but this needed to be said! STAY AWAY FROM DONES AUTO TRANSPORT, INC!
Steven V.
Very prompt service, good communication and reasonable cost. Steve was great to work with. Good communication and answered all my questions. Bike was picked up promptly on a Saturday and delivered 900 miles away the following day. I was amazed. Far faster than some other services i have used.
Shipped Motorcycle
The service provided was exceptional. Andre (driver) was professional and did a great job. We could not have been more pleased. Thank you for your personal attention, your knowledge was invaluable, and you made a stressful situation become a pleasant experience.
Ann G. Duluth, GA
I would like to thank Ship A Car for the handling of the transport of my vehicle from Florida to Louisiana with No Problems! I would recommend Ship A Car to handle the transport. Thank You again.
Marie M.
We used Ship A Car Inc. to transport a customer vehicle from Kansas to our shop in Denver, and back to Kansas. We couldn't be happier with the service the company, and specifically transport coordinator Gary Wiatric, provided. Price was very competitive, transports were arranged and completed within a handful of days both times, and the vehicle did not experience any damage or other issues on either leg of the journey. Highly recommended, we will be using only this company for future vehicle transports.
Timbukthree 4wd and Automotive
I called for quote and talked to Willie. He gave good quote and explained how everything would go. I was sending my military son's new motorcycle (sent his last one last year). I was very happy with Willie and Ship A Car but didn't have good communication with KP Turbo Transport. The driver did not speak English well and did not do an inspection of bike before loading even though I asked for it twice. I had taken pictures before it went on truck so could show the paint chip on the fender was not there before the trip but have not been able to reach them - phone always has you leave a message but they don't call back and email is unanswered. It was picked up promptly and delivered very quickly though.
Molly Erickson
I recently hired Ship A car to transport a vehicle from Florida to Texas. I spoke with and dealt with Meredith Anzalone during this process. She made the experience positive. She was professional, informative and prompt in her response to me. If I had to call her with a question, she answered it right away. If I had to leave a message for her, she called back quickly. She showed care and also interest in the back story of this car. She also followed up after the car was delivered to make sure that everything went well. For me, as a woman who never hired a car shipping company before, it was refreshing to deal with another woman. She was respectful whereas, a male I had dealt with before calling Ship A Car, was very offensive. The entire experience was made easy by Meredith and I would, without a doubt, recommend her and Ship A Car, Inc.. Thanks Meredith for a job well done!!
Janice A. Mountain City, TX
Carrie is definitely the best one. I was very nervous and concerned about shipping my car on the date I requested, because my special situation. Carrie was very patient and helpful, she explained the shipping process and ensured me the car would be shipped on time. She also called me afterwards to make sure everything is good. I had a great experience and thanks to Carrie to make my moving much easier!
Lili W.
Justen and Ship A Car did an outstanding job getting my car shipped from Bend, OR to Los Angeles. Johnny, who towed my car, was also a true professional. I would highly recommend this company again.
Daniel Gutierrez
Used this company recently to ship my truck across country. Was paranoid of so many things happening. THis company made the job effortless, and painless. Was given an exact quote, was promised no surprises and vehicle was delivered in excellent condition and on time. COmmunication was excellent and will use again in the future for sure.
Vehicle Shipping Company
I would recommend ship a car inc if you are looking for one. Quinten was the person who walked me through and he was very professional. The process was way easier than I expected. My car arrived within 2 days. The drivers are also very nice. Thanks all.
Hanh T. Mobile, AL
Bob M. is the way to go. I recently worked with him on getting my car shipped from Michigan to Arizona. Everything went flawlessly and he went out of his way to make sure of it. I would definitely recommend him and will be using him for all of my future shipping needs.
Mark A
Thanks to Steve Hungness this transport was the best that I have had in several years. His personal attention and politeness we're just unbelievable. It made the whole experience just so pleasant. My car arrived one hour after I got here. The driver must be the best driver in the fleet. I have already referred you to two other customers
jackie harstad
Thanks to the attentive service of Bob Moran, from quote to delivery, the transport of our truck was simple, efficient, and quick. Bob was dependable and a great communicator. The price was competitive and was a value for the service. I highly recommend Ship A Car Inc.  
Jean S.
All transactions regarding shipping my new car from SC to NY went smooth. Willie Dublin handled the transfer and was eager to answer all my questions . It was my first time shipping a car so I was a little anxious. He reassured me everything was done professionally and that everyone involved in the transfer were highly experienced. The car came in perfect condition in a very timely manner. Thank you Willie Dublin for making it so easy. I would not hesitate to recommend your services at
Bernadette C. Glen Cove, NY
Great service transporting my son car! Bob did a great job following up with me on the service. Thanks
Carlos A Figueredo
Not a good experience with Ship a Car. First off, they were $300 more than other shippers in the area, but I used them based on their good reputation. I was assured that their company picked up and delivered on the days requested. Well, I requested they car be picked up on Saturday or Sunday, which I was assured it would be. However, the car wasn't picked up until Monday evening. I also requested the car to be delivered on Tuesday or Thursday. It was delivered on Wednesday morning during rush hour. The driver blocked the neighbors driveway, and had to move the truck. The driver also told me the wrong amount owed, and when he came I had to run to the ATM to get more cash. At no time during this process did the company call me to advise me of the changes in pickup and delivery. I emailed the gentleman at Ship a Car stating my dissatisfaction, get promised to get back to me in a day or two. As of this review it has been four days with no callback. I would advise people to choose another option when shipping an automobile.
Edison Storm JG
I first want to say that Ship A Car, Inc. did a fabulous job with shipping my 1977 Mercedes from Los Angeles to Georgia. I shipped the car covered and it arrived with no damage. Sam L. took my order and kept me informed at every step. My only complaint is with the trucking company, Z Trans, who accepted the dispatch. The company came a day later than the scheduled time to pickup the car and didn't call me to tell me they weren't coming. The day before the car was supposed to arrive, I phoned the driver and told him what time I would be at the location. Never heard back from him. He arrived early morning and was rude to my family and threatened to return the car to Los Angeles unless they were paid. The people who run this company speak little English so this adds to the difficulty in keeping in contact. So if Ship-A-Car tells you that Z Trans picked up their dispatch order, ask them to change it. I've informed them of this issue, so it shouldn't be a problem.
Kim W.
Being a university student in a town up in Northern California that is isolated from big cities, I was stressing so much about how I was going to get my non-running vehicle back to Southern California. Bob Moran went above and beyond with helping me. I have never experienced such high quality care for customers. He took the time out of his busy day to try to get a carrier that would fit my school's parking lot and get continuous contact with me. I appreciate his help and he even called me for a follow up just to make sure my vehicle had arrived in good shape. Overall, I will be recommending your business to everyone because Bob was such a great help. Thank you.
Marisela J. El Monte, CA
At the last minute, I needed to help my grandparents ship their car. Without any prior knowledge of this line of business, I had to make a decision with a company I could trust. A friend's recommendation lead me to Ship A Car. I called and spoke to a very nice guy, Justin. He helped me get everything setup for them and made sure all my questions were answered. I was able to rest assured that my grandparent's car was in good hands on it's trip back home.
Charisse G.
Fantastic service by this shipping company. Love to use them again.
Marc Mendoza
This company is outstanding..VERY honest and straightforward FIRST glance they seem high in price ... but they are not ...they know the market. I dealt with 2 other companies. they quoted much less but could not deliver. Stars and stripes was one of them. could not move my VEHICLE for 12 days This company found me a driver in 1 day ..he delivered 1 day EARLY ..janet ..explained in detail how shipping a vehicle works ..she walked her talk and followed up....very pleased with entire process ..will definitely use again.
Kent H.
Ship A Car INC did ship our car from California to Texas. They are an outstanding company, and my wife and I would use them again if we needed this type of service in the future. If I could, I would rate them five stars plus! 
Philip S. Angleton, TX
Excellent Service!! After speaking to three transport companies that didn't impress me, I called Ship A Car, Inc...Wow.Danny, the agent, made me feel at ease as he spoke with confidence and assured me I will not have to worry and I did not worry at all. Danny founded a driver in one hour!! Issachar Simmons (truck driver ) was efficient and professional! He transported my son's truck to Ft Hood Texas without any problems or delays and did not hesitate to pick up the truck from my house. Wow! I highly recommend Ship A Car Inc.Money Well Spent!
Gena G.
This is a company of thieves and liars. DO NOT SEND YOUR CAR with them. THEY WILL TRICK YOU AND OVERCHARGE YOU. They will lie to you on every step of the phone call. NOTHING, I repeat NOTHING THEY PROMISED or agreed with is real. They told me they would charge 200 dollars for commission, but they will charge you 3,4,5x more from your credit card. They will promise you a closed truck, but they will send an open truck. In addition to the worst service I had in my life, the supervisor dismissed my complaints for over one week and their company and/or employee STOLE MY CREDIT CARD NUMBER. After providing them my credit card number (I rarely use this credit card that I provided to them), my credit card was used in locations around their office location in Florida. THEY COMMIT CREDIT CARD FRAUD!! Be aware, this is a scam only surpassed by the one committed by the Wolf of Wall Street. I will make sure no one uses them again, I will take the appropriate legal action and report them to the Consumer Protection Bureau
Robert Smith
I want to thank Bob for his outstanding service and simply amazing job .It was a pleasant experience all made possible by Bobs amazing personality .He is an irreplaceable asset to his company and it was a pleasure working with him.
Farrukh F
My company recently lost our transportation driver and we was in need of a company to give us quick turnaround and least expensive rates. Willie Dublin was awesome and worked with me directly all hours of the day and even while he was on vacation to meet our company needs. I am very pleased with the experience and customer service. I look forward to a long relationship with Willie at Ship A Car.
Candace Russell
Sometimes my husband had trouble with the actual drivers. But Ship A Car always got them straightened up for him.
M. of Mn, MN
Larry the service was excellent on the truck transport and I never write reviews, but made an exception in this case.
James A. Appleton, WI
This was my first experience with shipping an automobile cross country, and I must say it was and excellent experience. Bob Moran was very knowledgeable and made me feel very comfortable with the shipping process. We had a great conversation about cars and reminiscing the good old days. The whole process went great! The car arrived sooner than expected and was in great condition. Bob Moran is a great asset to Ship a Car and I highly recommend them.
Lance Roth
I used SHIP A CAR INC for my recent move from VA to CA. Pepper provided great customer service throughout the process. At the last minute, the driver had an issue with their truck and a new driver/transport co. had to be found. That transport co. was Bayka transport. The dispatcher and driver were inefficient at communicating with me, and expected me to drive to meet them, instead of providing the door to door service that was promised. The issues were worked out, but I will be wary of shipping my car in the future.
Jillian Alexander
Danny was very helpful and patient with my move. The drivers were great as well, communicated with me from pickup to drop off. I would recommend them to anyone.
Denise Mckissic
Pepper Long stayed in contact with us throughout the process. Our car was picked up within the time frame committed to and was delivered on time and without any damage. All parties involved were professional and courteous. We would use this service again if we needed to transport another vehicle.
Pat N. San Diego, CA
I shipped my Car from Las Vegas to Detroit, Sam handled the project without any problems. Highly recommend Sam L. and his shipping company. Price was fair and service driver was great.
Michael C.
Katrina was outstanding to deal with- so friendly, accommodating and fair! The driver was also exceptional - he worked within my timeframe and kept in touch to let me know his timing. Can’t say enough good things about the whole process! And I shipped a brand new car that they took perfect care of!
Ann McKinney
Great experience, even though I had to ship with another broker due to mechanical issues. Justen Varughese was professional, efficient, and honest. Good company, excellent employee. Great customer service and professionalism.
Mike Pscenicka
My experience with DANA was amazing. She was very profesional from the first phone call. I will give her 10/10 in keeping up with communication when I was concerned with the Truck driver and his lack of communication. Car was picked up on time and delivery was on time. (PA to CA move was done in 4 days). I did have some issue with the truck driver regarding pickup and delivery timings but Dana kept good communication with me. I have a new 2019 model of luxury car and it was delivered in very good condition. Please ask for Dana when you call.
Abe Rai
Yvonne B. was fantastic! She coordinated with both my husband and I to have my car shipped from Seattle to Pittsburgh. The experience was smooth with my car picked up directly at my apartment and delivered at my new apartment. Both drivers that I interacted with were nice and professional. I highly recommend Ship A Car.
Toni I.
Great job! Kristina made sure I was going to get the right guys for the job and the best price. She was not only thinking of the company, she was thinking of me!🥰 The team sent was efficient and worked their butts off. Polite and courteous.
Laurie Shepard
Thank you for the call the other day. I have been dragging trying to get caught up, settled in, and learn an entirely different job than what I have done in the past. The car arrived on Monday, as promised. A very nice company you went with and very professional in the way they handle their business and customers. Thank you for calming me when I needed it and thank you for excellent service.
Kris P. Olympia , WA
Thank you Meredith for your assistance. I was pleasantly surprised that the car made it to me 2 days earlier than you originally quoted. Thank you for checking on the status on your end and for following up afterwards to make sure I got what I needed.
STEVE, THE BEST REPRESENTATIVE!!! In a spite of a very difficult route to pick up and deliver my 2016 Mercedes, Steve was diligent and transported my car with no problems from pick up to delivery in Law Cruces, NM I WOULD TOTALLY RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY. THANK YOU STEVE, for your patient and compromise!!
Michael W.
I will never use this company again nor would I recommend that any consumer use it. Not only did my car not arrive a week after the allotted 6-10 day quote, the communication was horrible and evasive. They did not take responsibility for our car's whereabouts and had no answers as to when the car would arrive. They refused to reimburse me for the rental car I was forced to get because of this delay. At one point when I was trying to get to the bottom of what was happening the associate hung up on me. He had given me the run around for 3 days and never returned my calls. I am a very patient person and I knew there would be a delay given the holiday weekend. I padded that into my time but the lack of communication and lack of respect of my situation was totally unprofessional and frustrating. As I am writing this we still don't have our car.
Eddie Porter
Maria Did Very WELL ! An Excellent Job! The Driver didn’t Call Prior to pick up but he did call prior to arrival. Maria Stayed In contact with me the entire way. The driver got lost but we worked it out together. I even pointed him back out to the road.
Bach Burris B. Taunton, MA
ShipACar did a terrific job getting my tractor and miscellaneous equipment from New York to South Carolina. Bob Moran found the best possible trucker for the job. I never shipped anything like this before, but Bob put me at ease and kept in touch through the whole process. When the equipment arrived I wasn’t sure if I was going to Read more at:
Thomas Murray
This company was a life saver!! Very professional and thorough. They explained the process of shipping my daughters car and made sure I understood the process. I can say enough about the customer service provided - especially Dana - she could not have been any more helpful if she tried.
Jenn S.
Great service! They were the only shipper who quoted me and delivered on transport in less than 3 days. Would use their service again.
Kam McK
My friend referred me to Ship A Car Inc. I shipped my truck out of state and was concerned that it wasn’t going to arrive on time. The truck was picked up the same day I called Ship A Car and they had it delivered just two days later. It arrived earlier than I thought which made me a very happy camper. I have told my friends about Ship A Car, Inc. they actually deliver.
Steve J. Spring, TX
I called Bob at Ship A Car to ship 2 cars from Las Vegas to SC. Besides being personable and professional he got me the best price and the time frame i needed. He was in constant contact and the pick up and delivery went perfectly. In fact the cars showed up 2 days early in perfect condition. Five stars are not enough Thank You Bob and Ship A Car
The rep was very helpful. Pickup was Clarkston, Michigan on a Wednesday and the car wasn’t delivered until the following Saturday. It was in the email, very clear, that it would probably be delivered on that Friday, 10 days later. I thought it would come on a Monday or Tuesday. But when I looked at the email, it clearly said Friday. It ended up showing up on Saturday, which was fine. I was out of state, traveling for work. So, I didn’t need the vehicle, but I just had to schedule my friend to be there. Thankfully, she’s a very good friend. I saw the car on Monday. It was very dirty but that’s expected. It was dirty when it left, but it was way dirty. But it was in the same shape as it was when I left it with my sister for it to be picked up. I already recommended Ship A Car, Inc. to a coworker.
Tina of Hayward, CA
I shipped a car from Chicago to Port Charlotte Florida. This month. Worked with Steve G. At ship a car. The process was relatively seamless and very efficient. Will use them again for sure
Ken N
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