The Benefit Of Using SAC For Pipes, Pilings, and Logs Shipping

Shipped At Far Distances

We truly do support clients from all around the United States. Materials as pipes, pilings and logs are used everywhere, so we do not limit your options. We are capable of picking up and delivering your equipment to any location you ask for within the continental US. Book with SAC now and plan your next shipment!

Safe Transportation

As you should know, we make certain that you get the help and attention to your shipment that you deserve. What is generally expected when working with us is accountability and reliable service. The entire team is here to make sure your materials are transported responsibly and safely. Call us now and we will discuss all the specifics and details throughout your transportation process.

Top Notch Agents

Our trained team at SAC are experience equipment & materials transport professionals to make sure your shipment arrives on time, and in the same shape in which it departed. We know this can be a stressful kind of transportation for your business, but no worries. We have your back on making sure there will be no issues holding your hand through the entire material transport process.

Why Customers Choose The Ship A Car Team To Transport Their Materials

Local and Long Distances

Whether you need to have materials transported 10 miles, 100 miles or 1,000 miles, you will need the assistance from a transport company to relocate your materials. Materials like pipes, pilings, and logs are heavy materials to load, transport and unload, especially for distances that can be far. Lucky for you, SAC and their agents help with the whole process. We have a large network of insured and qualified carriers ready to transport our client’s materials. No matter what the distance may be, locally or far away, we got your back. Even if you need materials shipped across the country, it is no problem for us.

Efficient Service

Since the beginning of the SAC journey, we have been delivering elite transportations with honesty and responsibility. There is a great variety of clients we serve from individuals to large businesses and manufacturers of all types. Regardless of the customer – big and small, we make certain to make things easier for you. Our dedicated specialized services transport coordinators are well versed in the industry and have the proper knowledge and experience to take care of your specific needs when it comes to transporting materials like pipes, pilings, and / or log. To make things more flexible, we will customize everything needed to make sure it is centered on you and your specific materials shipment. No need to stress. Our transport coordinators are here to help you by being flexible, efficient, and responsive for every single one of our clients. The additional services we offer can be arranged at any time. Call us to learn more!

Licensed and Insured

As a transport customer, you may not consider the amount and importance of hiring an experienced transporter.  Paper work and the proper transport arrangements prior to the actual transport are a vital component. Licenses are a great example in this kind of process. All proper paperwork and permits must be filed and completed which allows for a proper and a more safe delivery for your pilings, pipes, and logs. It is also an essential concern for anybody transporting these kinds of materials since this kind of items cost more than most freight. Any real transport company knows that shipping these kinds of materials must have some kind of legally mandated level of insurance or protection. Rest assured that our vetted network of carriers must meet or exceed all legal insurance levels for your kind of transport item.  If your shipment needs additional cargo insurance for the transport, please ask your transport coordinator for more information.

Free Estimates 

Unlike other companies, we put in all the work up front at no cost to you, providing you will a free no obligation quote estimate for your transport.  We realize great assistance begins with the call you make to get a quote. That is why we avoid making It difficult by putting you on the line with someone that knows about transport best.  By calling SAC any day of the week, you can get a free and reasonable estimate for any kind of transportation service including shipping pipes, pilings, and log anywhere in the United States.

An experienced agent is standing by at (866) 452-3657 to provide you with any additional information you might need.

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