Why do Car Dealerships Depend on Ship A Car as Their Auto Transport Partner?

High Volume Auto Transport

Ship A Car transport coordinators are trained on managing shipments of full and partial truckloads to and from dealerships throughout the United States, Hawaii & Alaska. The auto carriers we dispatch to specialize in shipping multiple units responsibly and efficiently with on time pickup and delivery.

Dealer Incentive Program Available

Money-saving opportunity for all your dealer relocation needs! Get a quantity discount rate when you have constant auto shuffling going on. We understand that you too need to make money too and every penny saved is a penny earned.

Dedicated Transport Coordinator

Ship A Car assigns you a dedicated agent. Never be in the dark and out of contact with your auto transport partner again. With SAC, you’ll always know who you’ll be dealing with – you will be assigned an account manager to ensure a clear line of communication for all of your dealer auto relocation requirements.

Our Dealer Relocation Know-how is Why Car Dealerships Throughout the US Partner with Ship A Car, Inc.

Dealer Car Transport Services as they Should Be

The SAC team has extensive first-hand knowledge and experience working with clients like you because we’ve worked inside businesses like yours – we have on site auto industry experience from one of the biggest auto dealerships in New York City because SAC Management has worked  a business like yours.

We know what your dealership needs to stay at the top of your game providing the best hard to find vehicles for your customers.   SAC recognizes that what’s in stock doesn’t always match up with the perfect car in your customers head.

You do what you’re good at – selling cars; and let us do what we’re good at – transporting your vehicles from one business location to the other and/or transporting your customer’s vehicles from your business to their doorstep.

Auto Auction to/from Auto Dealer Transport Advantage

Dealerships are smart to utilize the Internet to boost their inventory. Previously – before internet auto auction sites became a thing – you had to actually travel to an auto auctions in bigger cities across the United States. As luck would have it, nowadays with internet transactions and internet searches at their all-time high, you no longer need to leave the comforts of your desk and computer screen to purchase and/or sell an auto at an auto auction.

This presents a whole other obstacle – how do I get the car to where it needs to go… NOW?  How do you find a quality carrier to move several cars at a time without advance notice?

Rest assured that SAC is skilled at auction auto transport services and we are help to help with all your auto transport 24/7/365. Whether you’ve got a full load or just one vehicle, are your best auto auction shipping partner.

Big or Small – SAC does it ALL

Experienced, Fast, Reliable & Cost Effective across the board.  You can expect the same excellent service whether you have a one dealership selling 1 vehicle or one hundred dealerships selling 1,000 vehicles.  Whatever you need transported for your car dealership or your customers around the states – it’s no problem, Ship A Car has you covered!  We can handle it all.

We have access to thousands of reliable auto transporters available right now affording us the ability to move hundreds of vehicles at a time to any location from any location in the United States, Hawaii and Alaska.

We will always provide you with the best service at the best current market price for all your auto relocation needs.  Don’t forget to ask about our Dealer Incentive Program if you’ll be swapping a large quantity of vehicles a month.

What Do You Have to Lose – Request a Customized Dealer Relocation Auto Transport Plan Now for FREE

Ship A Car is the best auto dealer relocation specialist with the most experience in the car dealership industry and we provide you with the best service at the best auto shipping rates. Give us a call NOW at (866) 821-4555.  Speak to our trained dealer relocation agents to find out how we help you streamline your transportation process at the best price for your bottom line.

You have nothing to lose.  Ask for a free quote or a customized dealer relocation plan to see how we compare and outshine our competitors.

From the quote to your driveway.

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