The Top 3 Reasons Why SAC is the Smart Choice for Your Auto & Asset Recovery Transport Requirements

Wide Variety of Recovery Transport Services

We can recover a numerous variety of collateralized assets – boats, cars, campers, motorcycles, other specialty vehicles and more. SAC will recover your assets in the quickest and most efficient way possible.

Nationwide Network of Door-to-Door Haulers

We boast the largest network of active auto & asset recovery carriers nationwide.  Specializing in freight recovery services to/from any residential or business location in the US, Hawaii and Alaska

Your Tech Savvy Recovery Partner

Over the last 30 years, the SAC Team has never stopped learning, improving, and embracing new technology and methods to deliver excellent service day in and day out.

The Best Auto & Asset Recovery Transport Solutions Delivered by SAC – a Trusted Name in the Business

Fast Auto & Asset Recovery Shipping

The most important part of recovery transport services, is making sure that your asset is back in your possession when you need it. More importantly, all the hard work is done for you. Leaving the work to the professionals leaves you more time to get things done in your own business.

Locating your collateral, skip tracing and the towing or transportation of assets are among the many different services we provide. From the initial investigation, to finding the location of the person or asset, to ultimately recovering and safely returning your possession, SAC team members have you covered and will assist you throughout the entire collateral recovery process.

Your Recovery Autos & Assets Will Be in Good Hands

We will make sure you have all the necessary permits and all legal requirements adhered to.  Our specialized team of Asset Recovery shippers will make sure to track the steps forward of your shipment, be in constant communication with the drivers, and oversee the whole process so nothing stands amid your asset and it’s the destination.

When lenders big and small need to recover their collateral, SAC is the company that they call.  Servicing all of South Florida with a dedicated staff as well as servicing all the states nationwide with our asset recovery partners.

Properly Insured for Your Peace Of Mind – and Ours

When it comes to recovering any type of asset, it is of the utmost importance to ensure the safety and security of said asset during the entire recovery and transport process.  Selecting the right asset recovery transport company that you know will take care of your asset reduces any stress and anxiety.  So how do you do that?  Make sure to only do business with a company like SAC Any concerns that you may have about asset recovery shipping will be eliminated with the tracking system and reliable services available for you. When it comes to asset recovery transport services, you have many options to choose from. You get to select everything, from the type of carrier to the timing of your delivery.


We know everyone is always looking for cost-effective Asset Recovery Transport, and at Ship A Car, Inc. we aim to provide you just that! When you contact SAC to arrange for your asset recovery transport, you receive the best and most affordable service from start to finish for you and your asset recovery shipment. Our knowledgeable service team will help you by finding an asset recovery hauler from our wide network of trustworthy carriers at the best price you can afford — with pickup and delivery times that fit your schedule time. Our fully insured and bonded carriers will do everything possible to guarantee that your asset is kept safe during transport.

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