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Moving Out of California Cross Country: Follow These Steps to Prepare Your Motorcycle for Shipping It

If you own a motorcycle and you’re moving out of California cross country, you probably don’t want to leave your vehicle behind. Read on to discover the 5 steps we’ve compiled to guarantee your motorcycle a safe trip.

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What You Need to Know When Transporting New and Used Horse Trailers

If you have purchased a new or used horse trailer we can help with your transportation needs. We offer pickup and delivery from coast to coast in the United States. Although we can’t transport your horse, we are committed to safely helping you transport your horse trailer from and to any destination.

Save Money the Next Time You Ship Your Car with These Cost Saving Tips and Tricks

Of course the least expensive way to get your car from point A to point B typically would be to drive it yourself. However, there are times when that is just not possible. Whether you are moving to a new city, have many vehicles to relocate or simply you just don’t have the time to make that trip, you need to call an experienced car carrier to transport your vehicle(s) from one place to another.

Safely Ship a Food Truck Across the United States with SAC

One of the challenges of purchasing a custom-built food truck is that you might not have a reputable manufacturer in your local market. Additionally, you might be able to find the ideal used food truck available for sale online, but you don’t want to drive the unit halfway across the United States to deliver it to your city.

Special Considerations When Shipping a Car from Illinois to South Florida

Shipping a car from Illinois to Florida has never been easier. Ship A Car’s advanced network drivers service Illinois to Florida on a weekly basis and cover the entire state of Illinois, offering some of the most competitive auto shipping rates in the business when shipping from Illinois to Florida.

Why Have Car Shipping Costs Increased Considerably Over the Past Couple of Years?

Have you tried placing a shipping order to restock your inventory in the last six months? If you did, you probably had a heart attack when you saw how much it would cost. The cost of shipping a car can fluctuate based on many factors, from the type of vehicle to the time of year. In this post, we will break down the key factors that led to the current rise in shipping prices.

Consider Shipping Your Vintage Motorcycle Instead of Driving It

Your classic motorcycle might look like a beast, but it’s actually pretty fragile. Either way, it’s your baby and you want it to receive the special tender loving care and attention to detail when you have to have it shipped somewhere.

The 5 Things to Know When Shipping Your RV or Travel Trailer Cross Country

When it comes to travel trailer, camper, or RV relocation, safety should be the number one priority. To safely transport a travel trailer, camper, or RV, you cannot just load it up and hope for the best. You choose a team of licensed and insured driving professionals who use specialized equipment and transportation techniques that adhere to the rules and regulations of the United States Department of Transportation. You want to have full trust in the company you choose. Here are 5 things you should definitely have knowledge of before shipping your travel trailer, camper, or RV cross country.

How to Ship a Car from New York to Florida

Have you recently moved across the country? Maybe you are going on an extended trip to visit with family, and need your car to be there too. Whatever the reason for your travels, Ship A Car Inc. is the auto transport company for you. We are here to ship your car from New York to Florida to anywhere in the United States. For many years we have been working with clients in the New York to Florida area, providing quick, convenient, and reliable car shipping services. No matter where you need to be, Ship A Car can get your car there.

The Biggest Car Purchasing Trend and How it Works: Car Vending Machines

There are currently 24 car vending machines by Carvana scattered throughout the United States. The company plans to construct many more over the upcoming few years. The company’s very first car vending machine was constructed and opened in Nashville, Tennessee in 2016. The company’s tallest car vending machine can be found in Tempe, Arizona. It stands at nine stories tall. The vending machines can hold up to several dozen cars at a time. And the buildings act just like actual vending machines.

Diesel Prices hit two-year high and why that matters

Diesel prices in the United States have hit a price not seen since 2018, according to the Department of Energy. Fuel prices in general have been steadily increasing for the last five months, give or take. Diesel prices have raised 45 cents per gallon since the week ending February 8th as well. This sharp increase has already impacted the price of transporting goods, including automobiles. Keep reading to see how high diesel prices affect car shipping services and transportation services in general, and how you might be able to save some money despite higher fuel prices.

Here are Tips to Getting Your Vehicle That You Just Purchased out of State Shipped to Your Home

Long distance car buying has become very popular and it comes with many advantages. One of the best things about buying a car online is that you have access to such a wide range of new and used inventory all over the country. It’s a great way to find the exact make and model that you are looking for at the right price. Thanks to the internet, it’s possible to find the best car to suit your needs even if it’s a few states away. Once you find your dream car, you may be wondering how to get it. The good news is that car shipping makes the process of buying a car long-distance easier than ever.

What Happens When you need to Ship a Classic Car That Does Not Run?

Shipping a classic car that does not run can add costs and complexity to the process of shipping a car. Shipping a classic car that does not run is a common problem. Many classic cars are still original and need a tune-up, or might be under restoration, or be a project waiting for someone to start working.

The Real Cost to Ship a Car from New York to Texas

These time ranges and costs may make you wonder if it would be better to drive the car and ship it to your new home yourself. It might be a little cheaper… but there are hidden costs. The average out-of-pocket cost of you moving your vehicle to your new home will be around $800 to $900. So, hiring a professional car shipping company would be a better choice. You can get a plane ticket, head to your new home within a few hours, and wait for your car to reach your destination. It’s always better to let Ship A Car Inc. do the job rather than doing it yourself and having the possibility of damaging your vehicle!

How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Car from Texas to California?

You may think it will be better to drive the car yourself. But the average cost of you moving your vehicle to your new home will be around $800 to $900 +. You might be wondering why it costs so high even if you are driving the car yourself? It would help if you understood that you have to calculate the hotel, food, and gas you will burn to drive your car. Besides the price, you will also be wasting three to six days of valuable time. So, professional car shipping companies like us would be a better choice. You can get a plane ticket, go home within a few hours, and wait for your car to reach your destination. It is always better to have Ship A Car Inc. do the job rather than do it yourself and possibly damaging auto parts.

All Alaska & Hawaii Classic Cars Heavy Haul Industry News Luxury Cars Military Specialty Transport Tips-Tricks Useful
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