Why do snowbirds count on Ship A Car Auto Transport?

Save Time with No Hassles

Affordable & safe door-to-door auto transport delivery, so you do not have to deal with the frustrations of driving.  Avoid roadwork, highway accidents/ traffic and all the problems that go hand in hand with snow, ice and sleet covered roadways.  Ship A Car safely brings your car to its warm, sunny destination

No Extra Travel Expenditures

Take it easy on your pocket, with less travel spending; and, easy on your nerves, without the headaches of driving in bad weather conditions in the winters up north. Let SAC transport your vehicle south for the winter with ease saving you time and money.

Snowbird Truckload Trip Special & Return Home Special

Money saving opportunity! If you are part of a club of snowbirds or just a group of families traveling to the same area, SAC will provide a discount if your group books multiple transports and/or can fill up a truck.  Save even more when you book the return home trip up north at the same time.

The Ship A Car Experience is Why Snowbirds Trust us with their Car Transport

More Than 35 Years Combined Shipping Knowledge

Ship A Car has been moving snowbirds for years. If it’s on wheels and/or considered to be a vehicle, we’ve moved it before.   We don’t only transport cars for snowbirds.  We also offer vehicle transport for motorcycles, trucks, buses, RVs, boats, amphibious vehicles, ATVs / UTVs and golf carts.

We Understand the Needs of Seasonal Travelers and Retirees

Ship A Car understands the needs of seasonal travelers and retirees. Each year thousands of snowbirds, entrust us with transporting their vehicles from the frigid northern states such as, Wisconsin, Oregon, Washington State, North Dakota, South Dakota and Iowa down to the more sunny and warm southern region states, such as California, Texas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Florida, Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi.  Ship A Car has a proven track record and our customers can always depend on us for reliable car shipping auto transport services.

Deal With the Best in the Snowbird Shipping Business

We are not a shipping lead generator that sells your details to other brokers and/or carriers. We are in fact and work as such – the middleman – providing you customer service on behalf of carriers, and as your main point of contact. Most carriers are on the road and do not have a back office; their trucks are their office.   Therefore, Ship A Car will be your main point of contact from beginning to end.  Our agents will take care of all your calls, emails and many questions as well as handle all administration that is required when it comes to customer service and support along the auto transport process.

Making Sure You’re Always an Educated and Informed Shipper

Educating you on the ins and outs of the auto transport industry is always the best policy.  The beginning of snowbird season headed south typically starts picking up by mid-October.  This means that getting your car shipped from southern regions up north to colder states becomes much cheaper for cars. Conversely, the opposite is true during March and April when the snowbirds are gearing to head back up north for the warmer months.  You can always take advantage of better auto transport rates if you are flexible on your transport time frame.   Snowbirds, don’t forget to schedule your car shipping well ahead of time to save on last minute bookings.

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