Here's why SAC is the smart move for your Food Truck Shipping Services needs:

Short Transit Time

Approximately 1-3 business days for pick-up with transit time in the 3-5 day range. Trying to ship in a hurry? Call us!

Fuel & Insurance Already Included

All taxes, fees, insurance, and fuel charges are all accounted for in the low price initial quote. There are no unpleasant surprises!

Hawaii & Alaska Shipping

Moving your Food Truck to or from Hawaii or Alaska? We oversee all the details for you. Schedule details are also available at any time.

Why Clients Trust Ship A Car Transport for all their Food Truck Shipping Options

Transport all Sized Food Trucks with Quality Service

No matter what the size, shape, weight, distance, or how expensive your food truck may be, SAC is your official food truck transportation company. We shipped all food trucks, including food trailers, food carts, and other types of food trucks. We offer responsible, dependable, and most trustworthy food truck transportation services with excellent prices. If in need of transporting a food truck, all you need is to call us on (866) 452-3657 and you will get transportation services with a difference.

Food Truck Shipping in the USA and Across the Country with SAC

If you want to ship your food truck across the country, you need a partner who understands how to provide food truck transport, as well as the laws and logistics surrounding shipping food trucks across state lines. They are certified and have the expertise required to haul your food truck safely to their destination. Our drivers are always aware of the wraps approximately the food trucks, and therefore, they drive slowly and cautiously to avoid tilting and shifting during shipping that might cause damages to the covers. Trust SAC for the safest shipment of your food truck.

Reason to Trust SAC to Ship Your Food Truck

The security of your food truck is very vital, and you need a hauling company that can assure that your vehicle is safe up to the time it is delivered. At SAC, the safety of all equipment we transport is our priority. We have all the requirements, licenses, and permits for transportation of all loads. We are licensed, insured, and bonded for shipping across the United States and other counties. Additionally, We acquire all the states and county permits required for transportation of all kinds of food trucks, obtain the proper paperwork that is needed, and use specialized drivers for shipping your food trucks.

SAC Provides Reliable Service

You’ve made a significant investment in your food truck, so it makes sense that you should hire a reputable transporter. SAC It has extensive experience in shipping and logistics for the food trucks. We have a network of the best shippers in the United States, and our carriers are fully vetted and DOT compliant. Shipments are insured. You can also avail of additional insurance for the particularly expensive food trucks. Don’t leave your investment in the hands of anyone but SAC is the best food truck shippers in the United States. Our service is one of the most trusted in the nation.

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