Why do College Bound Students and Their Parents Count on Ship A Car Auto Transport?

Save Time with No Hassles

Affordable & safe to home and campus auto transport delivery.  Students and parents, you do not have to deal with the frustrations of driving a car from home to campus. Avoid delays due to roadwork, highway accidents and/or traffic.  Ship A Car safely brings your car to your campus.

No Extra Travel Stressors

Take it easy on your pocket, with less travel spending on snacks, lunches, hotel stays, etc.; and, easy on your nerves, without the headaches of driving or even worse your child driving by themselves to school.  Let SAC transport your vehicle without the stressful experiences during the trip such as coping with weather conditions, traffic jams, and/or other unforeseen delays.

Student Discount Program & Return Home Special

Money saving opportunity! If you are a student moving your car to your college campus or moving it back home for the break, SAC offers $25 off all nationwide auto transport services with promo code SAC-STUDENT.  Save even more money when you book the return home trip from school at the same time.

The Ship A Car Experience is Why College Students, Parents and Faculty Trust US with Their Car Transport

SAC Has Been Moving Students for More Than a Decade

Ship A Car has been moving college bound students and faculty for years. If it’s on wheels and/or considered to be a vehicle, we’ve moved it before.   We know that students do not have very deep pockets and their parents are spending excessively on their schooling; for this reason, your SAC transport coordinator will always tell you how to reduce your total out of pocket transport costs with our student discount program, return home specials and other cost saving tricks of the trade.

Understanding Your Needs is the Key to Success

Ship A Car understands the needs of college students and faculty members.  Each year thousands of students and college/university employees entrust us with transporting their vehicles from their home state to any college / university in the United States with service available to Alaska and Hawaii too.  Ship A Car has a proven track record and our customers can always depend on us for reliable car shipping auto transport services to and from college campuses.

You Know Who You’re Dealing With

We are not a shipping lead generator that sells your details to other brokers and/or carriers. We are in fact and work as such – the intermediary – providing you customer service on behalf of carriers, and as your main point of contact. Most carriers are on the road and do not have a back office; their trucks are their office.   Therefore, Ship A Car will be your main point of contact from beginning to end.  Our agents will take care of all your calls, emails and any questions as well as handle all administration that is required when it comes to customer service and support along the auto transport process.

We Start with Auto Transport Education

Educating you on the ins and outs of the auto transport industry is always the best policy.  The end of the summer signals fall semester on campus is approaching quickly.  Back to college auto transport starts picking up by first week of August all the way through the end of the month.  This means that getting your car shipped from your home to any campus in the United States including Alaska and Hawaii during the peak of season when all college kids are heading back to school may be a bit more expensive.   Don’t forget to schedule your car shipping well ahead of time to save on last minute bookings and schedule your return trip back home at the same time and save even more.

Ship A Car, Inc. has been moving students to and from campus for more than a decade… and continue to use and refer our reliable car shipping services year after year.

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