Project Management

The SAC team and our vetted and insured network of experts provide planning support, site surveys, cargo analysis, event schedule, and job-site delivery for projects of all sizes, shapes, and weights.

Nationwide Door-to-Door Service

No matter your location, we’re always ready for the job!  Whether it’s via air, sea, rail or ground over the road transportation, SAC offers the constant communication & supervision of all of your assets, goods and freight from origin to destination.

Compliance & Documentation

Every state and country has very different procedures when it comes to compliance, paperwork, duties, exemptions, authorizations, and other considerations that must be adhered to.  Our logistics experts are prepared to help you secure the proper papers for a successful and seamless transport.

Why Clients Trust SAC as Their Intermodal Container Transporter

A thru Z, SAC Can Handle it All

We handle intermodal container and cargo freight that the “other guys” can’t or won’t, and we manage your project from start-to-finish. Your logistics plan will be customized for your unique project needs—from a comprehensive, pre-shipment evaluation of potential risks, costs and delivery schedules, to route and port surveys, coordination of proper packaging of components, required documentation handling, and transportation mode analysis. Every shipment is coordinated with tailored plans, and even the most demanding projects are executed with care and precision.

Industry Experience and Non-nonsense Pricing

Experienced intermodal container cargo handling means that the team in charge of your materials are going to find the best way to adhere to your budget, in conjunction with, making sure all shipment protocols specific to your assets and cargo are met and exceeded.

SAC will assess the best modes of transport for your cargo so that you can fully focus on the next steps that are in store for your business.

Customized Logistics Plans to Fit any Size Project

Reliable logistics plays a vital role in successful intermodal container cargo management, besides that no two companies will require the same transportation plan. The right freight broker will design a plan specific to the requirements of your cargo and where it needs to go.

Expertise in Intermodal Container Shipping

Ultra-heavy and very large items require highly-skilled experts. SAC transport agents know that not all cargo will fit inside a standard shipping container and we can provide the Smart Logistics Solutions your special project cargo needs. As part of the extensive SAC Transportation Services network, we will engage with our local staff and nationwide network partners to utilize all our teams assets, knowledge, and resources to deliver excellent service. Whether it is heavy, oversized industrial machinery or delicate machine tools or medical devices we will work with you to design a transportation plan that works.

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