Why Ship A Car is the Smart Choice for Your ATV, UTV & Side by Side Shipping

No Up-Front Deposit Required

When you call SAC to find out more info, get a rate quote, and ultimately sign a contract to put your ATV / UTV on the load board, there will never be any money out of pocket.  Your SAC agent and dispatcher will locate a carrier in good faith and only charge your credit card a deposit when you agree to the terms of the transport and we dispatch the job to the carrier.

Shipping ATVs, UTVs & Side by Sides Anywhere In the US

SAC provides ATV, UTV & Side by Side shipping services to and from every location in the United States, including but not limited to a residential home, gated community, business, a storage unit or even your favorite off road trails and national parks. Whether you need to ship cross-country or just a state away, our team of transport professionals will handle your shipment properly from the time of booking until the time your ATV, UTV or Side by Side is safely delivered.

Expert ATV, UTV & Side by Side Shipping Services

When you ship with SAC, you’re shipping with the ATV, UTV & Side by Side shipping experts. With decades of nationwide ATV, UTV & Side by Side shipping experience under our belts and thousands of happy customers’ 5 star reviews, Ship A Car has earned our place as the best over the road vehicle transporter in the US. Our team of transport professionals is standing by to provide you with the highest level of service.

What You Can Expect from SAC for ATV, UTV & Side by Side Shipping

SAC Works For You, Meeting & Exceeding Your Transport Expectations

Countless people feel that the best company for the job is the company that gives you the cheapest quote to move your ATV, UTV & Side by Side.  Regrettably, in the transport industry as a whole, getting the cheapest freight quote does not equal the best quality of transport and the overall transport experience.  What you’re shipping really does matter, the broker’s ability to find you the best carrier really does matter.  SAC will only pair you with a carrier and driver that has the  experience transporting the type of vehicle in question, a proven track record of safety and one that is obviously vetted, licensed and insured – all checked and double checked by a SAC in house dispatcher.

A quality all around transport experience from initial call to a Ship A Car agent to the final delivery of your ATV, UTV & Side by Side to its delivery location is what matters.  SAC is one of the best vehicle shipping companies in the US.  SAC will always do our best to meet and exceed all your transport requirements.  Our agents are here for you during normal business hours over the phone and always available via email, cell phone and text after business hours, weekends and holidays.

ATV, UTV & Side by Side Shipping Process from Pick Up to Delivery

SAC works with a network of carriers that are ready to transport your ATV, UTV & Side by Side anywhere in the United States.  Having an experienced carrier means that your all-terrain vehicle / utility vehicle will be in good hands from pickup to drop off.

The driver will load your vehicle on to the carrier, so please make sure the tires are inflated and the vehicle is working.  Don’t forget to let us know in advance if that is not the case, so we can dispatch a carrier who can load an in-op vehicle onto his truck.    Rest assured that your vehicle has been fasten securely and it’s ready for transport.  You vehicle will be transported either via an open carrier or an enclosed carrier.  Both options are good ways to move your ATV, UTV & Side by Side; however, when opting for an enclosed carrier it will provide your vehicle with protection from the outside elements and that is reflected with a little bit higher total transport price.

Delivery times from pick up to final delivery really depends on the total distance of transport and the accessibility at the pick-up and delivery locations.  Please contact a SAC ATV, UTV & Side by Side shipping professional to find out more details.

Door To Door ATV, UTV & Side by Side Shipping

When it comes to transporting your ATV, UTV & Side by Side cross country or maybe just to the state over, door-to-door transport is the only transport option that makes sense. Different from other types of vehicles you find on the roadways today, you can’t drive an ATV, UTV or Side by Side on the road in most areas.  Unless the vehicle has been registered with the DMW, which is only done by some but definitely not by all.

So what does this actually mean?  You will still have to find a way to haul it to its final destination. Whether you’re traveling to your favorite riding grounds for a weekend getaway, or having an ATV, UTV & Side by Side delivered after purchase, there is simply no easier way to get it from point A to point B than to have it delivered.  SAC will handle the entire shipping process from beginning to end all you need to decide is where the carrier will deliver your ATV, UTV & Side by Side – a residence, the hotel, the campsite, the cabin – it’s up to you!

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When deciding to ship your all-terrain vehicle / utility vehicle, the best decision you can make is choosing a reputable broker that works with a network of vetted, licensed and insured carriers. No other company puts as much experience and dedication into their customer service as we do. We know that service starts with our in house team of experienced transport advisers and ends with our network of experienced, safe and reliable drivers.

We know that to ship an ATV, UTV & Side by Side requires experts, and we have them ready and waiting for whatever transport needs you have coast to coast. A SAC ATV, UTV & Side by Side shipping specialist is standing by waiting to provide you with great service.  Give us a call at (866) 821-4555 and one of our agents will be happy answer all of your questions.

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