Here's Why SAC is the Smart Choice for Your Corporate Relocation Services:

No Up-Front Deposit Required

Get a quote for FREE and get your car posted to the board for FREE.  Pay nothing until a carrier is confirmed and approved by you for your route.  We do all the leg work for FREE until you agree to the price and time schedule of the auto transport.

Everyday Carrier Availability

With over 15,000+ vetted open and enclosed carriers nationwide, we offer the most convenient corporate auto transport options.  SAC has positioned ourselves as a top player in the transport industry providing the best service for your employees at the best corporate rates for your company.

Complete Nationwide Coverage

Direct door to door service to and from anywhere in the country.  Ship A Car transporters will pick up and deliver at your home or business location always providing you with the best transport and insurance options.

Why Clients Trust Ship A Car Transport Services for all their Corporate Vehicle Relocation Requirements

Reliable, On Budget & On Time Auto Transport

Your car will get to its destination when you need it the most.  More importantly, all the hard work is done for you. Leaving the work to the professionals leaves you more time to get things done at work and at home.

You likely work a busy schedule. This does not allow for much time to take off work and drive to the new office location. Hiring Ship A Car, a specialized vehicle shipping company, allows you to continue work as usual up until the last hours of your move if you so wish.

Shipping More Than One Car?  Ship A Car Has You Covered!

A SAC Transport Coordinator is more than happy to assist with your corporate car relocation no matter the numbers. Whether you are needing to transport one, two, or more vehicles, we will ensure that all vehicles arrive safely at their intended destination.  We offer both a corporate discount and a multi-car transport discount.  Don’t forget to ask your transport coordinator for all the ways you can save money when relocating any and all vehicles for a corporate relocation.

We Understand the Particulars of Corporate Relocation Auto Transport Services

Ship A Car understands the needs of businesses, their employees and their families.  Each year thousands of corporations, entrust us with transporting vehicles from coast to coast and every state in between.    Ship A Car has a proven track record and our customers can always depend on us for reliable car shipping auto transport services.

SAC always has many different shipping options depending on your particular shipping needs.  Whether shipping on a budget, a time constraint, or specifics on open carrier vs closed carrier or more basic as the need for added insurance protections – Ship A Car has you covered with the best options for all your transport requirements.

Ready to Book Your Nationwide Relocation Transport?

We provide Corporate Relocation services for all types of vehicles. It doesn’t matter where your new corporate office is located in the United States.  Our door-to-door delivery will make your move as simple as it can be.

Now that you understand the auto transport process are you are ready to relocate your car?  Call a Ship A Car Corporate Relocation Specialist at (866) 821-4555 for a FREE. We are here to educate you on all of your auto transport options and we’re always able to provide you with any additional information you might need.

From the quote to your driveway.

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