Here's Why SAC is the Smart Choice for Your Classic Car Transport:

No Up-Front Deposit Required

You don’t pay a penny when you book your classic car transport.  We locate a carrier in good faith and only charge your credit card when we find you a carrier.

Complete Vehicle Coverage

We offer the most comprehensive coverage options from our carriers.  Ask about our Auto Transport Zero Deductible Coverage for your complete peace of mind.

Nationwide Door-to-Door Service

We provide direct door-to-door and coast-to-coast classic car transportation to and from any residential or business location in the US, Hawaii and Alaska.

What You Can Expect from SAC Shipping Services for Classic Car Transport

Classic Car Shipping From Business to a Buyer

Whether you’re a one-man dealership or your family has been collecting and selling classic cars for generations, when you make that deal, you need to offer the best service possible. That means completing the purchasing experience with a high-quality transport experience. Make sure to do your research that you just do not pick anyone to move that car for your customer. SAC will always be in your corner providing you with the best transport type and the best car hauler for the job. We’re here for you, so you can be there for your customers. Don’t forget, the better the service the better your buyer retention and referrals… so you ultimately get more business.

There Should Only Be One Vintage Vehicle Transportation Option

As with most car transport, shipping customers will have the option of either hiring an enclosed car carrier or an open car carrier to move a classic car. Regular open trailers shouldn’t be used for classic car transports, as they can expose them to all kinds of elements and weather-related wear and tear. Enclosed carriers offer much more safe and secure. With all classic car shipping, we ensure your car is protected thus providing the peace of mind you need when it comes to your unique and irreplaceable car. For even more safety, many antique and classic car specialists recommend using a non-stacking car carrier – as oil may drip from cars on the upper deck and/or scratch the ones below. We have your back and will always choose a transporter who uses soft tie-downs in their trucks and trailers to avoid scratches on the paint and other damage from occurring.

How Does Classic Car Shipping Work?

At Ship A Car Inc. we want to earn your business which is why we spend the time before, during and after your transport making your entire classic car transport as flawless and seamless as possible. It is our job to educate our customers on the entire auto shipping process so there are no surprises and you know and understand how things work and what to expect. We clarify the car transport process in detail and guide you through the steps from booking your transport service to the deliverance at your door. When it comes to moving a car, you have two major options – one is to hire a car transport company and the other to book a drive-away service. When shipping a classic car or antique automobile, in particular, it is very important to contract an auto transport company. Working with a transportation authority like Ship A Car gives you all the best options for moving your car all while explaining to you why they are your best classic car shipping options.

Getting Ready to Ship Your Classic Car – Request a Quote Now

Ship A Car is the best classic car transporter who has your best interest, safety, and pocket in mind. Give a Ship A Car specialized class car transport coordinator at (866) 821-4555 now to get all your questions answered. We are here to provide you with any additional information you might need. Remember, even if you are not ready to ship your car right now, you can always ask for a free quote to have an idea of how much our services will cost you. We can also provide you a transport estimate via chat, email, or text.

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