Here's Why SAC is the Smart Choice for Your Auction, eBay & Salvage Cars Auto Transport Services:

Direct Internet Auction Vehicle Shipping

Convenient door-to-door vehicle shipping. Pickup available anywhere you sell and/or purchase a vehicle from to anywhere in the US, Hawaii & Alaska. There’s nowhere our advanced network of certified carriers can’t reach and nothing our vehicle carriers can’t move.

24/7 Carrier Accessibility

With over 15,000+ vetted open and enclosed carriers nationwide, we offer the most fitting transport options for buying/selling at brick & mortar auctions as well as internet auction sites like Copart and eBay. SAC is as a top player in the transport industry providing the best vehicle transport services for the best price.

Experienced Transport Professionals

When you ship with SAC, you’re shipping with the vehicle moving experts. Decades of experience and know-how under our teams’ belt gives you the best overall shipping experience. Our team of transport professionals is standing by to provide you with the highest level of service at the best price.

Why Shipping Customers Rely on Ship A Car Transport Services for all their Auction, eBay & Salvage Cars Auto Transport Options

How Auction and eBay Auto Shipping Works

If you intend on selling or buying a car through an auction – online or in person – or at a myriad of internet auction sites like eBay Motors, ADESA, Auto Auction Mall, Copart, Dashub, Abetter, SmartBid, etc., you must consider how the vehicle will arrive at its destination. There are two main options available. You can either drive the car (not the best option) or hire an auto transport company. The safest transportation method is via an experienced vehicle transport company, such as SAC.

Although understanding the ins and outs of selling and buying vehicles at an auction is vital, it is also just as essential to understand how shipping these vehicles works too. Shipping a vehicle from an auction or a business location can affect prices, carrier availability and transit time. To start, auction auto shipping services tend to be a bit cheaper than standard door-to-door vehicle shipping. Given that, at an auction, a car transporter can pick up more than one load at a time, a practice known as co-loading – affording you a lower cost of shipping than from a residence where the carrier is only picking up one car at a time.

SAC is a freight shipping company, specializing in the transport of cars, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles, etc. to anywhere in the country. We take pride in our dedication to our customers. By choosing us, you are sure to find a service that meets your needs and goes beyond your expectations.

Shipping Options & Delivery Time Frame

Open Car Carrier or Enclosed Car Carrier?  Ship A Car understands that the safety and security of a vehicle throughout the entire transportation process is at the top of your list – it’s at the top of our list too.  This runs true even more so, if you are buying or selling an exotic car, vintage car, classic car or any other high line high value vehicle. For this reason, SAC offers enclosed car shipping. With this option, the auto will be transported in an enclosed carrier and therefore it will have full security during transport. This option is a bit more costly, but your car won’t be exposed to the elements outside neither inclement weather nor road dust and debris.  Conversely, if you’re looking for a less costly option, we offer open car shipping.  This is the most common shipping method, as well as the most affordable. While it is completely secure, your car might encounter some road dirt or dust during transport.

How long will it take to get my car?  The typical time frame for shipping usually depends on the distance that your vehicle is traveling.  Most transports take 3 to 5 days… however, a cross-country vehicle transport may take anywhere from 7 to 10 days.  In addition, other factors come into play besides the distance your vehicle is going.

For example, you also need to take into account delays at auto auctions, business hours of operation and inclement

Benefits Of Using SAC

SAC offers you the safer form of transport.  More often than not, you’re purchasing a vehicle that is not located in the same state that you live in.  We know how important it is for the vehicle to arrive in perfect condition. You want the car to arrive in the condition you bought it in or the condition you intend to sell it in. Driving these vehicles more than needed, presents the opportunity for many possible hazards.

Shipping a vehicle is the only smart option. The auto transport process could not be simpler. A SAC transport coordinator will do all the leg work for you, so experience a seamless transfer of the car straight from your door to the auction, the auction to your home, the internet auction vehicle site location to anywhere in the US and everything in between.

Shipping a vehicle always beats the choice of spending hours stuck behind the wheel. The convenience is reason enough to ship via an experienced auto shipping company like us any day.

Why People Like You Choose Ship A Car, Inc.

At SAC, all of our transport coordinators and our behind the scene transport geek team, know how much your vehicle means to you and we pride ourselves in providing a tailored approach to every vehicle shipping order we put in. Let our vehicle shipping experience, online tech savvy expertise, and our strong and secure track record of providing quality auto transport services at great prices work for you. Your choice matters.

Our fully insured carriers will do everything possible to ensure your vehicle is kept safe during the entire transport. If you have a car that needs safe, reliable transportation, Give a call to SAC at (866) 821-4555 and one of our transport coordinators will happily answer any of your questions and provide you will a personalized quote for all of your Auction, eBay & Salvage Cars Auto Transport needs.

From the quote to your driveway.

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