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Speed Limiter Mandate: FMCSA Proposal in the Works for Summer 2023

This article will cover the new proposed speed mandate on commercial motor vehicles. It will cover the specific opposition to the mandates, and even the research conducted that supports the opposition.

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Is Fuel Cost the Trucking Industry’s Biggest Problem Right Now?

This article will cover how the rising gas prices are hurting the trucking industry the most, other concerns the trucking industry faces, why this is an issue for everyone, and how companies are looking to combat the problem.

Interstate EV Charging Network for Trucks is Coming Soon

This article will cover the new charging networks for trucks along the interstate, what the impact will be of these stations, how the funding is created through the NEVI program, the FHWA funding, and other allocated funding.

Double Brokering and How to Avoid It

This article will cover what double brokering is, how double brokering is viewed in the law, the issues associated with double brokering, and how to avoid any double brokering scenarios.

BMW M Promises to Save Manual Vehicles for the Next Couple of Years

The BMW M line of cars, including the M2, M3, and M4, will continue offering its fans manual transmissions until 2030 despite the current move to electric and hybrid cars.

The Future of Logistics Industry – New Logistics Technologies that Will Improve Your Supply Chain

This blog post will cover what technology has helped to improve the logistics of supply chains, the future technology that will improve the logistics of the supply chain even more, and how the Internet has improved the entire logistics process throughout the years.

Jeep Avenger 4×4 – Dual Motor Setup

This article will cover the brand new Jeep Avenger that was unveiled within a Paris showroom in October of 2022. It covers how the Jeep engineers designed the motor, the Avenger size, the interior of the Jeep, and the battery of the vehicle.

The Most Common Accessorials in Freight Shipping

This article will cover what accessorial charges are within the trucking industry, and the top ten most common accessorials to avoid in freight shipping.

Legal Axle Weight Limits for Trucks: Heavy Haul Weight Limits by State

Legal limits on truck weight are always important to keep in mind, but knowing the exact weight limit can be difficult. In this article, you’ll find a breakdown of why there are axle weight limits for trucks, distinguishing federal and weight limits, and important axle weight limits to know, broken down by state.

The Ten Coolest Cars Coming in 2023

This article will cover the top ten cars set to debut in 2023, and a little bit about them.

How Truck Drivers Maximize the Fuel Efficiency of Their Rigs

This article will cover how the trucking industry maximizes their fuel efficiency, and what the six factors are that goes into fuel efficiency for a rig.

Positive Thinking Towards American Truckers

This article will cover how the image of the truck drivers have shifted, what data is backing this shift from the TMAF, how the positive image has come about, and how successful the TMAF has been.

FMCSA Broker Transparency Petition

This article will cover what the petition made in May of 2020 would change in 2023, who is favoring the petition, why people oppose it, and when the decision is expected to be made.

US Truck Drivers Need to Be Aware of NOAA’s Winter Outlook

This article will cover what NOAA is predicting for the upcoming winter, how the different conditions could make an impact on the trucking industry, and how the truck drivers can prepare for driving in different weather conditions they may be used to.

What Does a Sustainable Future for the Automotive Industry Look Like

This article will cover how the shift from combustion vehicles towards electric vehicles occurred, what goals are created to have more EVs on the road, and how to make this sustainable in the long run.

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