Here's Why SAC is the Smart Choice for Your Alaska Car Shipping Services:

No Up-Front Deposit Required

You don’t pay a penny when you book your car transport services to/from Alaska. We locate a carrier in good faith and only charge your credit card when you agree to the terms of the transport and we dispatch the job to the carrier.

Direct Service To/From Your Door in the Lower 48

SAC offers direct pickup and delivery service at your door in the lower 48 states. We work with our vetted and insured network of carriers to handle all the stateside trucking.

Complete Vehicle Coverage

We offer the most comprehensive coverage options from our carriers. Ask about our Auto Transport Zero Deductible Coverage for your complete peace of mind.

No Matter the Mode of Transport, Ship A Car Clients Entrust Their Vehicles Moving in/out of Alaska to Us

SAC Provides Safe and Reliable Car Shipping Services to/from Alaska

For the most part when thinking of Alaska, many people envision snow, ice, and extremely frigid temperatures. However, this extreme northern state is also home to some of the most stunning expanses of wilderness in the country as well as a diverse population that includes indigenous townsfolk and transplants that wouldn’t choose to live anywhere else. Tourism is big business here and many that visit want to see the entire state, which means personal transportation is key for those traveling. Whether you’re planning to visit for a short while or you’re making the move permanently, finding the right auto transporter to bring your vehicle to / from Alaska has never been easier.

Ship A Car’s Alaska Auto Transport Division takes things very seriously.  Before we pick a carrier, from our database of 15k+ carriers, they go through our rigorous internal vetting process based on the criteria for the move that we need to be completed.  Rest assured that SAC will always provide you with the best auto transport carrier for your specific needs to ensure your vehicle will be in dependable hands from pickup to delivery.   Moreover, your vehicle will always be covered from shipping damage with the carrier’s cargo insurance and you can opt for added protection with Auto Transport Zero Deductible Coverage provide through Othex.

Cost Cutting Transportation Options to and from Alaska

Shipping on a budget? Ship A Car is here to get the job done with some cost saving tips.  Although some of the costs are fixed when it comes to shipping a car to Alaska and vice versa, there are a couple of options that you can elect to save some money.

The best money saving choice when shipping to and from Alaska is to get your car on an open carrier.  This will feasibly shave off hundreds of dollars from the total cost of transport, nevertheless, you must remember that your vehicle will be exposed to all outside elements.  In other words, you may need to give your vehicle a good through wash when it arrives at its final drop off destination.

The second best money saving tip is the luxury of time.  If the time of your auto transport is not an issue, we recommend taking advantage of our seasonal offers.  Don’t forget to ask you Alaskan Auto Transport Coordinator to about discounts and promotions that you may be eligible for as well.

Shipping Luxury and Classic Cars in and out of Alaska

There are so many factors that come in to play when shipping a vehicle on a regular day with regular road and weather conditions.  At the same time, getting a vehicle in and out of Alaska has even more factors that need to be mitigated.   For example, road debris can damage the paint or make dents in the body, while, inclement weather such as snow and rain are also problems that classic and luxury car owners may want to avoid at all costs.

SAC understands that getting your vehicle to the delivery location safely and securely is at the top of your priority list.  Luckily, Ship A Car takes the transport of your car very seriously.  More often than not, your vehicle will be paired with an enclosed auto carrier to ensure your car experiences the maximum protection from all outside elements.  Using an enclosed carrier also provides extra protection from gleaming eyes and potential thieves.

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When deciding to ship your car to or from Alaska, the best decision you can make is choosing a reputable broker and carrier. No other company puts as much experience and dedication into their customer service as we do. We know that service starts with our in house team of experienced auto transport advisers and ends with our network of experienced, safe and reliable drivers.

We know that to ship a car to or from Alaska requires experts, and we have them ready and waiting for whatever transport needs you have in and out of Alaska. A Ship A Car Alaskan Auto Transport specialist is standing by waiting to service you.  Give us a call at (866) 821-4555 and one of our customer agents will be happy answer any of your questions and to give you the best price.

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