Here's why SAC is the smart move for your Shipping needs:

Short Transit Time

Approximately 1-5 business days for pick-up with transit time in the 5-7 day range. Trying to ship in a hurry? Call us!

Fuel & Insurance Already Included

All taxes, fees, insurance, and fuel charges are all accounted for in the low price original quote. There are no unlikable surprises!

Hawaii & Alaska Shipping

Moving your camber, mobile home, and RV to or from Hawaii or Alaska? We oversee all the details for you. Schedule details are also available at any time.

Why Clients Trust Ship A Car Transport for all their Transportation Options

Hassle-Free Transport Services

Transporting a camber, mobile home, an RV can be a monstrous and unnerving task. Whether you’re selling, buying, or moving it, the entire process can take a toll on you. If you’re looking for a dependable company to transport your mobile homes, RVs, and campers, SAC has what it takes. No matter the size or destination, we’ll deliver your RV on time and in its original condition. With over 30 years in the industry and qualified drivers, you’re guaranteed hassle-free camper, motorhome, and RV transportation. In addition to stellar services, you will also enjoy our competitive prices.

Provides Affordable Shipping Option

Undoubtedly, transporting a camper, mobile home, and RV seems ironic. But if you’re looking for a reliable transporter, SAC is here with you. We understand you need the most trusted and stellar services for shipping a motorhome or RV. We make the entire journey easy and seamless by ensuring we have a camper, mobile home, and RV shipping expertise on the road. Our logistics team will handle your RV transport from start to finish. They will find you an affordable mobile home and RV shipping estimate, obtain any permits or paperwork, and pair you with an experienced driver capable of handling your mobile home and RV transport needs. We believe in quality and affordability. Hire us for mobile home and RV transportation services, and you’ll thank yourself that you did it.

Your Trailer will be in Good Hands

We will make sure you have all the necessary permits and legal requirements for your camper, mobile home and RV to get where you want it to go if needed. Our specialized team of shippers will make sure to track the steps forward of your shipment, be in constant communication with the drivers, and oversee the whole process so nothing stands amid your camper, mobile home, and RV and it’s the destination.

Shipping Single Wide or Double Wide Mobile Homes

Of course, the type of transport depends on your mobile home. When you speak with our specialist, they’ll provide you with the best shipping options. Single wide mobile homes tend to be long and narrow. Double wide mobile homes are often wider, but shorter than a single wide. That means each type of mobile home requires different transport solutions.

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