Individual, Business and Specialty Transport Services in the city of New York City

Individual, Business and Specialty Transport Services in the city of New York City

Individual Shipping

Consumers going through Ship a Car, Inc. know the details of their transportation services will be handled with utmost professionalism. We have the capability to walk you through each step of the process, ensuring you will feel secure throughout the entire process.

At SAC, we offer many different individual services, which would include: car transport for travel nurses/physicians, golf cart shipping, ATV/UTV/Side by Side shipping, motorcycle shipping, student car shipping, military privately owned vehicle shipping, seasonal car shipping, cross country vehicle shipping, open carrier/ closed carrier shipping, classic car shipping and exotic automobile shipping.

When transporting through SAC, you are able to choose between enclosed or open trailer hauling. Consumers who need to transport exotic or expensive goods may choose to go through enclosed shipping. On the flip side, if consumers are shipping cheaper goods, they could choose to go through open trailer shipping. Snowbirds also will have a peace of mind as we have a lot of experience with seasonal transportation. The best part about Ship a Car is that with each category of shipping, they all offer some form of discount within each category.

Business Shipping

Business Shipping

Businesses of any size, small or large, are able to go through Ship a Car. This typically includes businesses that are in the automotive industry, corporate clients, dealerships and more.

One of the most common business services we complete are corporate vehicle relocation services. We help consumers complete relocation services for business staff and their families. Not only do we take care of all the different details required, but we also do not require up-front deposits, offer everyday carrier availability, and complete nationwide coverage.

Furthermore, we also have the ability to manage the relocation of fleet sizes with reliable transport services. We are able to transport many different vehicles from one location to another, and even help disperse the units to locations or jobs sites.

Another common business transport services that we offer are dealer relocation services. This could simply include switching vehicles from one location to another. Because dealerships may differ in what they need transported, we also offer customizable dealer shipping solutions. 

Finally, a lot of businesses go through us to complete auction vehicle transportation services. Many different vehicle auctions are available to car dealerships only, which means there are many vehicles being transported at once, so they go through us to handle these deals. This not only helps the dealers avoid any headaches, they are also assured complete satisfaction as we are well versed in handling the auction process.

Specialty Transport Services

Specialty Transport Services

Finally, we also have many years of experience working with special transport services. This would be things like backhoes, bulldozers, dump trucks, tractors, or overweight/ over-dimensional objects. These objects require meticulous planning, and going through us helps make the planning process much easier for consumers hauling these goods.

We offer many different specialty transport services, which would include:  miner, scraper, loader, articulated truck, asphalt paving machines, cold planer, excavator, rock truck, grader, dump truck, bulldozer, compactor, backhoe, pipes, piling, or logs shipping.

Everything You Need to Know About New York City, New York. 

In 2020, New York City, NY had a population of 8.38 million people with a median age of 36.9 and a median household income of $67,046. Between 2019 and 2020 the population of New York City, NY declined from 8.42M to 8.38M, a −0.472% decrease and its median household income grew from $63,998 to $67,046, a 4.76% increase.

The population of New York City, NY is 31.9% white, 21.4% African American, 14.1 Asian, and 13.5% Hispanic or Latino. None of the households in New York City reported speaking a non-English language at one as their primary shared language. Furthermore, 84.6% of the residents in New York City are U.S. citizens.

The largest universities in New York, NY are New York University (18,524 degrees awarded in 2020), Columbia University in the City of New York (15,092 degrees), and Fordham University (5,786 degrees).

The median property value in New York City, NY is $635,200, and the homeownership rate was 32.8%. Most people in New York City, NY commute by Drove Alone, and the average commute time was 41.4minutes. The average car ownership in New York City, NY is actually zero cars per household.

Economy in New York City

Economy in New York City

The economy of New York City, AL employs 4.04M people. The largest industries in New York, NY are Health Care & Social Assistance (729,707 people), Professional, Scientific, & Technical Services (406,261 people), and Educational Services (381,386 people), and the highest paying industries are Finance & Insurance ($102,409), Professional, Scientific, & Technical Services ($81,373), and Finance & Insurance, & Real Estate & Rental & Leasing ($81,205).

Households in New York City, NY have a median annual income of $66,459, which is more than the median annual income of $61,937 across the entire United States.

Tax Rates for New York City
  • The Sales Tax Rate for New York City is 8.875%.
  • The Income Tax Rate for New York City is 4.0% -10.9%.
  • Tax Rates can have a big impact when comparing the Cost of Living.

Income and Salaries for New York City


About 93% of the population of New York, NY has health coverage, with 43.1% on employee plans, 28.7% on Medicaid, 9.16% on Medicare, 11.7% on non-group plans, and 0.329% on military or VA plans.

Based on statistics from 2014, the per capita personal health care spending in New York was $9,778 in 2014. This is a 4.57% increase from the previous year ($9,351). 

Income and Salaries for New York City
  • The average income of a New York City resident is $107,000 a year.
  • The Median household income of a New York City resident is $67,046 a year.