Individual, Business, and Specialty Transport Services in the City of Canton

Customized Shipping Solutions in Canton, Ohio

Customized Shipping Solutions in Canton, Ohio

Our first objective at Ship A Car, Inc. is to deliver trustworthy, inexpensive, and hassle-free shipping services customized to match your unique needs in Canton, Ohio. We provide a wide selection of customized options because we are aware that different customers have different shipping needs and want an ideal shipping experience.

Our broad selection of specialized shipping solutions includes cross-country and nationwide vehicle shipping, golf cart shipping, ATV/UTV/Side by Side shipping, motorcycle shipping, student car shipping, military vehicle shipping, seasonal vehicle shipping, and car transport services for traveling nurses and doctors. We also offer open and closed carrier options for shipping classic and exotic cars.

We provide both open and enclosed carriers to deliver your vehicles. Your cars will be transported in an open-air trailer as part of the popular and economical open carrier shipping option. An additional layer of security is offered by enclosed vehicle transportation, which transports your items in a covered trailer. This option is suitable for high priced, brand new or vintage cars as well as other delicate cargo items that need extra protection during shipment, although being slightly more expensive. The value of your cargo and your budget will determine whether you choose open or enclosed carrier shipping.

At SAC, we recognize the value of prompt delivery, particularly during busy times of year. For this reason, we provide adaptable and scalable solutions to satisfy your shipping requirements. Additionally, we offer reductions on all types of shipping, making sure that our consumers in Canton, Ohio can continue to afford and use our services.

Tailored Shipping Solutions for Businesses

Tailored Shipping Solutions for Businesses

Since each client has unique needs, Ship A Car offers customized transport options to meet them. We understand that businesses have a variety of shipping needs. Our objective is to make shipping easier and more convenient for businesses located in Canton, Ohio.

Our knowledge and experience in corporate relocation solutions helps employees and their families relocate with less difficulty. Our service is made to be easy and handy for our customers with daily carrier availability and a no-deposit-up-front policy.

We have the knowledge and capacity to handle any size fleet and deliver cars to and from any place, regardless of how little or tremendous it is. In accordance with your particular needs, we can also distribute units to numerous locations or job sites. You can rely on us to make sure that your vehicles are delivered in pristine condition, taking the stress out of the entire moving procedure.

We provide auction vehicle transportation services for dealerships. We are aware of the value attached to the automobiles that are being transported as well as the significance of on-time delivery. From pick-up to drop-off, our skilled personnel will manage every part of shipping a vehicle auction with the utmost care. You may focus on other areas of the auction process with confidence knowing that the vehicles will be delivered on time and on budget.

Specialized Transportation for Oversized Equipment

Specialized Transportation for Oversized Equipment

Ship A Car, Inc. offers specialized transportation services in order to meet these objectives because we are aware of the special difficulties involved in moving big equipment. Large and heavy equipment, such as bulldozers, dump trucks, backhoes, tractors, and numerous other heavy machinery, can be transported using our comprehensive transportation services. Furthermore, we have the capability of transporting a variety of mining and construction equipment, including compactors, equipment for paving asphalt, miners, scrapers, graders, loaders, pile drivers, and more.

We have the understanding and ability to handle the transportation of large and heavy equipment with confidence because we have more than 10 years of experience in the field and a plethora of resources at our disposal. You can count on us to take care of the entire process expertly and make sure that your equipment is transported safely and effectively.

Everything You Need to Know About the City of Canton Ohio

Everything You Need to Know About the City of Canton Ohio

In 2017, the city of Canton, Ohio was home to a population of approximately 71,800 individuals, with a median age of 35.8 years. The median household income in Canton was recorded at $30,837. During the one-year period from 2016 to 2017, Canton experienced a slight decline in population from 72,163 to 71,763, reflecting a decrease of 0.554 percent. However, there was a positive trend in median household income, which grew from $30,444 to $30,837, representing a 1.29 percent increase.

When examining the demographic makeup of Canton, it becomes evident that 66.4 percent of the population identifies as White Alone, followed by 23 percent who identify as Black or African American Alone. Additionally, 6.08 percent of the population represents individuals identifying with Two or More Races. Non-English languages are not commonly spoken in Canton, as indicated by the N/A% figure, and a significant majority of 98.4 percent of the population are U.S. citizens.

Canton is home to several prominent universities, with the largest ones being Malone University, which awarded 517 degrees in 2017, Canton City Schools Adult Career and Technical Education, which awarded 101 degrees, and Aultman College of Nursing and Health Sciences, which granted 97 degrees.

The median property value in Canton is estimated to be $70,200, with a homeownership rate of 47.9 percent. The primary mode of transportation for most residents is commuting by driving alone, with an average commute time of 19.6 minutes. On average, households in Canton own two cars.

Education in Canton

Education in Canton

Canton, Ohio’s universities awarded 780 degrees in total in 2017. The gender ratio of the student body in Canton, Ohio is somewhat unbalanced, with 713 male students and 1,593 female students.

White people make up 655 of the graduates from Canton, Ohio’s universities, or 84.2 percent of all graduates. They are followed by students who identify as Black or African American, who make up 93 people (12%), students who identify as Two or More Races, who make up 13 people (1.67%), and students who identify as Hispanic or Latino, who make up 7 people (0.9%).

Malone University, which awarded 517 degrees—or 66.3 percent of the total—among the universities in Canton, Ohio, followed by Canton City Schools Adult Career and Technical Education, which awarded 101 degrees, and Aultman College of Nursing and Health Sciences, which awarded 97 degrees, or 12.4 percent.

The most popular majors in Canton, Ohio are Licensed Practical & Vocational Nurse Training with 66 graduates or 8.46 percent, General Business Administration & Management with 78 graduates or 10%, and Registered Nursing with 127 graduates or 16.3 percent of the total.

Private four-year institutions in Canton, Ohio charge an average of $23,000 in tuition. The precise numbers for in-state and out-of-state students at public four-year universities are not yet known. 

Economy in Canton

An estimated 30.7k people are employed in Canton, Ohio, and the unemployment rate there is 5.7 percent. The job market in Canton has improved slightly over the past year, rising by 0.1 percent. Looking ahead, the predicted job growth over the next 10 years is 22.1 percent, which is slightly less than the 33.5 percent national average. Manufacturing, which employs 4,933 people, is the largest sector in Canton. Manufacturing is followed in size by Health Care & Social Assistance (5,295) and Accommodation & Food Services (3,683). Notably, Canton’s utilities sector has the highest average annual wage ($49,375), followed by public administration ($46,731), and wholesale trade ($38,219).

The average family’s income in Canton, Ohio is $30,836, which is significantly less than the $61,937 median annual salary for the US. It’s important to note that the median income has gone up annually approximately 1.29 percent since 2016, when it was $30,444.

Canton is a desirable location for businesses and job seekers alike because of its thriving economy, diversified industries, and steady job growth. Canton’s economy is being driven by an array of business sectors, and it continues to offer individuals as well as companies a challenging yet rewarding atmosphere.

Tax Rates for Canton

Tax Rates for Canton
  • The Sales Tax Rate for Canton is 6.5 percent.
  • The Income Tax Rate for Canton is 5.5 percent.
  • Tax Rates can have a big impact when comparing the Cost of Living.
Income and Salaries for Canton
  • The average earnings of a Canton resident are $16,769 dollars a year.
  • The Median household earnings of a Canton resident is $29,980 dollars a year.