The Correlation between You and the Car You Drive

Looking at it from a critical view, we can all agree that a buyer considers a lot of factors before they purchase any vehicle. They consider cost, their current job, and so many other things.

We can safely say that you are not just what you eat; you are also what you drive. The vehicle you drive speaks a lot about your personality. It tells if you are extravagant or frugal, minimalistic or flashy, millennial or Gen Z, and so on.

Do you want to acquire a new car and are curious to know the impression that your vehicle will create about you? Keep reading this piece to discover the types of cars and their stories.

Let’s start.
1.    Minivan

Hardly anyone drives a Minivan. If you still do, it shows that you are a teen who borrowed the family car that has been dumped for roughly a decade. Or you are a mom who remembers all the characters in Scooby doo, and your only alone time is shower time. You’re not just a mom but an old mom. Minivans are outdated, so people also think that Minivans riders are old.

2.    Audi

Audi owners are often seen as Millennials. These car owners invest in risky stocks, read the New York Times, and probably work in consulting or advertising. They are often daring and bold and make wild choices. Audi drivers also have a thing for Rihanna and Coldplay.

3.    Full-size Truck

Owning a full-size truck shows that you are a contractor or construction worker. These vehicles are mainly used to carry loads and other heavy items. Sometimes, guys own a full-size truck for the sake of it. They want to feel masculine and won’t stop bragging about what the truck can do. However, the truck will do no more than moving vegetables from the farm to your home.

4.    SUV

SUV drivers are the boss. They like to be in control and take charge. They have the power and want to transmit that power onto the roads.

5.    Ferrari or Alfa Romeo

If you love the Ferrari, there’s a high likelihood you get thrills from watching Fast and Furious. I’d put $20 that you’ve heard about Mille Miglia. The Mille Miglia is called Thousand Miles in English and refers to the infamous open-road race of all time. Those fascinated by this event love the Ferrari and Alfa Romeo. These vehicles are never fast enough and it speaks of owners who like things going fast in real life.

6.    Convertible

For those who don’t want a vehicle as fast as the Ferrari but just fast enough to feel the speed thrills, the convertible might be the right thing. Convertible owners are looking to enjoy life and may get attention every once in a while.

7.    Toyota

If I see someone driving a Toyota, I would first think they are a Gen X. I would automatically see you as someone who values relationships and still has a taste in old-fashioned but classic items. You would love college football, read the New York Times, and be a fan of Kevin Hart.

8.    Honda

Most owners are Millennials with kids or plan to have kids. You appreciate simple things. You love the outdoors, yet spend so much time online. You think technology is incredible, and want your kids to be involved in technology.

9.    Dodge

Most Dodge owners like law, order, and justice. Dodge car owners are also in-between. They are bighearted and want to see things go well, but they rarely have time for themselves. They can be Lawmen or gang leaders. Dodge cars are fast, and the owners also love fixing things quickly.

Wrapping Up

Your vehicle speaks a lot about you. They define people’s impressions of you. So, always ensure to keep your car in good condition. An excellent way to maintain your car’s quality is moving around the country. Instead of transporting your car in a not-too-good fashion, entrust the transportation to auto-shipping companies. Jump on that flight to your dream vacation site, and leave the movement of your car in good hands like the Ship A Car, Inc. Team. You can start by calling the team at (866) 821-4555.