Car Transport’s Function in the Making of Movies and Television

The film production industry is heavily reliant on auto transport companies. Apart from needing to transport equipment and props from one set to another, they also require an effective system for moving vehicles used in some scenes, especially when the set is in a remote or faraway location. Continue reading to learn about the role auto transport companies play in bringing your favorite movies to the big screen.

Auto Transport to Remote Sets and Locations

Auto Transport to Remote Sets and Locations

While advanced technology, such as green screens, can make you shoot scenes with amazing effects and backgrounds, most scenes involving cars need to be shot at these exact locations due to the large area required for the shooting, especially in car chase scenes, which are quite popular in modern films.

Auto transport companies specialize in the shipment of vehicles, both for individuals and companies, which need to ship a large amount of vehicles. It is, of course, possible to rent the needed cars from a nearby rental company, but here is one benefit of using an auto transport company.

Transporting Hero Vehicles

Transporting Hero Vehicles

Hero cars are cars that are prominently featured in a movie and are critical to the storyline or development of a particular character. These cars are usually customized or specially built to meet a particular purpose in the film, and need to be handled with caution. Some examples of hero cars are the Ecto-1 from Ghostbusters or the Aston Martin DB5 from James Bond’s Goldfinger.

When transporting these types of cars, shipping companies use enclosed carriers, which offer protection against severe weather, road debris, and other possible risks. Enclosed carriers are also equipped with hydraulic lift gates and air-ride suspension systems that protect the vehicle from internal damage and ensure a smooth ride for the vehicle throughout the journey.

Other Crucial Auto Transport Services

Other than shipping exotic cars, auto transport companies also play a crucial role in shipping vehicles between sets. These vehicles can range from personal cars or trucks to motorcycles and golf carts used to move around in remote locations. Shipping companies also work with other departments to ensure the success of the production. Some of these departments are listed below.

  • The Catering Services Department: This department is in charge of supplying meals, drinks, and refreshments to members of the cast and crew on the sets of remote locations. Shipping companies make use of specialized carriers to transport food trucks and trailers used by the craft services department to ensure that all the members working on set are nourished and hydrated.
  • The Arts and Crafts Department: This department is responsible for constructing and managing sets, props, and many other visual elements. The art department may make use of specialty vehicles such as box trucks, which have built-in compartments, and trailers designed for transporting sets and large props. These specialty vehicles need to be transported with a level of caution that is customary for companies in the auto shipping industry.

Benefits Gained from Utilizing Auto Transport

Benefits Gained from Utilizing Auto Transport

A lot of filming locations are in remote areas with very low accessibility, especially for large vehicles like trucks and trailers. But companies in the auto transport industry are fully equipped with the right equipment and drivers to ensure that the necessary vehicles are delivered safely and securely.

Auto transport companies are also capable of working with tight schedules to ensure that the right vehicles and staff are transported to their destination in a timely and efficient manner. Not having a reliable means of transporting vehicles could be detrimental to production schedules and time constraints. 


In conclusion, even with the few use cases listed above, the role of auto transport is undoubtedly of high importance to film and television production. Not only do they ensure that special and important vehicles are safely delivered without damage, but they also make it possible to meet the tight production schedules that come with most big-screen movies.

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What is the best time to book an auto transport company for film or television production?

It is recommended that you book an auto transport company as early as possible to give the company enough time to plan and meet with your production, schedules, and requirements.

How much does it cost to transport vehicles for film and television productions?

The cost cannot be specified as it depends on numerous factors, like the amount and type of vehicles to be shipped, the distances between the locations, and the level of service required. The best way to get an estimate is to discuss your shipping requirements with a reliable shipping company.