Analyzing the Benefits of Shipping Your Car Over Driving It

Let’s say you need to get a car from one location to another. There are generally two options available to you: shipping or driving it. The option to go with will likely depend on your relocation requirements; however, most experts recommend going with the car shipping option because of the benefits involved. In this article, we will provide an in-depth analysis of the cost benefits of utilizing auto shipping over driving your car.

Analyzing the Benefits of Shipping Your Car Over Driving It

Cost-Benefit Analysis of Auto Shipping vs. Driving Your Car

Driving is generally cheaper when traveling over relatively shorter distances. The mistake most people make is thinking that this also applies to longer distance travels, such as interstate or cross-country journeys. The seemingly high shipping quotes given by shipping companies may also seem like another reason why auto shipping is more expensive.

However, if we consider the potential costs involved in shipping a car, it will help to get a sense of why shipping quotes are so high. Here is a breakdown of the expenses associated with shipping a car to a distant location:

  • Fuel Costs: One of the most obvious expenses is the cost of fueling your vehicle. The farther you are driving your vehicle, the more you will need to spend on gas. This cost depends on the current gas prices and your vehicle’s efficiency, so it could be negligible or significant.
  • Accommodation: If the journey needs multiple days to be completed, then you will likely need to pay for accommodation. The average hotel room rate hovers around 150 USD, and since you might need to spend multiple days on the road, the amount spent on accommodation could balloon up.
  • Food and Meals: Your budget also needs to include the food and meals consumed along the way. Since you won’t have access to a kitchen while traveling, the cost will include dining out and purchasing meals.
  • Wearing and Tearing: There is a high chance that your vehicle will sustain minor damages like wearing and tearing since it is exposed to all kinds of elements. This is another thing to keep in mind when you choose to drive your car, as the cost of repairs will come from your pocket.

These individual costs combine to become a very huge chunk in your pocket. And you will still have to worry about other problems, such as tolls and parking, insurance, vehicle mileage, and opportunity costs.

Why Auto Shipping is the Better Transport Option

Why Auto Shipping is the Better Transport Option

With auto shipping via a reliable car shipping company, you won’t need to worry about any of the previous expenses. You also get a range of other benefits, some of which are highlighted below.

Affordable and cost-effective

Auto shipping is more cost-effective than the traditional method of driving the car yourself. For starters, a carrier can carry multiple vehicles; this means that expenses, including fuel costs, are shared among the vehicles in the carrier. This results in an overall lower cost than you would have spent on your own.

Safe and Secure

The safety of a vehicle while it is being transported is of high importance, especially when shipping exotic or luxury vehicles. Reliable shipping companies offer enclosed transport carrier services that protect your vehicle from road and weather elements. Trained and experienced carriers also oversee the shipping, keeping the damage to the vehicle to a minimum. In the case where a vehicle does sustain damages during transport, most shipping companies are fully insured and would be able to provide compensation or repairs.

Quick and Efficient

Quick and Efficient

Auto shipping also saves you from the needless complications and potential delays that come with a long-distance drive. Before the move, the logistics team plans out the route and addresses any issues that may arise to ensure the journey proceeds smoothly. The carriers also work with tight schedules to make sure your car is delivered on time.

Hassle-free and Convenient

With auto shipping, you won’t need to worry about the hassles of planning, navigating unfamiliar roads, or searching for accommodations during the long drive. The auto shipping company takes care of all the details and logistics, allowing you to focus on other aspects of the move, thereby making the whole relocation process much smoother.

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Auto shipping is a more affordable, convenient, and efficient way to transport your car, especially over long distances. It saves you the hassles of planning, driving, and finding accommodations. It also has additional benefits in that it is more cost-effective, safe, efficient, and convenient. Only reliable car shipping companies are able to provide these benefits, so it is necessary to engage the auto shipping services of a company like Ship A Car. Call us at (866) 821-4555 to begin your cost-effective transportation experience.