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West Virginia Vehicle Shipping Routes

Popular West Virginia Shipping Locations

  • Clarksburg
  • Teays Valley
  • South Charleston
  • St. Albans
  • Vienna
  • Cheat Lake
We provide direct service to and from any location in West Virginia - above is a list of the most popular car shipping locations that we service.

Everything You Need to Know About the State of West Virginia (WV)

During the Civil War that lasted between 1861 and 1865, the Virginia state voted to disaffiliate from the United States. People from the mountainous western part of the state were against the decision and decided to create their own state to support the Union. That was what led to the formation of the state West Virginia. On June 20, 1863, congress instituted West Virginia as a state. 

The West Virginia town of Harpers Ferry was the location of John Brown’s ill-fated 1859 raid on the federal arsenal there. Although Brown’s plan to arm a large-scale slave rebellion with weapons from the armory eventually failed, and Brown was hanged. The raid was not successful with inflaming white Southern fears of slave rebellions and increased the increasing tension between the North and South preceding the Civil War. 

Today, West Virginia is a major coal-producing state, contributing 15% of the country’s coal. The New River Gorge Bridge near Fayetteville is the longest steel arch bridge in the world. Every October, the town hosts a Bridge Day celebration when the road is closed to traffic, and people are allowed to parachute and bungee jump off the bridge. The event entices almost 100,000 participants and spectators each year. Popular West Virginia natives include actor Don Knotts, gymnast Mary Lou Retton, and test pilot Chuck Yeager.

Between 250 and 150 B.C., the Adena people built the Grave Creek Mound in Marshall County. Now standing at 62 feet tall with a 240-foot diameter, it is the country’s largest conical burial mound. In 1838, two men dug their way into the mound, revealing a burial chamber with skeletons and jewelry.
The Greenbrier, a luxurious resort in the Allegheny Mountains in White Sulphur Springs, was used on the outset of World War II to accommodate diplomats from Germany, Italy, and Japan until American diplomats detained overseas could be returned home safely in exchange. In 1942, the U.S. Army purchased the hotel and converted it into a hospital where, over the course of four years, more than 24,000 soldiers were treated.
In 1942, West Virginia passed a law that required students and teachers to salute the American flag and recite the Pledge of Allegiance. When Walter Barnette, a Jehovah’s Witness, refused to do so on the grounds that it negated his religious beliefs, he was expelled from school. On June 14, 1943, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in West Virginia State Board of Education v. Barnette that forcing individuals to salute the flag was a violation of their freedom of speech and religion.
Two apple varieties originated from West Virginia: the Grimes Golden apple, discovered on a farm near Wellsburg in the early 19th century; and the Golden Delicious apple, found on a farm in Clay County in the early 20th century. In 1995, the Golden Delicious apple was tagged the official state fruit of West Virginia.
New River Gorge Bridge, with a span of 1,700 feet, is the longest steel arch bridge in the Western Hemisphere. Every third Saturday in October the Fayetteville Bridge hosts a festival that includes hundreds of BASE jumpers plunging 876 feet into the river below.

Car Shipping in West Virginia 

The Processes Involved

Do you want to ship your car into another location? Are you relocating? This section provides basic details you need to know about car shipping in West Virginia. Follow closely. 

The process of choosing a reliable car shipping service in West Virginia involves carefulness. Oftentimes, experience comes in handy when making such a decision. However, what is the fate of a first-time user?  Read up to get solutions on how to get the best car shipping service in West Virginia. Then, we would discuss the processes involved to choose one. 

How to Choose a Reliable Auto Transport Broker 

  1. Testimonials and Success Stories

The statement, “experience is the best teacher” has never been truer than in car shipping services. You can get recommendations from past users. Since they had first-hand experience with the service provider, you can know the quality of service you can expect from them. Similarly, you should ask more than a person to see if they have similar testimonies. 

  1. Affordability

Do not buy into the lie that, “it has to be expensive to be of a great quality.” That is not true as an empty barrel can be noisy too. Rather, you can get a pocket-friendly service, yet of a good quality. In addition, you should consider your pocket before going ahead.

  1. Validation from Authorities 

Validation from authorities is non-negotiable. You do not want any authority to impound your car while shipping it into another location. Hence, you must ensure that the service provider is fully licensed. More so, this validation helps to know if you can trust them with your property. 

  1. Insurance

Insurance is important as it helps to mitigate risk. Make inquiries about your provider if they have one. This way, you can rest assure that there will be no cause for alarm or doubt over the availability of your vehicle.  

Now, the process involves:

  1. Choose a company

Now that you know the kind of company you should choose, you can proceed to pick one. If you need an accomplice, you can visit the company with a friend (preferably the one that recommended or approved the place). This makes you feel at ease and able to express any requirement you might want the car shipping service provider to do. 

  1. Have necessary agreements with them 

Agreements can be verbal and written. You can examine the contract to know the terms and conditions. If there are things you are not cool with, feel free to express your displeasure and how you would want a different service. Ensure you are on the same page before you proceed to make payment. 

  1. Schedule all appointments (Pick-up and delivery)

Appointments are the D-days. Have a fixed date (or range) for pickup and delivery. It is inevitable as that is the reason for using their services in the first place. 

  1. Examine your vehicle afterward 

You should examine your vehicle to be sure it is in the optimum state after delivery. If there are parts you think got damaged while transporting, kindly contact the service provider. This is a reason you must ensure they have insurance. Their insurance policy can cater for possible damages. 


Ready to transport with SAC?

Our transport representatives are available by calling (866) 821-4555 to answer all your questions.


West Virginia Transportation Information

  • West Virginia Rail Transport
  • West Virginia Air Transport
  • West Virginia Marine Transport
  • West Virginia Interstate highways
  • West Virginia Rail Transport

    Works Cited

    Wikipedia, Accessed March 12, 2020.

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    Rail lines used to be more prevalent in West Virginia, but over time, many of the lines have been discontinued because of increasing automobile traffic. Many old tracks have been transformed to rail trails for recreational purposes. Although the coal-producing areas still have railroads functioning at near capacity. Amtrak’s Cardinal roughly parallels I-64’s path through the state. MARC trains serve commuters in the eastern panhandle. In 2006, Norfolk Southern along with the West Virginia and U.S. Government approved a plan to revise many of the rail tunnels in West Virginia, especially in the southern half of the state, to allow for double-stacked cars. It is also expected to help bring economic development to the southern half of the state. An Intermodal Freight Facility is located at Prichard, just south of Huntington.

    West Virginia University in Morgantown takes pride in its PRT (personal rapid transit) system. The PRT is the state’s only single-rail public transit system, and was developed by Boeing, the WVU School of Engineering and the Department of Transportation. The system was a model for low-capacity light transport designed for smaller cities. Recreational transportation opportunities abound in West Virginia, including hiking trails, rail trails, ATV off-road trails, white water rafting rivers, and two tourist railroads, the Cass Scenic Railroad and the Potomac Eagle Scenic Railroad.

  • West Virginia Air Transport

    Works Cited

    Wikipedia, Accessed March 12, 2020.

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    West Virginia has 37 functioning public airports. The airports in the state are well connected to many major U.S. cities, and are customer focused in the services and facilities they provide.

    There are no international airports in West Virginia, and their main regional airports are the Raleigh County Memorial Airport at Beckley, the Yeager Airport at Charleston, the Harrison-Marion Regional Airport at Clarksburg, the Tri-State Airport at Huntington, the Greenbrier Valley Airport at Lewisburg and the Morgantown Municipal Airport the Mid-Ohio Valley Regional Airport in Parkersburg

    The Yeager Airport is the largest airport in West Virginia, and is located close to Charlestown, the state’s capital. It services 76,000 passengers yearly, and also services major airlines as Delta, American, United, Spirit, and a number of international carriers.

  • West Virginia Marine Transport

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    The area of West Virginia amounts to 24,231 square meters (62,758 square kilometers), including 24,119 square meters (62,468 square kilometer) of land and 112 square meters (290 square kilometers) of inland water.

    Mississippi is the longest river in West Virginia (about 277 miles long). However, West Virginia is responsible for the river and its management. Considering how much water the river embodies, the River may be the largest tributary of the Ohio River – it supplies a lot of water than its counterpart.

  • West Virginia Interstate highways

    Works Cited

    Wikipedia, Accessed March 12, 2020.

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    Get ready to use the Highways in West Virginia, as it is the major route of transportation. The state’s public road accounts for over 37,300 miles (60,000 km). On the other hand, there are other means like the use of rivers, railroads, and airports for commercial transportation modes for West Virginia. Huntington, Charleston, Beckley, Morgantown, Parkersburg, Lewisburg, and Clarksburg have airports people employ for commercial air travel. They are affordable choices as the Federal Department of Transportation’s Essential Air Service Program has subsidized their amount. Only Huntington and Charleston are not subsidized. The cities of Huntington, Charleston, Wheeling, Beckley, Clarksburg, Morgantown, Fairmont, and Parkersburg have public transit systems for people who want to use the bus system.

    A more fascinating characteristic in West Virginia is its seven Interstate Highways. I-64 is near Huntington as it begins at White Sulphur Springs close to the mountainous east, and closes at Kentucky towards the west. I-77 is near Bluefield as it begins at Virginia in the south. It crosses to Ohio from Parkersburg. The West Virginia Turnpike is a toll road in between I-64 and I-77. The same road extends as I-77 from Beckley to Princeton. The road was earlier constructed in 1952 as a two-lane road. Nevertheless, a rebuild in 1974 upgraded it to the Interstate standards. The previous construction has been completely modified into modern structure of Morgantown. The new rebuild runs to Maryland. 

    In Morgantown, the I-68 terminus meets the I-79. It continues to Pennsylvania and goes across the southern terminus in Charleston. I-70 has a short extension into West Virginia. Here, it crosses the northern panhandle via Wheeling. At the other end, I-470 runs through Wheeling – hence, Wheeling is one of the smallest cities that has an interstate bypass). I-81 similarly runs in West Virginia via the Eastern Panhandle and through Martinsburg.

    There are supplementary roads for the interstates by the Appalachian Corridor system. This completes the four Corridors – Corridor D, G, L, and Q. Corridor D runs from the Ohio River as it carries US 50 and I-77. I-77 extends from Parkersburg to I-79 at Clarksburg. At Williamson, Corridor G carries US 119 as it runs across Charleston to the Kentucky border. Corridor L has US 19 which runs across the Turnpike at Beckley into I-79, the terminus near Sutton. It extends to create a shortcut of about 64 km for travelers going into Florida as it helps them to bypass Charleston’s. Corridor Q carries the US 460 as its trail goes into Mercer County, and into the Giles County’s state, Virginia while closing at Tazewell County. 

As rated by our clients and

What do our clients say?

As rated by our clients (from 1139 testimonials)
I cannot say enough positive things about Steve and Ship a Car. This is our second experience in needing to ship a vehicle, but our first experience with this company. We hired this company to help us transport our vehicles from Hawaii to Michigan. Steve either always answered his phone or was extremely prompt in returning my phone calls. Their pricing was extremely competitive and the best price around at the time we booked them. Every detail was explained thoroughly and every question answered. Our vehicles arrived on time, one actually arrived early, with no damage from the transporters dispatched by Ship a Car. If you need to transport a vehicle, I recommend that you give serious consideration to Ship a Car (and Steve).
Margaret Lowing
Sometimes my husband had trouble with the actual drivers. But Ship A Car always got them straightened up for him.
M. of Mn, MN
The shipper was early and coordinated very well. It was a complex unload having to remove two cars to get to mine. The maneuver was executed perfectly in a minimal amount of time and was impressive to watch. The move was well coordinated and executed flawlessly.
Jerry C.
My recent relocation from Seattle to Pittsburgh was less stressful because of the service that Ship A Car provided—Yvonne coordinated with both my husband and I to have my car shipped. Both drivers were very nice and professional. It was a no-hassle process with the driver picking up my car on time and at my apartment, and then delivering it on time and at my apartment. Definitely recommend this service.
Toni I
I shipped a brand new $15,000 Yamaha Viking UTV from Montana to Oregon. Even though the driver did not have the title, it would have been easy to sell this this for $5000 to a ranch along the way and I would never see it. I did a lot of research on Ship A Car, Inc. before deciding to use them, and my UTV arrived safely and my wife is HAPPY! Not only did they give me the best price, but they shipped it in an enclosed trailer. I would definitely use them again.
Great Company
I am extremely grateful for the Help in having my $40,000. Gold wing trike Mr. Farber set up for me quickly from Santa Fe, N.M. I had to fly out in 24 hrs.due to illness leaving my trike at a hotel with the key for shippers. Picked up on Saturday July 9, arrived Monday July 11. Perfect cindition. Well worth ever dollar. Other shipping wanted a loading dock at pick up and drop off. Because it's a trike. That was unacceptable. Thankyou Larry Farber for everthing.
Kathiilee D. Clermont,, FL
Justen and Ship A Car did an outstanding job getting my car shipped from Bend, OR to Los Angeles. Johnny, who towed my car, was also a true professional. I would highly recommend this company again.
Daniel Gutierrez
This company was simply amazing from beginning to end! We used Ship A Car to relocate my mom from California to Illinois. When I tell you the professionalism that we received, the keeping in contact to let you know when they were close and the overall care that was used for her vehicle was absolutely priceless! I would definitely recommend this company to anyone wanting to take the stress out relocating a vehicle! Will definitely recommend to family and friends, and will without a doubt use them again! Bob was phenomenal and so was Nick, or transporter.
Pamela B
I found that Ship a Car is very professional manage Company. My contact Willie Dublin lived up to every obligation he promised. When Willie says he has a driver he has a driver. MY car arrived 3 days a head of scheduled then estimated.
R Mendez
Ship A Car had good communication and everything they said that was gonna happen, happened. From the time we started communicating to the drop-off, it was seamless. I was pleased.
Shurla of Mansfield, TX
Very personable service and responsive to everything I needed. I had a fantastic experience working with this company and they were far better than others I dealt with in car shipping. Thank you so much !!
David P. State College, PA
We moved from NH to CA and everything went as planned. Chris from Shipacar was communicative, and the driver that I ended up was friendly and responsible. The car showed up in good shape as promised!  I'm not planning any big moves in the near future, but if I was I would call Shipacar.
Peter McDonald
My interaction with Joseph from Ship A Car was a pleasant one. He did not push me to just go with him. I checked around and did find cheaper companies, but chose Joe for his openess and honesty with me. I would recommend Ship A Car to anyone I know who is in need of a transport company.
Wendy L.
Ship A Car was the most organized professional business I've dealt with in a long time. I brought a large van bus from an auction and was deeply searching for a reliable and reasonably priced company. In my search, I called 5 companies and Ship A Car provided the best price. The lady in the office, Yvonne was wonderful, I'm not sure of her hours because I was able to reach her day or night so needless to say they exceeded my expectations.
Tanya R.
After having a bad expierence with a different company Ship a car came to the rescue! Great communication all the way through! My husband is in the miliary so we move a lot and I will definitely use Ship a car again!! Thanks for everything Kai!
Carolann P. Ladson, SC
Everyone was very professional and they don’t overcharge like other car transports.
Donovan Velez
The process went well. The agent followed up when he said he would. The delivery was the day that it was supposed to be. Everything got here without damage. It was very good. Highly recommended.
Everett S, Virginia
Willie D. assisted me on a short notice request to have my two vehicles, a Honda Odyssey and a Hyundai Elantra shipped from Santee, CA to Round Rock, Tx. I initially had set-up a request with another company a month prior , told them my situation and the day I needed it due to my wife's and my job that would require transportation. They told me they can deliver on the requested date. The day prior of the initial pick-up, I received an email that changed the pick-up to 3 days later and a possible whole week before the car would make it. They told me that I never specified the need and that they told me that they said the pick-up could be 3 days prior. They had a whole month to find a transport company to fit that transport request. I cancelled with them, called Willie D. at ship a car inc and he had me set-up with a pick-up day the same day. He was fast, efficient and had great communication the whole way. I would recommend him and also Ship a car inc for anyone moving out of state. I also would like to thank Carlos at Carlos Transport who Willie D. found as he was very professional, on time and delivered on the day needed. Very grateful to both of them. Relieved a lot of stress on our out of state move.
Jed N.
If A customer WAS Calling Looking to Ship a car I would tell them To Ask For danny K. He was Awesome. Timing Was As Planned and We didn’t Have To Talk About Communication. they CALLED and Kept Us up to date every step of the way.
Rodney J. Morris, , IL
I contacted BOB because some friends that also used the service. He was incredibly personable very helpful got right back to me and I thought his price was very fair. It is all because of BOB but I decided to go with this particular service. I guarantee our use them many times. He could not have been more helpful not answering questions and it was a great listener. Clancey Mckay
Had my yamaha r1 shipped from Missouri to Florida. Highly recommend the company and highly recommend Bob Moran. Bob has been amazing to deal with and made the process very easy, simple, and very thorough. If I need a vehicle shipped in the future I will be using Bob and ship a car inc!
Ryan Nolan
Thanks to the attentive service of Bob Moran, from quote to delivery, the transport of our truck was simple, efficient, and quick. Bob was dependable and a great communicator. The price was competitive and was a value for the service. I highly recommend Ship A Car Inc.  
Jean S.
The company that you work for has a responsible person working for them. You were so perfect with making all of the arrangements and making all of the connections with the driver and my son that was receiving the vehicle. Thank you so much and you are on my speed dial if I or anyone I know needs a vehicle transported. You were there from the start to the finish.
Mabel Morin M. Tampa, FL
I had no problems. Will Dublin was a real pleasure to deal with. I hadn't done this before so I was a little nervous but it all worked fine. My car was waiting for me when I got to my destination. I was in contact with the driver en route. Definitely Will will take care of you.
Charles P Gilmore
Contacted SHIP A CAR and spoke with Steve. He took my order and ensured me that the motorcycle would be picked up by Friday, September 25th. After not receiving a phone call, contacted Steve who said he would let me know and did not. Finally got in touch with the shipping company who then told me it was actually scheduled for Saturday the 26th. The owner contacted me Saturday once the motorcycle was loaded. I was originally quoted four days of travel time to receive the motorcycle. No updates were given during this time. On the 5th day, after 4 hours of trying to reach Steve, the shipping company, or the driver, i was finally informed that the truck was broke down. I was assured it would be repaired by Friday October 2nd (already 3 days behind expected delivery). Monday October 5th, I was told the truck was repaired and the driver was in route. 2 more days of no communication from SHIP A CAR or the shipping company. I was finally able to talk to the shipping company and driver. The motorcycle finally arrived on October 8th. Communication from SHIP A CAR was absolutely horrible. Multiple times i was told “I will check and call you back”, never to receive a call. I understand trucks break down, I feel other arrangements on SHIP A CAR’S part should have been made to receive my motorcycle in a timely manner.
destiny sadler
I shipped a classic car from Florida to Washington state with Ship A Car. Willie was my contact and he made my transaction a first class experience. Professional, friendly and the car was delivered as promised on time and in perfect condition. Thank you Willie and Ship A Car!
Jack M.
I give this company a favorable review. Received good customer service and prompt resolution with competitive pricing. I recommend this company for auto transport service.
Carter M. Manhattan , KS
I had a truck I needed to ship from California to Texas. I check around to see who had he better rate and Service. I found Ship a Car Inc was the one for me. They were a little high in price, but you can’t beat the service. The Agent I was working with was Bob. He held my hand throughout the whole process. Even after my truck was delivered, he call me up to see if everything went OK and If I had any questions. Would I use Ship a Car Inc again? Yes, for sure. Ask for Bob.
Joe Simon
good job
Sam Hyde
Bob arranged the car move from Long Island to Texas. Everything went smoothly. The car arrived in Texas less than a week after pick-up.
Shane H.
we had to move from Beverly Hills to Aventura Florida. I was really worried as to I was going to my 2 cars down there. Shop a car really made the who move simple. My 2 cars were picked up and 10 days later they were in Fl. All in all they were great and I would use them again.
Priscilla S. Avenyura, FL
My company recently lost our transportation driver and we was in need of a company to give us quick turnaround and least expensive rates. Willie Dublin was awesome and worked with me directly all hours of the day and even while he was on vacation to meet our company needs. I am very pleased with the experience and customer service. I look forward to a long relationship with Willie at Ship A Car.
Candace Russell
I have to say It was a great experience! Kristina went above and beyond to help me get my car shipped to Juneau, Ak from Ohio. It was difficult to even have a conversation with my remote cell coverage, quite the challenge. She was professional and delightful, when I’m ready to return I will use their services again.
I have now been using them to support my business for the past 2 months and I must say, the service is amazing. They keep me updated throughout the whole process from start to finish with excellent communication, they are also extremely professional and very competitive with pricing. Would highly recommend them to anybody looking to ship their car! 5 stars!
Eric Daugherty
This company is outstanding..VERY honest and straightforward FIRST glance they seem high in price ... but they are not ...they know the market. I dealt with 2 other companies. they quoted much less but could not deliver. Stars and stripes was one of them. could not move my VEHICLE for 12 days This company found me a driver in 1 day ..he delivered 1 day EARLY ..janet ..explained in detail how shipping a vehicle works ..she walked her talk and followed up....very pleased with entire process ..will definitely use again..
Kent H.
We Had Good Luck Using Ship A car inc. lisa knows her stuff. We've used her and the ship a car company almost a dozen a Times. Every Time Is Just As Satisfying As the Last. We will continue to use Ship A car Inc. Thank You, Lisa!  
TOM V. Winthorpe, MA
I recently purchased a truck for my daughter in NJ and needed it transported to her in Florida. Bob was very easy and pleasant to work with. His price was competitive. The truck arrived (safely) exactly when and where they said it would, and the carrier was dependable and vey responsive. I would definitely use them again, and would recommend to anyone who needs a vehicle transported!
My dad bought my son a car up in Wisconsin and we needed to get it down to Florida. I did a bunch of research online and found that Ship A Car was part of the Better Business Bureau. They had very good reviews. One thing I liked about them a lot was that they didn't badger me with calls all the time, unlike the other companies that I contacted.   Doug was the rep I had and he was wonderful and had very good communication. My dad lives in the middle of nowhere so we made a decision to add more money to the initial quote so that somebody would pick up the car. The driver was very nice and polite. He took pictures of the car. The car was perfect when it arrived and it was just like it was shipped when it left my dad's house. Everything was wonderful. We had such a good experience that my mother-in-law is using Ship A Car to ship her car out to Arizona at the end of the month.
Kristen of Bradenton, FL
We had a great experience and things went very smoothly. Great communication and right on time in both directions.
I highly recommend ship a car if you're looking to have your car shipped long distance. I called around and Justin Varughese gave me the best estimate while being really professional. The transporter Chris did a door to door pick up and drop off, he was really nice and professional. He checked in with me the entire time and had my car delivered in 2 days. Really great company!!
Brittany C. Florissant, MO
This company and is a broker, they do not want to go above and beyond. There was a delay in our expedited shipment and they really didn't try to help. While talking to myself and my wife they hung up on my wife. When we called back to speak to a manager, the manager really didn't seem to care and still didn't try to help with the delay. The actual company they hired to transport our vehicle is the one that absolutely went above and beyond. The customer service at ship a car was really unprofessional.
Matthew Shustrick
Danny was very helpful and patient with my move. The drivers were great as well, communicated with me from pickup to drop off. I would recommend them to anyone.
Denise Mckissic
The whole shipping experience was perfect. Joe walked me through everything and kept me updated and was there to answer any questions anytime. Vehicle arrived on time in perfect condition. Outstanding service!!
Richard j.
Very prompt service, good communication, and reasonable cost. Steve was great to work with. Good communication and answered all my questions. The bike was picked up promptly on a Saturday and delivered 900 miles away the following day. I was amazed. Far faster than some other services I have used.
Corey Knapp
The car was picked up on Tuesday morning in Phoenix and delivered Saturday morning in Illinois 60 miles north of Chicago in good condition. The transaction went smoothly from the beginning to the end. The customer service rep, Johnathan V. was capable and friendly as well as the trucking company driver.
Helen H. Phoenix, AZ
Riding my motorcycle cross-country from Florida, up to Jasper Canada, and down to California put a hurting on my hands. I was looking to cut out the San Francisco section of our trip and have the bike shipped to Carson City NV. I needed the bike there in two weeks; by the end of September. Two major shippers said they could not get the bike there until October. Then I had the good fortune of connecting with Ship a Car Inc. Steve Goodman handled my request and said they could do it. I was a bit nervous as Steve took a couple of days to arrange transport and call me. But he came through and got the bike transported quicker than I would have expected. Since we were already in San Francisco, I called the shop in Eureka CA where I had left the bike for pick-up. As Steve had said, the bike was transported in an enclosed truck. The shop told me the driver was very professional and took a long time to make sure my bike was loaded and secured properly. I then called the shop in Carson City where the bike was to be delivered. They told me the bike was already there, that the driver had taken great care of my bike, and that he seemed very professional. This was a very difficult time-frame to deal with. This was not a pre-scheduled transportation issue. It was a last-minute decision on my part. The location of the pick-up shop in Eureka CA was only an every two-week area for the two other shippers I had tried. Steve Goodman and Ship a Car Inc came through. They saved our vacation and I am grateful, extremely grateful for the professionalism displayed. I would use their service again. in a heartbeat.
David G.
I had a great experience working with Fernanda Lopez at Ship A Car Inc. Professional and lived by their word. They were able to have My car shipped from Las Vegas to Detroit Mich in a timely matter. I would highly recommend this company.
Captain X
Pricey, but came thru when others wouldn't. Timely pick up and delivery.
My experience with Ship a Car was great. I called the company on Aug 12,20 To arrange transport of my daughter’s car from Los Angeles to Brooklyn, New York. I was connected with Mr Bob Moran who i found to be a pleasure to work with. Mr. Moran made me feel comfortable going forward with Ship a Car even though he was the first person I had actually spoken with regarding my need. Not only did he convince me that Ship a Car was a reputable company (as I did ask several questions) He told me that the car would arrive in Brooklyn within 7 To 10 days and after already speaking with him for maybe 10 minutes I believed him. The car was picked up on Aug 13 and safely arrived in Brooklyn on Aug 20, that sounds like 7 days to me. As mentioned Ship a Car was my first contact so I did not shop for price, however, I am still a happy customer as Mr. Moran told me low price may not be the best price but he was offering was a fair and reasonable price for the service that I would receive. My thanks to Mr. Moran and Ship a Car for a job well done.
James S.
I had a little longer wait due to truck issues and the road. However, Bob Moran was beyond useful and helped me in more than one way. His customer service let alone human compassion for the things i was or might have been going through was very much appreciated during this huge transition in my life. I would recommend ship a car inc. And ask for Bob!
Jordan O.
I had been looking for someone to ship my car for three weeks. I needed my car shipped from Alabama to Texas. The pickup location was kind of out of the way so I feel like that is why it was a longer process! However ship a car inc was the third company I found and had someone to pick my car up within a week! The price was a little higher but I felt that was due to the pickup location of my car. It was picked up on Thursday and delivered the next day! The only issue I ran into was a language barrier with the driver. However, he was very nice and understanding! I will book with this company again.
Markeona King
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