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Michigan Vehicle Shipping Routes

Popular Michigan Shipping Locations

  • Canton
  • Livonia
  • Macomb
  • Troy
  • Westland
  • Farmington Hills
  • Shelby Charter Township
  • Wyoming
  • Rochester Hills
  • Southfield
  • Kalamazoo
  • Waterford
  • Novi
  • West Bloomfield
  • Taylor
  • Dearborn Heights
  • Pontiac
  • St. Clair Shores
  • Royal Oak
  • Ypsilanti Charter Township
  • Georgetown
  • Kentwood
  • Battle Creek
  • Portage
We provide direct service to and from any location in Michigan - above is a list of the most popular car shipping locations that we service.

Everything You Need to Know About the State of Michigan (MI)

Michigan, popularly known as the Wolverine State or the Great Lake State joined the union in 1837. Located in the center of the Great Lakes, Michigan is divided into two land masses known as the Upper and Lower Peninsulas, the country’s only state to consist of two peninsulas. The Mackinac Bridge, which connects Michigan’s upper peninsula to the rest of the state, spans five miles and is one of the world’s longest suspension bridges. With the state capital Lansing, Detroit, the state’s largest city, is the abode of the American auto industry and is the birthplace of Motown Records, and among the largest metropolitan economies. 

The Great Lakes that border Michigan from east to west are Lake Erie, Lake Huron, Lake Michigan and Lake Superior. The state is fenced on the south by the states of Ohio and Indiana, sharing land and water boundaries with both. Michigan’s western boundaries are almost entirely water boundaries, from south to north, with Illinois and Wisconsin in Lake Michigan. 

The state motto is- Si quaeris peninsulam amoenam circumspice (“If you seek a pleasant peninsula, look about you”)

Michigan is popularly known as the Wolverine State. It also has the nickname “Great Lake State." The state joined the Union in 1837 and is located right in the center of the Great Lakes. Michigan has two land masses referred to as the Upper and Lower Peninsulas, and it is the country’s only state to consist of two peninsulas.
The Mackinac Bridge connects Michigan’s upper peninsula to the rest of the state, spanning five miles. The bridge is one of the longest suspension bridges that exist in the world, taking more than three years to complete.
Michigan's Western boundaries, from North to South, are almost completely covered with water boundaries, with Illinois and Wisconsin in Lake Michigan. The state motto, "Si quaeris peninsulam amoenam circumspice" means “If you seek a pleasant peninsula, look about you" when translated. After their victory in the Battle of Fallen Timbers in 1975, the United States overtook control of Michigan in 1976.
Lansing is the state’s capital. It houses Detroit, the state’s largest city, which is the abode of the American auto industry and is the birthplace of Motown Records. It also boasts of being one of the largest metropolitan economies. Lake Erie, Lake Huron, Lake Michigan, and Lake Superior are the lakes bordering Michigan on the East and West. These lakes are responsible for the nickname Great Lake State. On its Southside, the state is bordered by the states of Ohio and Indiana, sharing land and water boundaries with both states.
In 1948, the J.W. Westcott boat mail was set up. This was after John Word Westcott successfully built a marine company that focused on delivering destination and dock information to ships in 1874. They passed these messages by sending them up a rope with a bucket.
The first automobile assembly line started operations in Henry Ford’s Hyland Park plant in 1913. They succeeded in drastically reducing the chassis assembly process from 12 and one-half hours to 93 minutes, all in a year.
Michigan boasts more than 11,000 inland lakes, over 36,000 miles of streams, and 3,126 miles of shoreline along the Great Lakes.
The Great Lakes supply the world with more than 20% of its freshwater and are also responsible for more than 80% of North America’s surface fresh water.

Car Shipping in Michigan

Car shipping in Michigan is not as daunting as some people make it out to be. All you need to have is a hassle-free car shipping process to be adequately guided. The following will prove helpful to you.

Documents Needed for Car Shipping to and from Michigan

Before engaging the services of a car shipping company, the following documents are required:

  1. Lienholder Authorization

This document shows that you have permission from either your bank or your lender to transport the vehicle. It should also have the signature of a bank manager. The lienholder authorization should be sent to your car shipping company upon receipt. Although this is not necessary when shipping a vehicle within the US, this is usually a requirement for shipping vehicles overseas.

  1. Registration

You should provide all your title and registration documents to your car shipping company of choice. *This is recommended to have on hand; however, it is not always necessary to provide it to your auto transporter.

  1. Absent Owner Authorization

The car shipping company usually provides this. You will be required to sign it if someone else will pick up your vehicle. This is for safety purposes, as it ensures your car is not delivered to the wrong hands. However, you should note that this depends on the shipping company, as not all shipping companies require your insurance information.

  1. Insurance

Information about your insurance and details of what it covers are also required. This is also subject to the car shipping company.

  1. Bill of Lading

This document issued by the delivery person gives details of the vehicle being shipped, enabling proper facilitation of the car’s shipment. It serves as a receipt for car shipment. The Bill of Lading has to be signed by:

  • The carrier
  • The person shipping the vehicle
  • The person receiving the vehicle

Things to Note when Shipping Your Car

  1. Quote Validity

When you get a quote from a car shipping company, you should make your decision swiftly as the quote is typically valid for just 48 – 72 hours. This is due to frequent fluctuations in prices. Hence, the cost of shipping does not remain fixed.

  1. Payment Method

Payment methods vary from company to company. The most common payment options are using credit cards, debit cards, and online platforms like PayPal.

  1. Availability for Pick-up and Delivery

While it is not compulsory that you or your representative be present for pick and delivery, it is advisable to be. Your availability makes it possible to inspect your vehicle before and after it is shipped to confirm the company did no damage. It also affords you the opportunity to fill out all necessary paperwork.

  1. Insurance

The car shipping company will insure your car when it is in their care. This means that any damage done to it by them will be catered for. This, however, does not include any damage the company did not directly cause. Don’t forget to check the insurance coverage of the carrier that has been assigned to your transport.

Car Shipping Costs in Michigan

There is no fixed cost for shipping a vehicle to or from Michigan. Prices are dependent on a combination of factors, which include:

  1. Distance

As could be expected, shipping a vehicle to or from a far distance will cost more than shipping to or from a shorter distance. Hence, the distance between your pick-up location and delivery point determine how much your car shipping will cost.

  1. Location

Easily accessible areas tend to cost less than remote areas. This means the location of your pick-up or delivery influences how much you pay to have your car shipped.

  1. Size of Vehicle

The size of the vehicle to be shipped also determines its shipping cost. Larger and heavier vehicles typically cost more as they occupy more space. Consequently, the smaller your car, the lower your shipping costs.

  1. Timing

Transporting becomes difficult in certain weather. Rain and snow are difficult elements to drive through. Hence, cars shipped within this period may take longer to deliver than in other seasons.


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Michigan Transportation Information

  • Michigan Rail Transport
  • Michigan Roads
  • Michigan Air Transport
  • Michigan Marine Transport
  • Michigan Rail Transport

    Works Cited

    Wikipedia, Accessed March 13, 2020., Editors,Updated: August21,2018|Original:December18,2009,  Accessed March 13, 2020.

    Great Lakes Marine Transportation System website.

    Four Class I railroads serve Michigan State: The Canadian National Railway, The Canadian Pacific Railway, CSX Transportation, and The Norfolk Southern Railway.

    Dozens of short-line railroads interconnect them. The bulk of Michigan’s rail service is focused on freight, excluding Amtrak and some other scenic railroads.

    The Amtrak passenger rail services the state, connecting various Southern and Western Michigan cities to Chicago, Illinois. There are plans to provide commuter locomotives for Detroit and its suburbs.

  • Michigan Roads

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    Great Lakes Marine Transportation System website.

    Interstate 75 (I-75) is the primary road between Saginaw, Flint, and Detroit. The freeway and Mackinac Bridge connect the Lower and Upper Peninsulas. Auxiliary highways include I-275 and I-375 in Detroit, I-475 in Flint, and I-675 in Saginaw.

    The I-69 road passes through the state by the Michigan–Ohio–Indiana border. It extends to Port Huron, providing access to the Blue Water Bridge crossing into Sarnia, Ontario.

    The I-94 lane goes in the Western end of the state at the Indiana border. It travels east to Detroit and then Northeast to Port Huron and connects with I-69. I-94 is the main highway between Chicago and Detroit.

    I-96 threads East-West between Detroit and Muskegon. I-496 goes through Lansing, while I-196 branches off from the freeway at Grand Rapids and connects to I-94 close to Benton Harbor. I-696 diverts from this freeway at Novi, connecting the I-94 near St Clair Shores.

    US Highway 2 (US 2) enters Michigan at the city of Ironwood and travels east to Crystal Falls town. There, it turns South and briefly re-enters Wisconsin.

    US Highway 23 passes through Michigan at the Ohio state line. This is located in the suburban spill over of Toledo, Ohio, as a freeway. It then goes northward to Ann Arbor before linking with the I-75 South of Flint. It parallels the I-75 through Flint, Saginaw, and Bay City and cuts off from I-75 at Standish.

    US Highway 31 enters Michigan as an interstate-quality freeway at the Indiana state line just northwest of South Bend, Indiana. It proceeds north to Interstate 196 close to Benton Harbor and follows the eastern coast of Lake Michigan into Mackinaw City, where it has its northern terminus.

    US Route 131 has its southern terminus at the Indiana Toll Road, roughly one mile south of the Indiana state as a two-lane surface road. It passes through Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids as a freeway of Interstate standard and continues that way to Manton, where it reverts to a two-lane surface road to its northern terminus at US 31 in Petoskey.

  • Michigan Air Transport

    Works Cited

    Wikipedia, Accessed March 13, 2020., Editors,Updated: August21,2018|Original:December18,2009,  Accessed March 13, 2020.

    Great Lakes Marine Transportation System website.

    The Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport, in the western suburb of Romulus, is one of the busiest airfields in North America and is measured by its passenger traffic.

    The Gerald R. Ford International Airport in Grand Rapids is the next busiest airport in the state. It is served by eight airlines to 23 destinations.

    The Flint Bishop International Airport comes third in the state. Four airlines serve this airport to various primary hubs. It also has the Cherry Capital Airport in Traverse City. Alpena County Regional Airport services Alpena and the northeastern lower peninsula.

    The MBS International Airport provides services to Midland, Saginaw, and Bay City. Smaller regional and local airports are located around the state, including several islands.

  • Michigan Marine Transport

    Works Cited

    Wikipedia, Accessed March 13, 2020., Editors,Updated: August21,2018|Original:December18,2009,  Accessed March 13, 2020.

    Great Lakes Marine Transportation System website.

    The Great Lakes Marine Transportation System (GLMTS) is the state’s commercial trade route. It has filled this position for thousands of years. The pathways created by the Native Americans were used in earlier days, during the fur-trading era, to link a vast inland network that predates today’s hub. The creation of the Erie Canal in 1824 provided an all-water route to the fast-growing port of New York. This led to the prosperity of the maritime trade on the Great Lakes.

    GLMTS includes Lakes Ontario, Erie, Huron, Michigan, and Superior, their connecting waters, and the St. Lawrence River. It is one of the largest concentrations of fresh water on the earth.

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As rated by our clients (from 1139 testimonials)
Thank you Dana. I had contacted multiple companies on shipping a 1965 Mustang from Alabama to Arizona. And looking at all the reviews I decided to contact ship a car. After a previous bad experience with another company I was very nervous about shipping this car. Dana was extremely professional and explained the process and how their drivers are rated. I had a quick turn around on the shipping the car was picked up friday and arrived Sunday. I couldn’t be happier with the company and the driver Albert. Would definitely use again.
Mike C. Tucson, AZ
good job
Sam Hyde
I called Ship a Car, inc for a quote to ship a motorcycle from Central California to Southeastern Texas. Willie D. quickly responded to my RFQ with a decent bid with a 7 - 9 day transit time. We easily came to terms over the phone, a truck arrived the following day. Willie offered same day pickup but that didn't work for me. As it went, the bike was delivered in 4 days! Needless to say that I'm delighted with the company's service and efficiency. Willie D. kept in touch until I was satisfied. I should mention that Ship a Car, inc is a broker who contracts to shippers.
Don B.
The transport company I chose didn't show up and it was pretty bad. I switched to Ship A Car and I liked their communication. People let me know what's going on and I'm good. When I called to ask about anything, a person was there and responded. He called me to let me know that he had someone to pick up the car. From then on, it was good until delivery. After delivery, I got a follow-up call so it went well.   The transport was from South Carolina to Utah, which was about 2,200 miles. When the car was picked up, it took a couple of days. There were two drivers and they just continually drove. I couldn't believe it. The final rate was what was decided upon. The only thing was the payment was a cash requirement. I had just moved here to Utah and I just opened an account. The money was held because it came from another state so I didn't have cash. That posed a problem on delivery because checks or credit cards weren't accepted. If a credit card were accepted, that would have helped tremendously. Other than that, I would recommend Ship A Car.
Virginia of Draper, UT
Our son's Mustang delivery was just completed by Ship A Car Inc. Mike helped us through the whole process in getting the delivery scheduled. Ed was the driver and was so respectful and nice! Our son had just moved to Texas and needed his car delivered. Originally we had scheduled with another company and that was a disaster. Then we contacted Ship A Car Inc, spoke with Mike and it all worked out beautifully.
Pat B. Gorham, ME
A+ Great to work with. Ask for Gabriella. Driver Toni was awesome. Highly recommend.
Anne Turner
Worked with Larry from Ship a Car a few months ago to ship a vehicle I purchased on the east coast back home to San Diego. Larry was detail-oriented, provided a driver with a fair rate, and picked up the car within the allotted time frame. The car was delivered earlier than expected which was the joy hiccup; as the vehicle was transferred from a tractor-trailer car hauler to a flatbed trailer from LA to San Diego. In doing so the delivery driver was given an incorrect phone number for contacting me. Fortunately, I was home at 10:30 pm to accept delivery. The other issue with this unexpected delivery is I didn't have the cash on hand to satisfy the balance due to the driver. However, a call to his supervisor and the payment was made via credit card. Would definitely recommend this coming and would use it again as they're properly insured as well.
C D.
Needed to move my vehicle interstate on short notice. Bob Moran assisted me from day one with contracts and paperwork so there was no confusion. Received timely updates via text and phone from the staff. My transport crew arrived on time and the delivery of my vehicle was hassle free. I would recommend Ship A Car and Bob Moran to anyone looking for excellent service
Valerie R
I used Ship A Car to coordinate transporting a Ford F550 Boom Lift truck from Waxahatchie, Texas to Portland, OR. This was the first time I had purchased an out of state vehicle and was nervous about the process. I shopped online and called around for quotes and found Ship A Car to be the lowest price by far for a fully insured shipment. Justen was courteous and professional, explained the process in full detail, and quickly put my mind at ease. When I had questions, he was always available to take my call, and made the process very simple from start to finish. He even checked in with me while the truck was en-route to make sure the driver was on schedule. We will be buying another truck soon, and I will definitely call Ship A Car to coordinate the shipment.
Dana J. Portland, OR
I had never shipped a car before but the people here walked me through the process in a very kind and straightforward way. They made it very easy and simple, and I appreciate their help!
Julie Lee
Bob Moran really helped me out and made sure everything went smoothly. He added a very nice personal touch and called up to check in if I had any questions or concerns about where my car was or how much I could put in my car. There prices are great compared to other companies and the service is outstanding.
Alec Walters
Great Service, prompt, courteous and professional drivers. Bob Moran is the best! I have referred four friends to Ship A Car - we will be using them again this winter.
Car Shipped To And From FL From NY
Cory G was very easy to work with and kept me updated at all times.
Maria T.
First time ever shipping a car overseas. I was scared at first at choosing a company because I didn't want to get scammed but I'm really glad I found this one. They are very informative and answer all your questions. My car arrived in a month. I recommend this company to anyone who is Shipping a car. Thanks for the amazing service!
Mohammed Akhtar
I wanted to let you know the truck was delivered in fine shape, and on time. We really appreciate your effort on our behalf. Free free to use us as an endorsement of your superior service.
Walt M. Louisville , KY
I had a truck I needed to ship from California to Texas. I check around to see who had he better rate and Service. I found Ship a Car Inc was the one for me. They were a little high in price, but you can’t beat the service. The Agent I was working with was Bob. He held my hand throughout the whole process. Even after my truck was delivered, he call me up to see if everything went OK and If I had any questions. Would I use Ship a Car Inc again? Yes, for sure. Ask for Bob.
Joe Simon
I used Ship A Car to ship my car from California to Chicago, I had never shipped anything before so naturally I was a little weiry but I came across Ship A Car after looking at other companies and I thought why not call, Turns out it was the BEST call I made, Very Very nice people, explained everything to me, always took my calls, always answered my calls, my car reached it's destination on time in the same exact shape as when it was picked up... They're the absolute best.
Celia B.
Service was amazing and vehicles arrived faster than expected. Bob was excellent and provided great customer service. He responded to all calls and emails timely.
Charmeca Davis
I'm so glad that I trusted you with this transfer. It was fast, courteous, and very professional (Just like you said it would be) and your price was very reasonable. Well done Tom. I would not call anyone else but you for all my transfers in the future.
Steve C. Lakewood, CO
I was provided great service. They picked up my car on time and delivered on time. Gabriel was wonderful and very helpful I definitely recommend this service.
Paul B
Bob M. with Ship a Car was the best! I would recommend them to anyone, it was a great experience from the start to the end. We had a car shipped between states and he was so on top of handling the process with the dealer, the driver and coordinating with us. He was so helpful and responsive.
Andy B.
I can not speak more highly of the assistance Joseph G. provided me throughout this process to date. When I first worked with Joseph on this shipment, he told me that if I needed anything during the shipment stage, to let him know. And he was true to his words! When I had to change the person who was going to drop my car off at the shipping port, he immediately contacted Matson to make that change. On the day of the drop off, an issue came up regarding the acceptance of my vehicle at the port, so I called Joseph to see if he could assist. He immediately attempted to get in touch with me to see how he could assist. When I didn't pick up his call, he right away contacted the person I had told him was going to drop the car off at Matson to find out the problem. I then called Joe back, and discussed the problem with him. After a discussion, he gave me pointers to resolve the issue, and requested that I contact him about any subsequent next steps that he could assist with to ensure the car was accepted on that day, which was actually the final day to have my auto on the next ship. I am greatly impressed with the care and concern that Joseph displayed with my situation. He had a definite "can do" attitude, and was ready to jump in head first in order to help me in any way he could to make sure the shipment was a success. To add importance is that I am attempting to have my car shipped from Honolulu to California while I am trying to manage this as I currently am located in Dallas. Having Joseph as my wing man and a concerned and very responsive primary contact point is invaluable, since this is such a long distance transaction for me. If Joseph is a true representative of Ship A Car and the character of their associates, Ship A Car and Joseph deserve 5 Stars and beyond. Needless to say, I am a very satisfied customer.
Rod S
Theo Brown jumped in at my request when another forwarder was pretty much indifferent to my situation. Theo was energetic and convinced me that he would take care of business. To my pleasant surprise he called thirty minutes and had transportation arranged for my car even before we had a contract.
Gary G. St Petersburg, , FL
I am so grateful for Paul Murphy who went out of his way to help me to ship my vehicle. I will definitely use this company again without hesitation in the future whenever I have a need to ship my vehicle. They operate the business with honesty and integrity, the best company that I have ever encountered, I truly thank God for directing me here for their service when I had a need to ship my vehicle. If there is more rating scale than 5 stars, I would give them the highest one, because they deserve all the praises! I sincerely hope that anyone who needs their vehicle to be shipped, please go to "Ship A Car, Inc.", because they are the best in this type of business. You would be rest assured that they would do their best, and the best part is that they never even try to take advantage of any customers unlike some other companies out there that have hidden agendas to rip of their customers... Words alone cannot express enough of my gratitude for the company!!!
Hong-Yu Li
This was my first time using a car transport company. At first I was apprehensive and that quickly dissipated after speaking with Meredith. My car was picked up one day and delivered the very next day! As promised! I will definitely use Ship A Car Inc again!
Wayne Watanabe
Prompt response and delivery.
David R.
We used Ship A Car to send a car to our son in North Carolina from California.  The service was great, the price was reasonable and Justin did a great job of coordinating the delivery.  I would use them again if the need arose.
Daniel R.
Called Ship A Car Inc without knowing what to expect. After receiving help from Bob Moran my expectations were far surpassed. He went above and beyond to make sure that my vehicle had the smoothest transfer from Northern California to Southern California. He even took the time to follow up with the delivery. I will definitely be recommending.
Marisela Jara
Ship A Car was awesome all around. Great from beginning to end. Will recommend their car shipping services to everyone I know.
Alan H. Coral Springs, FL
The experience I had with Ship a Car Inc. was great! The owner Will was very reliable, awesome communication and fast delivery. I would definitely recommend this company to any and everyone. Thank you Ship a Car Inc.
Alexis B.
Ship A Car Inc makes a tough job simple! We Highly Recommend To Everyone!
Tyler Keener
Great experience, even though I had to ship with another broker due to mechanical issues. Justen Varughese was professional, efficient, and honest. Good company, excellent employee. Great customer service and professionalism.
Mike Pscenicka
Ship A Car does good by finding the drivers but one of the drivers, the last one we worked with, wasn't all there. He had no idea what he was doing but he might have been new. other than that, Brian does a good job. We've shipped several cars through them.
Rodney F. Warren, MI
I have to say It was a great experience! Kristina went above and beyond to help me get my car shipped to Juneau, Ak from Ohio. It was difficult to even have a conversation with my remote cell coverage, quite the challenge. She was professional and delightful, when I’m ready to return I will use their services again.
Can explain how greatful I am for this company. The experience was amazing through them since I had such a bad experience with another company. They picked up when they said and arrived when they said. I would refer anyone to them!
Jessica R.
Did a lot of research finding a cross country reasonably priced car shipping option and am very happy with ship a car! Paul, who we worked with, was awesome, very responsive and helpful. Would use them again in a heartbeat!
Escape to Reality Podcast
Called several different transport companies. This was the most professional, friendly and attentive of them all. Yvonne Bowrosen kept her word on everything except delivery timeline. She said 4 days and it was delivered in. You can't ask for better service and won't find it. Best price and great service all around. The driver was outstanding and took care of my new Honda Trike like it was his own. Thanks Yvonne and Kevin for making this a no brainer!!
Cary P. Milford, OH
I had a seamless first-time vehicle transport experience with Ship A Car, inc. I know that is largely because of Bob Moran, the coordinator who helped me. Personable, patient, professional, always willing to answer further questions, he gave me excellent customer service and I greatly appreciate it! I was so nervous and dreading getting started but Bob put me at ease and I quickly gained great confidence in the company because of his easy and knowledgeable communication. In addition, the driver dispatched to move my car from Los Angeles To St Petersburg, Florida was punctual, called when he was supposed to, prior to pickup/delivery, and made great time completing the transport. He picked up Monday around 2 pm and delivered at 9 am on that Friday. I have nothing but praise for Ship A Car, Inc. and enthusiastically recommend them!
Rae Karen Nikitopoulos
I was transporting a car I bought from an elderly lady as a surprise for my husband. Steve H at Ship a car made this whole experience really simple and easy, no stress. He is a great communicator and friendly to deal with. The transport guy Bruno was of a similiar mindset and we had the car delivered in perfect condition. I didn't make the call until Thursday afternoon and received the car on Saturday morning. Fantastic service, I couldn't be happier!
I worked with Gabriel and he was outstanding. He was very responsive throughout the process, and worked very quickly to find transport for my two vehicles. I have shipped vehicles before with other companies but Ship A Car, especially Gabriel, made this experience so simple that I will definitely reach out to them if I ever need to ship a vehicle in the future. Would highly recommend!
Doug G
More details to follow- wish I could rate them lower than one star
Douglas Owen
Daylin with NO DOUBT LOGISTICS INC was great to work with. Very professional and very experienced. Our car was in perfect condition and arrived 4 days early! Highly recommend him.
Gayle L. Austin, TX
My experience with Ship a Car was wonderful. Sabrina was knowledgeable, pleasant, and efficient. The communication was great. The car was picked up and delivered as promised. Overall I was very pleased and would recommend this service to friends.
I shipped a brand new $15,000 Yamaha Viking UTV from Montana to Oregon. Even though the driver did not have the title, it would have been easy to sell this this for $5000 to a ranch along the way and I would never see it. I did a lot of research on Ship A Car, Inc. before deciding to use them, and my UTV arrived safely and my wife is HAPPY! Not only did they give me the best price, but they shipped it in an enclosed trailer. I would definitely use them again.
Philip K
Bob Moran helped me out through the whole process. He made sure that I got all the information regarding the driver and date of arrival. Would highly recommend to save you the hassle when shipping your vehicle from coast to coast. Thanks Bob!
They picked up my car in Texas and brought it to Charlotte. The guy driving was an excellent guy -- I had no problems with them. I'd use them again and would recommend them to others.
Tim F. Charlotte, NC
Used this company recently to ship my truck across the country. Was paranoid of so many things happening. This company made the job effortless, and painless. Was given an exact quote, was promised no surprises, and the vehicle was delivered in excellent condition and on time. COmmunication was excellent and will use again in the future for sure.
Ron Borg
My agent was Doug and he was professional, courteous, and as truthful as he could be. He kept me informed every step of the way and was very cooperative. As our circumstances change, I made him aware and he changed things up as we were going. I was shipping my deceased husband's car to our daughter. Things had to line up before I could ship that car and I explained that to Doug at the outset. He worked with me.   I live in a rural area with narrow streets. He said, “I'm gonna put the car up for some driver with the explanation of the circumstances. We will make that driver aware. And we'll go from there.” Somebody accepted the car within 24 hours and I was totally shocked. Doug explained everything to the driver and the driver said he could handle it. When I made contact with the driver and I re-explained to him, he said, “I committed to picking this car up so that you would not have to walk, you would not have to meet me anywhere. You wouldn't have to leave your home. This car is literally going door to door.” The morning that he was coming to pick up the car, the driver called me and notified me that he was in the area. I knew exactly where he was. I again said to him, “Maybe you should just stop on the larger street or the wider street, and give me a call. And then reassess whether or not you can get down into my narrow road to pick up the car.” I heard that driver before I saw him. He got down out of his big truck and said he couldn't turn around. But I was told not to worry as this was the commitment he made. We looked over the car and he took pictures of my vehicle. He loaded the 2006 Sonata on the back of his truck and it was ready to go. He gave me an approximate delivery date to my daughter. But his plan changed. The driver did not call to tell me but that was perfectly all right. My daughter was looking forward to the weekend and when she reached him, he told her he would have the car there on Monday morning, which he did. I just wished that I had known it wasn't going to get there then I wouldn't have been so anxious that Saturday. But he didn't know. Other than that, the driver delivered and the car was in excellent condition when my daughter got it. The gentleman backed his big, old, long truck out of this narrow street. I was impressed because nobody else did. I am grateful to Ship A Car.
R. of Nc, NC
I worked with Jon Rodriguez. He was very professional and super nice. He helped me out with a lot of my concerns and questions, got me a good price and was checking in with me often. I had my car shipped all the way from the east coast to the west coast. My car was picked up as expected and delivered in a very timely manner as described. I would definitely use this service again.
H Hoesl
Great work and service,Picked up the car very fast and delivered on time in the same condition without any damage. Great communication With the Customer service, She is very friendly and helpful person.I recommended this company.
Mohammed E. Giza, NH
Peter Minko provided excellent service, I had talked to peter months before regarding another move that I no longer needed, I had misplaced Ship a Car's info and I was trying to get my sister car shipped from California to North Carolina, everybody's quotes where all over the place and all the other companies stated that nobody was moving that direction or to that state. I had finally accepted a offer from another company that ended up giving me the run around and after awhile would not return my messages. Then out of the blue Peter Minko called with Ship a Car and I accepted his offer, Basically everything came to a HAPPY ENDING and I would use Ship a Car again and nobody else for future car shipping needs. Craig in California
Car transport Len walked me through the process and answered the million questions I had like a consumate professional. I felt very comfortable making a decision to let them haul my cars. I felt very informed by all parties involved. I felt like my cars were in safe hands. The delivery was early and the pickup was on time. Would recommend to anyone looking for a good experience.
Robert Riggan
I had a great experience! I had my car shipped from DC to LA and the process was incredibly easy. I would definitely recommend.
Aimee B.
Dana was very professional and helpful to arrange transportation for my sons car from New Hampshire to California. The car arrived on time at its destination. I would use this service and recommend them to anyone looking to have a car shipped.
Ken G. Londonderry, NH
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