Comprehensive Transport Solutions for Individuals, Businesses, and Specialty Needs in Grand Rapids, Michigan

We at Ship a Car, Inc. are aware that each and every transport demand is one of a kind; this is why we provide a diverse selection of shipping services that can be adapted to fulfill the particular requirements of people, businesses, and specialty transportation customers. Customers in Grand Rapids, Michigan can count on us to provide a transport experience that is both trouble-free and safe because to the professional competence and unwavering dedication to service excellence that we possess.

Individual Shipping

When it comes to individual shipment, we put a premium on professionalism and paying close attention to the tiniest of details. We take great delight in assisting our clients through each stage of the car shipping process, therefore easing their anxiety and making certain that their cars travel in a risk-free environment. Our extensive selection of individualized services includes car transport for traveling nurses and physicians, shipping of golf carts, shipping of ATVs, UTVs, and Side by Sides, shipping of motorcycles, shipping of student vehicles, shipping of privately owned vehicles by members of the armed forces, shipping of seasonal vehicles, shipping of vehicles over long distances, shipping via open and closed carriers, shipping of classic and exotic automobiles, and shipping of cross-country vehicles.

Because we want to be as accommodating as possible, we transport both on covered and on open trailers. If you need to send exotic or pricey vehicles that require more security, as well as shipping that is cost-effective for items that are less expensive, we have you covered. Our expertise in seasonal transportation is of particular value to snowbirds, as it ensures a hassle-free and stress-free travel experience overall. As an additional value ad, we bring value to our consumers by providing discounts to seniors, students, military personal and returning customers.

Business Shipping

Business Shipping

Ship a Car, Inc. is the perfect business partner for companies of any size in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area, including those in the automobile industry, dealerships, and corporate clients. Our extensive business shipping services are tailored to meet the one-of-a-kind requirements of each of our customers, resulting in transportation solutions that are both effective and dependable.

We are experts in streamlining the process of relocation for employees and their families, as well as providing businesses with the corporate car relocation services that are a typical necessity for corporations. We provide the added convenience of requiring no deposits upfront, having daily carrier availability, and covering the whole country. Our experience extends to the management of the movement of fleet sizes, which enables us to move a large number of cars from one place to another or distribute units to a number of different locations or job sites.

We also specialize in the relocation of dealerships, during which we ensure smooth transitions of vehicles between sites and provide dealerships a wide range of flexible shipping options. In addition, we provide services for the transportation of auction vehicles, making the shipment of vehicles to dealerships that participate in auto auctions as easy as possible. Our significant experience in conducting auction processes assures total satisfaction for our clients.

Specialty Transport Services

Specialty Transport Services

Ship a Car, Inc. is the name to trust when it comes to providing specialized transport services in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area. For a good number of years, our company has catered to the specific transportation requirements of heavy machinery, including backhoes, bulldozers, dump trucks, tractors, and other items that are overweight or have an excessive size. Because of our competence in both organizing and carrying out these complicated shipments, the operation will go off without any difficulties and with maximum productivity for our clients.

Our specialized offerings encompass a broad variety of different types of machinery, such as a miner, scraper, loader, articulated truck, asphalt paving machines, cold planer, excavator, rock truck, grader, dump truck, bulldozer, compactor, backhoe, pipelines, piling, or logs transportation. We are able to provide transport services that are customized to meet even the most complex and specific requirements because to the extensive solutions that we provide.

Why Should You Go with Ship A Car, Inc.?

When you choose Ship a Car, Inc. as your reliable shipping partner in Grand Rapids, Michigan, you will experience the convenience, dependability, and professionalism that set us apart from our competitors. Get in touch with us now at (866) 821-4555 to reserve our top-notch car transport services and to take pleasure in a transport experience that is hassle-free and catered to your individual requirements.

Everything You Need to Know About the City of Grand Rapids, Michigan

Everything You Need to Know About the City of Grand Rapids, Michigan

A total of 195k people lived in Grand Rapids, Michigan in 2017, with a median age of 31.1 and a typical family income of $44,369. The population of Grand Rapids, Michigan increased from 193,887 to 195,355, or 0.757%, between 2016 and 2017, while its median household income increased from $42,019 to $44,369, or 5.59%.

Grand Rapids, Michigan has a 59.7% White Alone population, a 19.1% Black or African American Alone population, and a 15.3% Hispanic or Latino population. In Grand Rapids, Michigan, N/A% of the population speaks a language other than English, and 92.6% of the population is American.

Grand Rapids Community College (1,876 degrees conferred in 2017), Calvin College (1,106 degrees), and Cornerstone University (586 degrees) are the three major institutions in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Grand Rapids, Michigan has a median property value of $121,800 and a 54.4% homeownership rate. In Grand Rapids, Michigan, the majority of commuters drive alone, and the trip takes an average of 18.6 minutes. In Grand Rapids, Michigan, households possess two automobiles on average.

Education in Grand Rapids, MI

Education in Grand Rapids, MI

Grand Rapids, Michigan’s institutions conferred 4,197 degrees in 2017. With 10,609 male students and 12,077 female students, Grand Rapids, Michigan has a student population that is skewed more toward women.

White (3,167, or 78.8%) graduates from Grand Rapids, Michigan universities at the highest rate, followed by Black or African American (250, or 6.22%), Hispanic or Latino (224, or 5.57%), and Unknown (173, or 4.3%).

According to the number of degrees issued, Calvin College (1,106 and 26.4%), Cornerstone University (586 and 14%), and Grand Rapids Community College (1,876 and 44.7%) are the three major institutions in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Liberal Arts & Sciences (896, 21.3%), General Business Administration & Management (403, 9.6%), and Registered Nursing (164, 3.91%) are the three most sought-after majors in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

In Grand Rapids, Michigan, the median cost of tuition for private four-year institutions is $28,948.

Economy in Grand Rapids, MI

Economy in Grand Rapids, MI

Grand Rapids, Michigan’s economy employs 96.9k people, and the city has a 4.1% unemployment rate. The employment situation in Grand Rapids has improved by 2.0% during the past year. The projected rate of future job growth over the next 10 years is 35.8%, greater than the 33.5% US average. Health Care & Social Assistance (15,878 people), Manufacturing (15,122 people), and Retail Trade (10,234 people) are Grand Rapids, Michigan’s three largest industries. Mining, Quarrying, & Oil & Gas Extraction ($122,969), Utilities ($63,438), and Management of Companies & Enterprises ($50,425) are the three highest paying industries.

The median annual income for households in Grand Rapids, Michigan is $44,369. This is less than the national median annual income of $61,937. This is in contrast to the median income of $42,019 in 2016, which indicates an increase of 5.59% each year.

Tax Rates for Grand Rapids, MI
  • The Grand Rapids sales tax rate is 6.0%. 
  • Grand Rapids’ income tax rate is 5.8%.
Income and Salaries for Grand Rapids, MI
  • The annual median income in Grand Rapids is $20,542. 
  • A Grand Rapids resident’s median annual household income is $39,913.