What You Must Know About Shipping a Vehicle You Just Purchased on eBay

When you are in the market for a new (or used) pair of wheels, you want to try to acquire the car of your dreams at the lowest price possible. Because a vehicle may be one of the costliest things you ever buy (comes in right after the purchase of a home), this is important to keep in mind when shopping. Purchasing a brand-new automobile from eBay is currently among the most effective solutions to acquire a vehicle at an attractive price in today’s market.

Getting the vehicle from the location where it was purchased to the place where the driver intends to use it is a challenge for the majority of purchasers. How exactly do you go about having a vehicle you bought on eBay shipped to you?

Will eBay Help Me with Shipping My Car?

eBay has never shipped cars. Although they collaborate with the courier company uShip, they do not have a specific section for transporting cars, and uShip isn’t always the best choice for hauling cars, as you must work around their schedule. Ship a Car, Inc is a much better choice as our carriers’ drivers work with your schedule, you set the date and time, and our drivers show up to take care of the rest.

Sellers have two options: they may charge extra for delivery services using their own auto transportation service, or they can let the consumer decide.  The “Buyer is liable for car pickup or shipping” provision is typically in contracts. This implies that customers will need to make their own independent shipping arrangements.

Why Not Go Pick Up the Car Yourself

If you’re buying a car online for the first time, you might think that going to pick up the vehicle in person is the best course of action. However, this method of car collection is typically the most time- and money-consuming.

The time it takes to go to the seller’s location and back again, in addition to the expense of gasoline, lodging and food along the way, will negate any savings you would have earned by shopping online. On top of that, there’s the extra mileage you’ll put on the vehicle simply to bring it home and the chance that it may sustain damage during your lengthy drive.

What is the Best Way to Transport a Car You bought on eBay?

Using an auto transport company, such as SAC, is the ideal option to get their buy from one part of the country to the other. These companies specialize in transporting automobiles at great distances and offer a practical and affordable solution to get your new vehicle onto your driveway. They have choices for your needs, including covered car transport for pricey or historic cars.

Compare Quotes and Research Auto Transport Companies

Always shop around and acquire many estimates from companies offering auto transportation to ensure you get the best deal possible. You should make sure that you take into consideration what is included in the service, as well as how much insurance protection your vehicle will have, before selecting the auto shipping company that offers the lowest price quotation.

Certain movers may have more expertise than others in dealing with issues arising from internet shopping; thus, it may be worthwhile to pay more for their services to ensure everything goes according to plan.

Always be sure to read a substantial number of customer reviews before deciding on a vehicle shipping company. You should check that the transportation company you pick possesses the appropriate registration, licensing, and insurance before hiring them.

Coordinate the Pickup and Delivery of the Car

After selecting a shipping company, you must work with the seller to plan the shipment’s logistics. If the seller is agreeable, you can arrange for the seller to take the automobile to a nearby terminal for collection. You can also arrange to have the car picked up straight from the sellers’ doorstep.

Before they move your automobile to another state, car transportation companies typically have several standards that must be satisfied. Most will require access to the necessary paperwork, keys to the car’s locks, and verification that the vehicle is free of all personal items.

You must ensure the person you are buying the automobile from is willing to comply with all of the regulations and deal with the mover when they arrive because you won’t be there when the car is collected.

Before the vehicle is loaded into the trailer, request that the carrier check it. A thorough report of the car should be available from them before it is sent. If you subsequently need to submit an insurance claim, this is crucial.

Talk to the Seller About Preparing the Car for Shipment

Always ask the seller to prepare the car for shipping adequately. They should detail the vehicle, take off any external accessories, note any dings or scratches, leave the petrol tank at 1/4 capacity, and check that the car has the right level of fluids. Reputable vendors must be open to coordinating each step of the shipment procedure with you.

A Ship A Car agents is always available to answer all of your questions about shipping your car.  Call us now at (866) 821-4555 to get your car shipping quote for the vehicle you just purchased online at eBay Motors.