Texas Snowbirds:  Learn How to Ship Your Car

As a snowbird, you are most likely traveling from the Northern states to Texas to escape the cold. Would you rather leave your car and drive a rental car while staying in Texas? Although some snowbirds choose to include a road trip and take their vehicles to their location, others decide to send their cars by a shipping company. Which would you prefer?

Consider Shipping Your Vehicle

In case you have never heard of it, snowbirds are people who move from their permanent home in the north to warmer southern states temporarily. Several snowbirds have chosen to fly quietly without the stress of driving all the way. If you pick this, you will be saving some money and energy. It is much cheaper to ship your car than to drive it, considering the cost of gas, food, and lodging. You will also protect your car from wear and tear due to traveling long distances. Remember that you’re coming from a colder state. If you drive your car, you are putting it at risk of unsafe roads that may have ice, black ice, sleet, or snow. But with a shipping company, you bypass these risks, and you and your car get to Texas safely. So consider a car shipping company. And lastly, you will be saving time. You could get stuck in traffic if you choose to drive.

Search for a Car Shipping Company

When picking a shipping company, look into these elements.

●     Experience and Reliability

You want to search for a company that has experience with snowbird routes. Such that wherever you are traveling from, they know the correct path to get your vehicle to Texas safely. Also, you want to check for reviews. They may be good for you if they have a large percentage of positive reviews.

●     Cost

Do not be all about a company with the lowest prices. Generally, shipping rates are higher when you are moving as a snowbird. The higher rate is because several other people are also moving, and there is an increase in demand. Other factors affecting the price include distance, vehicle type and size, and time of the year.

Make Early Reservations

One error you should avoid is waiting too long to plan your vehicle shipping. Remember that you are not the only one looking to travel to Texas, so ensure you book a spot as soon as possible. If you want your car to arrive before or immediately after you get to Texas, plan ahead with the shipping company.

Choose Your Preferred Method

Do you prefer enclosed or open transportation? With open transport, your car is on a long, two-level trailer along with other vehicles. You can join your neighbors to ship your cars together using this method. It is usually faster and cheaper. Although open transport is safe, your vehicle may be exposed to dirt, dust, or the risk of leakages from cars on the upper deck.

Enclosed auto transport is more expensive than open car transport. Here, your vehicle is in a container, fully protected from harsh weather elements. Sometimes, a car that needs a high-tier level of care and attention will take up more money.

Also, door-to-door transport is a flexible option. The company picks your vehicle up from your preferred location, which could be your home, and delivers it to your destination home, as long as it is safe and legal. And if you want to save a little money, you can have your car delivered to your arrival airport or train station.


Snowbird season goes into full swing between September and June. If you are a new traveler, a retiree, or a pro-traveler senior, do not hesitate to contact us to move your vehicle. Over the years, we have built reliability and trust with our long-term clients. When you reach out to Ship A Car, Inc. , you have the same smooth experience.

●     When should I book for shipping?

Not less than 30 days in advance. You will be saving money, and you’ll be sure of space with the shipping company.

●     Are there discounts for returning customers?

Yes. Discounts are available for certain customers, including returning snowbirds, so do not forget to ask if you fall into a category for discounts.