Individual, Business, and Specialty Transport Services in the city of Bakersfield

Individual, Business, and Specialty Transport Services in the city of Bakersfield

Individual shipping 

With over 10 years of experience, our staff is highly capable. They are equipped with the right level of expertise concerning matters of individual transportation and the shipping industry at large. We will always help you with the transportation of your ATV, UTV, golf cart, boat, vehicle, motorcycle, or over-dimensional or overweight shipment. 

In Bakersfield and across the United States, we have earned a reputation of quality delivery to all individuals. 

Our individual services meet and exceed the tailored needs of customers. We begin by explaining the shipment process to customers so that they can know what to expect. Similarly, we hold their hands through the journey and guide them through every part of it. 

Since we have earned a big name and reputation, you do not have to worry about the safety of your shipment. We are a fully licensed company to make the process easy. 

We offer door-to-door shipping services such that you have no worries. You can go about your daily activities and let us handle the entire process for you. Are you ready to start? 

Check our site now. You can get a quote for your services. Afterward, the site generates your “shipment details” for you. This way, you can monitor every step of our shipment process. 

Business Shipping

Business Shipping

Business shipping is different from our individual shipping services because we aim to provide optimum expertise to our customers. Let us go through the basic information you need about this. 

Not only individuals have relied on us, but Businesses have also had their needs met too. At SAC, we are out to ensure safe delivery all across the United States. We offer Business-to-Business auto transport services such that we do the real work for you. Our services are for small and big businesses regardless of the industry sector that they are in. 

Corporate clients and dealerships can trust our level of professionalism to get their vehicles to the appropriate quarters. Let us handle your corporate vehicle relocation for you to your staff and families. We cater to all fleet sizes as we are big on reliability and consistency.

Did you just purchase a car and want it to get to a desired location in the United States? Then, we are your surest choice. We offer door delivery such that the recipient gets the vehicle right in their compound. 

You can get your quote on the site. Moreover, you can make an inquiry about our corporate discount, as our charges are pocket-friendly. 

Contact us today via the online transport calculator or give us a call and we will walk you through every step of your shipment process. 

Specialty Transport Services

Specialty Transport Services

Our Specialized Transport Services provides our customers the option of using our specialized equipment shipping and heavy haul equipment shipping. The idea is that customers can make personalized requests and have their items delivered to the right place. 

Common options are air compressor, boom lift shipping, crane shipping, combine shipping, harvester shipping, forklift shipping, auger shipping, light tower shipping, drum cutter shipping, drill rig shipping, and much more.   

Everything You Need to Know About the City of Bakersfield, California

As of 2018, Bakersfield, CA had a population of 384,000 individuals. Their median age was 31.6 while the median household income of the individuals was $60,002. Bakersfield, CA increased from 380,887 to 383,601 between 2017 and 2018 in population. The median household income increased from $57,105 to $60,002. This growth accounts for a 0.713% increase in population and 5.07% in median household income.

Everything You Need to Know About the City of Bakersfield, California

Here is a breakdown of the population of Bakersfield, CA; 

  • Hispanic or Latino – 51.4%
  • White Alone – 32.3%  
  • Black or African American Alone – 7.83%. 
  • Bakersfield CA who speak a non-English language – N/A% 
  • U.S. citizens who speak a non-English language – 90.8%. 

Bakersfield College is the largest university in Bakersfield, CA. She got the award in 2017. California State University-Bakersfield is the next largest place with 1,935 degrees. Then, it was followed by UEI College-Bakersfield with 583 degrees.

Averagely, the median value of property in Bakersfield, CA is $257,200. More so, the homeownership rate is 59.2%. Drove Alone is the commonest means of movement in Bakersfield CA with an average commute time of 21.8 minutes. Finally, an average household possesses two cars.

Education in Bakersfield

Education in Bakersfield

Residents of Bakersfield are big on education. As of 2017, universities in Bakersfield awarded 5,643 degrees. Although, there are more female students than males in the universities. The ratio is 14,900 male students to 20,223 female students.

The majority of the graduating students from these Universities in Bakersfield, CA are; 

  1. Hispanic or Latino – 3,259.  This accounts for 58.9%. 
  2. White – 1,390. This accounts for 25.1%. 
  3. Black or African American – 297. This accounts for 5.36%. 
  4. Asian – 258. This accounts for 4.66%.

Here is the number of degrees awarded per university in Bakersfield;

  1. Bakersfield College – 2,456. This accounts for 43.5%.
  2. California State University – 1,935. This accounts for 34.3%. 
  3. UEI College – 583. This accounts for 10.3%.

For the commonest majors in Bakersfield, they are; 

  1. General Business Administration & Management – 481. This accounts for 8.52%. 
  2. Medical Assistant – 386. This accounts for 6.84%. 
  3. Liberal Arts & Sciences – 319. This accounts for 5.65%.

The average tuition costs in Bakersfield, CA is as follows; 

  1. Private four-year colleges – $N/A
  2. Public four-year colleges – $3,515 and $12,423 respectively. This is for both in-state students and out-of-state students.

Economy in Bakersfield

Economy in Bakersfield

The unemployment rate in Bakersfield, CA is 5.5%. The economy of Bakersfield employs 167,000 people. Bakersfield has seen the job market increase by 1.2% over the last year. According to estimation, the rate of future job development in the next ten years will be about 24.2%. This is lower than the US average of 33.5%. 

The largest industries in Bakersfield, CA are; 

  1. Health Care & Social Assistance has 27,408 people
  2. Retail Trade has 19,113 people
  3. Educational Services has 18,159 people 

On the other hand, the highest-paying industries are; 

  1. Utilities – $105,744 
  2. Information – $75,139 
  3. Public Administration – $72,475

The average annual income of Households in Bakersfield is $60,002. This is less than the average annual income in the United States, which is $61,937. This new rate implies an annual growth of 5.07%. It is better than having the average income of $57,105 in 2017.

Tax Rates for Bakersfield

Tax Rates for Bakersfield
  • The Sales Tax Rate for Bakersfield is 7.3% while the average rate in the US is 7.3%.
  • The Income Tax Rate for Bakersfield is 9.3% while the average rate is 4.6%.
  • Tax Rate is impactful when you have to consider the Cost of Living.
Income and Salaries for Bakersfield
  • Averagely, a Bakersfield resident can earn about $23,786 a year. 
  • The average household income of a Bakersfield resident is about $56,842 a year.