What Technique is Used for Moving Heavy Construction Machinery?

Construction equipment is a critical part of the work done by most contractors; hence, there is a need to have an efficient shipping method that can account for their massive weights and sizes.

When shipping an ordinary vehicle, you could just load it on the back of a trailer or enclosed carrier, place a few straps on it, and you are good to go. But with construction equipment, which can have a lot of non-movable parts, large sizes, heavy weights, and special requirements, you would need to make use of a different method.

What Technique is Used for Moving Heavy Construction Machinery?

Methods of Shipping Construction Equipment

Shipping construction equipment can be a challenging task, especially if you are unequipped with the required tools or under-experienced. A slight miscalculation could put the equipment out of commission and endanger the life of the transporter. Here are some of the most common and safest methods of shipping heavy equipment.

Trailer truck with long platform transport the Excavator on highway. Logistics of transportation of heavy and oversized cargo by road

Towing Vehicles

Towing is the best option when you need to move heavy equipment over a relatively short distance. For towing to be effective, the equipment being towed must have wheels suitable for road travel, and the vehicle used in towing the equipment must be able to bear the stress of towing the heavy loaf.

When towing, connect the equipment to the towing vehicle with a proper linking mechanism. Also, secure the construction equipment to prevent it from moving unnecessarily during transportation, as this could cause damage to the equipment. Keep in mind that towing is a delicate process and should only be carried out by professionals.

Flatbeds Trailers

Flatbeds Trailers

Flatbeds are your go-to option for shipping most construction equipment. Their durability and versatility make them able to withstand the weight of heavy equipment and make it possible to ship a variety of construction tools. Flatbeds have no walls or ceilings; this makes loading and unloading heavy equipment very easy.

When using flatbeds, lift or drive the equipment onto the back of the trailer and properly secure it with tie-down hatchets and wheel straps. Ensure all movable parts are totally fastened to prevent mishaps from happening along the way. Flatbeds can be used to ship all forms of shipping equipment, whether big or small.

Specialized Trailers

Specialized Trailers

Specialized trailers are used for extremely heavy equipment that has special requirements. Some trailers, like step-decks and double drops, also make it easier to carry loads that are above the height limits given by the state or local authorities.

The process of using a specialized trailer is quite similar to that of using a flatbed; the only minor difference is that loading and unloading might be more difficult, as some of these trailers do not have entirely flat surfaces.

Why You Should Hire a Shipping Company?

Why You Should Hire a Shipping Company?

Shipping companies have a lot of experience handling construction equipment and are your best bet for shipping it. Another perk of shipping with a company is that they offer cost-effective services, as well as insurance in the event of an accident during the transporting process.

Hiring a shipping company also gives you access to rare licenses that allow the shipping process to go smoothly and experts that are able to plan an efficient route for the transportation.

Route planning is a key part of shipping heavy equipment, as it ensures your vehicle is delivered on time and without mishaps. When planning a route, you should avoid routes that can compromise the shipping process; these are routes that have features like sharp turns, small bridges and tunnels, rough terrain, or go through residential areas.

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The method used in transporting construction equipment, heavily depends on the equipment’s requirements, such as the size and weight of the equipment being towed or the distance to be covered. Although the process can look complex, shipping companies like Ship A Car, Inc. are able to ship them easily without delays or the risk of jeopardizing your business. Visit our website today to get started, or contact us at (866) 452-3657.

What is the best method for shipping heavy equipment?

The best method for shipping heavy equipment is making use of a flatbed trailer from an experienced shipping company.

What is the difference between shipping regular vehicles and heavy equipment?

Heavy Equipment cannot be shipped with regular shipping methods; they need special practices and services like hauling, loading, and load assistance. Shipped heavy equipment is also more expensive, as it needs expert care and special carriers.