Demystifying Car Shipping Costs: What’s the Average Price?

Shipping your vehicle will cost between $500 and $2,000, whereas the national average price is $1,650 at the time of writing. Driving the car yourself might not always be feasible due to the distance, time constraints, and potential wear and tear on the vehicle. That is why car shipping services are vital in this stage, as they provide a convenient and efficient solution to move your vehicle safely and securely. The average price to ship a car is a crucial consideration for individuals seeking professional auto transport services.

Here we will provide the key components that affect the average price to ship a car and explore the different types of car shipping services available. We will also help you plan and budget effectively for a seamless car shipping experience.

The Average Cost of Shipping Your Vehicle

The Average Cost of Shipping Your Vehicle

According to Home Advisor, you could pay as little as $450 for short distances, with the cost per mile ranging between $0.75 and $2. A compact vehicle with 3,000 lbs. will cost about $900, whereas a midsize pickup truck with an average weight of 4300 lbs. might cost $1,150. However, these costs vary based on your shipping company and the mode of shipping you choose.

Open transport shipping is always your cheapest option, costing about $1,108. On the other hand, the enclosed carrier option will cost you around $1,490 but offers priceless peace of mind. It protects the vehicles from weather elements and damages along the way. You usually do not require an enclosed shipping method unless you are transporting antique, classic, luxurious, or customized vehicles.

Factors Influencing Car Shipping Services

It is hard to accurately estimate how much your shipping cost will be without getting in touch with a shipping company. Here are some of the things that, at times, influence your shipping rates:

Long Trips

The farther your vehicle needs to travel, the more the shipping expenses. In some cases, the mileage reduces based on your carrier and their rates; therefore, research your carrier and get their quotes to determine their rates per distance. There are instances where carriers will charge you less for long distances, especially if they are traveling on the open highway.

Factors Influencing Car Shipping Services

Big Cars

Large vehicles cost more to transport than small ones because they take a lot of space. For example, you might spend about $700 to ship a sedan between Florida and Massachusetts, and the exact shipping company will charge you about $1,100 to ship a pickup or an SUV. You will also spend more shipping exotic vehicles to your new destination.


You are more likely to pay a lot of money during summer, whereby the shipping rates at times increase by $300 per trip. Notably, shipping your vehicle during the winter season increases the shipping rates since the carrier potentially deals with storms and other weather delays leasing to a cost increment. However, you can reduce the rates by booking earlier since companies offer potential clients discounts.

Number of Vehicles

The number of vehicles significantly impacts the shipping price in various ways. Transporting cars in a single shipment can lead to economies of scale, reducing vehicle costs. It is because the fixed expenses associated with logistics, such as loading and unloading, documentation, and fuel, can be spread across more cars, making the overall cost per unit lower. Conversely, shipping fewer vehicles in a single shipment may lead to higher individual costs due to these fixed expenses getting divided among fewer units.

How to Save Money During Shipping

How to Save Money During Shipping

When searching for a cheap shipping method, there are different ways to look for promotions and discounts. Here are a couple of discounts that might be suitable for you:

  • Early-bird discounts: Some companies offer discounts for signing up with them for the first time. Therefore, chi out if the company you are working with has such services.
  • Military discounts: a couple of auto transportation companies offer discounts to military personnel to assist them with moving. If you fall in this category and are not using government services, determine if you qualify for such discounts.
  • Multiple shipment discounts: Sometimes, when you ship many cars at once, some shipping companies will offer you a discount than if you were shipping only one.



The shipping company determines the average price of a vehicle. However, in some situations, there might be unpreventable events such as weather, distance, and your shipping method option that might increase the amount you end up paying to move your vehicle to your new location. Every shipping company offers different rates. Therefore, call Ship A Car if you are stuck or want to determine how much we charge for our car shipping services.


What Is The Cheapest Way To Ship Your Vehicle?

Unlike door-to-door, terminal-to-terminal shipping is the cheapest way to get your car from point A to B. It allows operators to save on fuel and other transportation costs, thus reducing shipping rates. However, there might be times when door-to-door services are cheaper since it cuts down on the storage cost.