What Causes Possible Delays When Shipping a Car from One State to Another

We at Ship A Car, want you to get a better understanding of your car shipping timeline. Hence, we’ve broken down some of the few things that could cause possible delays when shipping your car from one state to another.

Common Causes of Car Shipping Delays

These factors might extend the delivery date of your vehicle:


Unfavorable weather conditions are one of the most significant natural contributors to car shipping delays. For example, in the winter months, snow and ice can make roads more challenging to navigate. This could, sometimes, result in accidents.

Aside from winter, you should also be mindful of weather threats at all times of the year. Several weather situations like floods, tornados, hurricanes can arise at any time in different regions of the country. Therefore, it is not enough to only consider the climatic conditions of your own state. You must also factor in that of your car’s destination.

This is especially true for a country like the United States, with varying climatic conditions across different states.


Traffic congestion is another common cause of car shipping delays. Accidents, construction, and poor driving conditions are among several factors that either halt or cause traffic to move slowly.

You can evade traffic-related delays by planning your shipment when the roads are less likely to be congested. For example, avoid shipping during holiday periods and check to see if any major road constructions are ongoing.

Truck Breakdowns

If you’re unlucky to have entrusted your vehicle with a subpar shipping company, truck breakdowns can seriously extend your delivery date. The amount of time it takes to tow a carrier truck to the repair facility and the actual repair could derail your schedule for days.

Choosing a reputable transport company with top ratings and reviews is your best bet to prevent this type of delay. You should find out about their contingency plan in case of an eventual breakdown.

Number of Stops

The number of vehicles on the carrier truck with varying destinations can also result in delays. Sometimes the carrier truck makes several stops for other cars before getting to your car’s destination. The accumulation of time wasted per stop could lead to a delay in arrival time by a couple of hours or even days.

Preventing Shipping Delays

Those are some of the most common reasons for car shipping delays. The truth is there is not much you can do to counter these issues. For example, you really have no control over the climatic conditions of a particular region.

However, you can take steps in the form of preparations that can help you avoid some of these common delays. Steps like choosing the right shipping company, checking routes for possible ongoing constructions, and waiting for favorable weather conditions before shipment.

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