Efficient Vehicle Transport Solutions for Manheim Auto Auction Purchases

Auctions are a great place to get your hands on exotic vehicles or a large number of cars at once, and they give you a chance to sell anyone you might have. A lot of auctions do not provide much assistance with the daunting task of shipping the purchased vehicle, meaning you might have to go through the stressful process on your own. This article will discuss effective transport solutions that enable a smooth shipping process for vehicles purchased at the Manheim Auto Auction.

Manheim Auto Auction Overview

Manheim Auto Auction Overview

Ever since holding its first automobile auction in 1945, Manheim Auto Auction has proceeded to become the world’s largest auto auction, setting the industry standard for the wholesale buying and selling of used vehicles. Manheim Auto Auction provides numerous wholesale solutions that allow clients, such as car rental agencies, vehicle manufacturers, and automotive dealerships, to increase the efficiency of their used vehicle operations. 

Manheim is headquartered in Atlanta and has a large network of over 100 physical, digital, and mobile auctions. Nearly 6 million vehicles are offered for sale each year at Manheim Auto Auction, making them the nation’s leading provider of end-to-end wholesale solutions and services, including logistics, assurance, decision making, floor planning, and reconditioning.

Specialized Transport Solutions for the Manheim Auto Auction

Specialized Transport Solutions for the Manheim Auto Auction

Even after successfully acquiring the vehicles from the auction, you still need a means of transporting them to your desired location. The best way to do this is to utilize special shipping services or transport solutions offered by shipping companies. Some of these special services may include:

Enclosed Transport

Shipping companies offer enclosed transport options for transporting exotic vehicles obtained at auction houses. In this form of shipping, the vehicle is protected from weather elements, road debris, and other potential damages while it is being transported.

Expedited Shipping

This service is specifically offered for time-sensitive purchases made at auction houses. It ensures that the vehicle reaches its destination quickly, allowing the owner to meet tight schedules.

Insurance Coverage

Some shipping companies offer insurance that covers any potential damages the vehicle incurs during the shipping process. This means your vehicle is protected in the case of unexpected events or mishaps along the journey.

International Shipping

For people purchasing vehicles from overseas or other countries, shipping companies offer international shipping services that handle customs clearance, coordination with overseas partners, and other international shipping logistics.

Multi-Car Transport

This special service is for wholesale buyers, like rental agencies or car dealerships. It allows for multiple vehicles to be shipped together, thereby providing cost savings, time efficiency, and streamlined logistics for vehicles purchased in bulk.

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Essential Information for Auction Vehicle Transportation

As part of a standardized process, certain information will need to be supplied to your shipping company before they can ship your vehicle. The necessary information will be provided to you by the auction, usually in the form of documents via email, after you have made a successful purchase. The general information you should have ready includes:

  • Lot Number: This serves as an ID for the vehicle you need to transport, and multiple vehicles would mean multiple lot numbers for each of the cars you are looking to transport. Providing this to your auto shipper of choice allows them to locate the vehicle in the auction house.
  • Buyer Number: This is a unique number that serves as a means of identification for the auction event. Providing this to the shipping company assures them that you are a real buyer and allows them to contact and identify you.
  • Release Form: This is a form that contains details about the vehicle and the owner and is used to signify that the vehicle can be taken out of the auction house. Many shipping companies may not request a release form, but it is important to have one in hand.

After acquiring this information, you can then use it to book an order to ship your car. The shipping company will then use these documents to pick up the vehicle from the auction house. The absence of some of these documents can cause delays in the shipping of your vehicle or cause you to incur additional charges.

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Purchasing vehicles from Manheim Auto Auction offers great opportunities, but arranging their transport can be challenging. Utilize specialized shipping services such as enclosed transport, expedited shipping, insurance coverage, international shipping, and multi-car transport to simplify the process.

For seamless and reliable vehicle transport solutions, reach out to Ship A Car, Inc. at (866) 821-4555. Whenever you need specialized services for auction purchases, our team is ready to assist you with a smooth and stress-free shipping experience.