What Is Enclosed Auto Transport?

An Enclosed Auto Transport is a reliable carrier that provides private and secure movement of goods from state to state. They all serve different purposes but in all, they are used for the movement of large products from one place to another.

What Is Enclosed Auto Transport?

Enclosed Auto Transporters Not Created Equally?

Enclosed Auto Transporters also known as enclosed trailers cannot all be equal due to the following factors:

  1. Manufacturers: Just like cars are of different brands, so do enclosed auto transports. Due to the difference in manufacturers, these trailers can’t be created the same way because each brand offers something different in every model.
  2. Size: A mere look at the enclosed Auto Transport used to bring your friend’s sports cars seems discouraging already. Especially when you consider the size and how small it appears, you might be tricked into believing yours too wouldn’t fit when you import it. But not to worry, auto transports are not always equal but come in different sizes. Their sizes vary between six-foot wide, seven-foot wide, and 8.5-foot wide. You only need to make adequate preparations by finding out what type suits your vehicle perfectly.

Enclosed Auto Transporters Not Created Equally?

  1. Quality:  Quality is what differentiates almost all products because they may look alike but they may not be as good. In quality we look at the various parts of an enclosed trailer:
    1. The wall compartment: Most walls of enclosed trailers are usually made of aluminum because of their durability but some manufacturers might want to look for something cheaper but like steel which will reduce the quality of the trailer as steel tends to rust faster and is less durable.
    2. The tires: Radial and bias ply tires are best for trailers because of their thick side walls which enable the trailers to carry heavy loads. If a regular tire is used for the trailers it wouldn’t be able to accommodate loads and will most likely not be able to go on long-distance rides.
    3. The Floor: Vinyl Rolls are the best fit for enclosed trailers because it is easy to install and clean.
    4. The Use: Most times when people think of enclosed trailers they assume it is just used for only shipping cars and goods. Below are other uses of enclosed trailers:
      1. For shipping cars
      2. For traveling
      3. For shipping animals
      4. For shipping boats
  2. Funding: Before going into manufacturing anything you need to have funds to use to make your product standard. Some manufacturers instead of looking for enough funding before starting opt for cheaper things and this will make their product lesser than another company with enough funding.

Precautions to take when using an Enclosed Auto Transporter

Precautions to take when using an Enclosed Auto Transporter
  • Make sure the trailer ceilings are not leaking.
  • Check your tires
  • Don’t drive too fast maintain an appropriate speed limit and take the good road

If you are thinking of buying or hiring an enclosed auto transport you should take note that they are not all equal so go for a brand with a good wall compartment, durable tires, and that suit your needs. I believe this article has been able to show you the difference between Enclosed Auto Transporters.

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Call the Ship A Car Team

  1. Must I use an enclosed trailer to transport my car:
    Yes! We highly recommend it. This is because cars are products that can easily be scratched and the windscreen can be broken so it is safer in an enclosed trailer especially if it is an expensive car.
  2. How much does it cost to ship my car?:
    There are no fixed rates on enclosed transporting. However, factors such as distance/location and type of vehicle influence the cost. We advise that you consult with a transport service to confirm the price. 
  3. Will I get my car at the same price as someone in the big cities:
    If you live in a rural area you will get your car at a more expensive rate than people in the big cities because the traffic for car shipment is less than that of big cities.
  4. Can I use radial tires for my car:
    Recently manufacturers use radial tires for cars although at superspeed they can weaken and lead to explosions.