Equipment Shipping and Moving Services for the Restaurant Industry

Are you looking to open or relocate your restaurant? Disassembling, moving, and reassembling your restaurant equipment is a difficult task that is best left to a team of people that know what they’re doing. This is where shipping and moving services come in. They’re a group of professionals who have experience in ensuring your equipment gets to your restaurant’s location in one piece.

As mentioned earlier, most restaurant equipment is bulky, delicate, and a bit pricey. They might incur some damages if they’re not handled properly during shipping. This is one reason to let professionals take care of your shipping and moving needs- they know what to do!

Considerations for Moving Restaurant Equipment.

A fully functioning restaurant depends heavily on a large number of equipment for both the kitchen and dining area. Some of these equipment require disassembling and reassembling, while others need to be packed carefully and protected during transit. Some examples of restaurant fixtures and equipment include:

  • Ovens

Restaurant-grade ovens are usually large fixtures in the kitchen. Most of them are bulky and made of heavy materials. They might need extra padding and packaging, which moving companies can provide, especially if they’re to be moved a long distance. Modern models may even be made of delicate materials like glass that you will need to be extra careful about when moving.

  • Refrigerators, chillers, and deep freezes.

Like ovens, freezers are bulky and delicate. Some may have glass for doors, especially standing freezers or chillers. Large shipping and moving companies have special equipment that can be used to lift them without the worry of damage or stress.

  • Furniture

Who opens a restaurant without furniture? No one! They’re essential fixtures in restaurant spaces, including tables, chairs, and some heavy decorations. Some large or small furniture needs to be assembled inside your restaurant space, and most shipping companies can do this. For a fee, of course.

  • Cooking equipment and Flatware

These include heavy equipment like stoves, grills, and fryers, as well as smaller utensils like dishes, spoons, and forks. Most of them come in various forms and sometimes complicated styles, necessitating gentle handling and transportation, which shipping and moving services can provide.

Benefits of Using equipment Shipping and Moving Services

Other than the fact that you get to relax and watch your equipment be shipped from one place to another without lifting a finger, there are many other advantages to outsourcing your restaurant equipment shipment to reputable shipping and moving companies.

It can be scary to leave thousands of dollars’ worth of equipment to strangers to transport to a new location. However, these companies provide the best services and have policies to protect your goods. Here are some benefits of using shipping and moving services:

  • They have equipment and machines that they can use for heavy lifting, which makes the assembly of restaurant equipment that much easier.
  • Most shipping companies have tracking systems that can be used to locate and track your equipment while they’re in transit.
  • They can help with the installation and assembly of furniture and equipment, taking the bulk of the work out of your hands.


Restaurant equipment Shipping companies make relocation and setting up much easier. All you need to do is sit back, relax and let the professionals at Ship A Car Inc. handle all your equipment shipping and moving tasks.

  • What is the time frame for moving a restaurant?

The time it will take to move all the equipment in a restaurant to another location depends on how much equipment there is to move and the distance between the two locations. If the move involves shipping from overseas, you will have to exercise a little patience.

  • Do I need to book in advance?

It’s best to book moving companies in advance, so there’s ample time to communicate properly and put things in place. However, most shipping and moving companies are able to attend to express bookings.