The Basics of Speedy Vehicle Shipment

Most everyday road transport is conducted in accordance with the pertinent criteria established by individual carriers. They specifically adjust to the car’s characteristics, including its form, total weight, and size. The unique transport structure determines the intrinsic traits that affect these variables.

But, they all want you to spend a significant sum for the vehicle, so you should opt for a business that specializes in transportation, such as Ship a Car, Inc., and can thus provide you with superior professional services.

Delivery delays might leave customers with major issues and financial losses. These elements indicate that expedited automobile shipment is becoming more and more crucial. They make it possible to carry expensive products safely and quickly, accelerating the shipping of vehicles to the designated location.

What is Expedited Car Shipping?

What is Expedited Car Shipping?

In a nutshell, quick pick-up for your car is what expedited shipment means. It’s crucial to keep in mind that expedited delivery will cost you more money than standard shipping. Your automobile may take a while to reach its location because you want to save on costs. But, with expedited vehicle shipment, your car will be picked up much faster—within a day or two as opposed to the usual week or two.

Expedited Shipping Saves You Time and Saves Your Car

Those who don’t have the time to drive their cars to new locations frequently ship them instead. Shipping is the best option if you have a busy schedule because driving across the country might take up to eight hours of your day if you don’t have much free time.

When you arrange for auto shipment, especially if you pick expedited delivery, you can specify your vehicle’s arrival window. You can often plan things well enough so your vehicle awaits when your flight arrives.

Your automobile is put under unnecessary strain while traveling long distances. Your car’s market value will drop, and more expensive maintenance will be required. If you send your automobile via a car shipping service instead, you won’t rack up those unnecessary extra miles. You can maintain your tires and keep your windshield free of bugs and other pests by employing shipping services.

What is the Cost of Expedited Shipping?

What is the Cost of Expedited Shipping?

You will pay extra depending on how far the trip is and how quickly you need your car. Your shipping estimate is directly impacted by the carrier type as well. Enclosed or open automobile travel are the two alternatives available for ground transportation.

The first option is more expensive but the greatest option for luxury and vintage automobiles because it shields your car from the weather and other road hazards. Although the latter is more economical, it cannot ensure protection from bad weather.

To acquire a price for a normal shipment, use our fast quote calculator. Afterward, get in touch with us for more information on expedited auto-delivery.

Ship Multiple Cars at Once
Ship Multiple Cars at Once

One of the main benefits of using car shipping services like SAC is the capacity to transfer many automobiles at once. This is essential if you frequently purchase or sell cars through an online dealership or auction.

In addition, a lot of families, especially those with kids, have multiple cars. Your family may travel together thanks to having one of your cars moved, and you won’t have to worry about organizing all your vehicles’ transportation. Ask a car shipping specialist about incentives for moving several automobiles to further lower your expedited shipping rates.


Although it’s typically advised to have a buffer period when exporting your automobile, we recognize that this isn’t always practical. Thus, at SAC, we provide expedited auto shipping services that can assist you in having your vehicle delivered quickly. All you have to do is let us know your schedule, and we’ll do our best to deliver on time. 

We have unmatched experience in the area of expedited car shipping. Whatever the cause, you can be sure that our staff will deliver your automobile on schedule and in the same condition that we picked it up! Trust Ship A Car, Inc. to handle your urgent automobile shipping needs without any problem.

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What Slows Down Car Shipping?

Even if you pick expedited services, many factors will affect how long it takes to send your automobile, regardless of the auto shipping company you use. Regardless of the auto transportation company you use, things like weather, season, traffic, distance, and location can slow down your shipping time. 

What is Need for Expedited Shipping?

As long as we are not delivering to a location that needs such documents, you will not be required to hand over the vehicle’s title or registration to the driver who has been assigned to you. Simply have the keys and the vehicle ready to go; that’s all there is to it.