Slingshot Transport

The Slingshot has an incredibly low profile that makes the road experience unique. The sound and drive are incomparable and look like nothing else we have seen on the road. As the driver, you can push your boundaries behind the wheel, with no limitations whatsoever to your self-expression.

How to Ship a Slingshot

Shipping a Slingshot is not quite the same as shipping a typical vehicle. Unlike a four-wheeled vehicle, the Slingshot can’t be towed by a regular truck. The rear wheel makes it impossible to tow the Slingshot like a conventional vehicle. Towing the vehicle behind another car is not a recommended option.

Now, how do you transport a Slingshot? Most car shipping companies transport slingshots in a trailer. However, it must have a certified load rating higher than the total weight of the Slingshot, with the installed accessories. In addition, make sure you verify the weight of the cargo and the working load limit of the straps used to secure the vehicle. Below are the guidelines that transporters follow after putting the Slingshot on a truck.

  1. Set the vehicle in gear transmission
  2. Lock in the park brake
  3. Rotate the key to the left and remove it to prevent loss
  4. Ensure all the accessories in the vehicle are secure or removed for safety
  5. Lock all the compartment doors safely
  6. Intercept all wheels at the front and rear tires
  7. Secure the Slingshot’s frame to the trailer with durable straps and avoid attaching straps to the front trim. The lower front and rear swing-arms are secured with tie-down straps.
  8. As mentioned, carriers know the combined working load limit of the straps before loading the vehicle in the trailer. The weight must be higher than the weight of the cargo. For instance, if the Slingshot weighs a thousand pounds and four straps are used to secure the vehicle, each strap must have a working load limit of a minimum of 250 pounds.
  9. Passengers aren’t allowed on a trailer or in the Slingshot
  10. During transportation, drivers maintain minimal speed and drive with caution.

How the Ship a Car Inc (SAC) Team Selects a Carrier and Trailer

Although we make sure we use the best trailers to transport your vehicle, it is still important to know how we choose the trailer that will accommodate your Slingshot. First of all, we compare the weight of the vehicle, including the accessories inside and the dimensions, with the load rating of the trailer. We ensure the trailer deck is gargantuan enough to accommodate your vehicle. According to Slingshot specifications, the maximum wet weight, including the accessories, totals about 1,750 pounds.

We also check the Gross Trailer Weight before transporting. We ensure the trailer’s weight and that of the vehicle don’t surpass the Gross Weight. When transporting, we ensure adequate weight distribution, with 60% of the cargo weight loaded in the trailer’s front and the vehicle centered.


Are you thinking of shipping a slingshot with no risks? Allow Ship A Car, Inc to do the honors. We are a professional and reputable vehicle shipping company with over ten years of experience in the sector. We offer shipping services to anywhere in the United States. All the Slingshots are loaded carefully onto the trailer using special machines and abiding by the loading process. Fragile parts are protected in the trailer with some special straps.

We don’t require any up-front deposit when you call us to inquire about shipping. We only charge a small fee when we dispatch your vehicle to the pickup spot. Contact us today for a free quote at (866) 821-4555 or visit the website.

  • What states do you service?

We provide service to all the states in the United States. Our services come in three packages – individual, business, and specialized. All packages are tailored to exceed the customer’s expectations.

  • How can the driver note the condition of the vehicle?

The condition of the vehicle will be stated in the documents that will be provided before shipping and after shipping on the bill of lading (BOL).  Refer to our previous post what is a bill of lading to find out more information.