How Auto Transport Trucks Operate: A Look Inside A Car Carrier

Auto transport companies use car carriers and auto transport trucks to ensure that the process of shipping a vehicle is safe and secure. In this article, we will discuss the parts and components of an auto transport truck and how they work together to ensure the success of the shipping process. We will also talk about different types of car carriers.

What is an Auto Transport Truck?

Auto transport trucks, also known as car haulers or carriers, are vehicles specifically designed to aid the process of transporting vehicles. They are usually large in size, giving them the ability to transport multiple cars in a single go.

How Auto Transport Trucks Operate: A Look Inside A Car Carrier

Types of Auto Transport Trucks

There are different types of auto carriers, with each one designed to serve a specific purpose. The most common auto transport truck is the flatbed trailer, the other types of carriers more or less have the same structure. The only difference is the minor variations and adjustment to enable them to accomplish different tasks.

Flatbed Trucks

As aforementioned, a flatbed truck is the most common type of carrier. It is common because of its ability to ship a wide range of vehicles, including cars, SUVs, sedans, trucks, and vans. Flatbeds do not have walls or ceilings, this makes the process of loading and unloading vehicles unto them very easy.

Flatbeds can also support large amounts of weight, this enable them to transport multiple cars at once, or haul heavy equipment like bulldozers and cranes. The RGN, Step-deck, and Lowboy trailers can be called variations of the flatbed. For instance, a step-deck trailer is like a flatbed, but it has a depression on the surface that enables them to carry loads that surpass the legal height limits.

One disadvantage of using flatbed trucks is that the load being carried is exposed to damage from harsh weather and road debris. This means flatbeds are not optimal for transporting high-value or exotic vehicles.

Parts and Components of an Auto Transport Truck and How they Work

Enclosed Carriers

Enclosed carriers are a type of truck with an enclosing on the back. They can be single (used for shipping only one vehicle) or multiple enclosed carriers (can carry up to six vehicles). Enclosed carriers protect your vehicle from damage caused by harsh weather conditions or road particles, this is why they are usually more expensive. Since enclosed carriers have walls and ceilings, they have a mechanism know as a lift gate that makes loading vehicles into them easier.

Parts and Components of an Auto Transport Truck and How they Work

The carriers mentioned above are very similar, with only a few differences in build and structure. In this section, we will highlight the major components of a carrier, and how they function as a whole to make vehicle shipping possible.

  • Chassis: This is the main supporting structure in a carrier that houses the other components. It is typically made of extremely durable material for it to have the ability to resist wear and tear from intense stress and heavy loads.
  • Engine: The engines of auto-transport trucks are usually diesel powered. They are able to provide the power required for heavy duty carriers to function. The engines are also designed to work for long periods of time, allowing carriers to transport vehicles over long distances.
  • Suspension: This is the part of the carrier designed to absorb shocks and vibrations that could cause damage to the carrier or the vehicles being carried. Consisting of coil springs, shock absorbers, and anti-roll bars, the suspension system ensures a smooth ride throughout the journey.
  • Deck: This is the part of the carrier that the load stays on. They are usually flat and fitted with a series of ramps, tied-downs, and hydraulic lifts, to assist with loading and unloading. They are made of lightweight material, so as not to increase the overall weight of the carrier.

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In conclusion, an auto transport truck is a complex mechanism that consists of different components all working together to serve a single function; transporting cars from one place to another.

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What is the best auto transport truck?

There is no such things as the best auto transport truck. The different carriers are designed for shipping different types of vehicles. Though the closest to the best would be enclosed carriers, as they shield the vehicle from the damage caused by external factors like road debris of particles.

What other carriers are there apart from auto transport trucks?

Auto transport trucks are mainly used for transporting vehicles to destinations accessible by land. Other types of carriers include trains, for cross-country shipping, and ships or vessels, for shipping vehicles internationally by sea.