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New Mexico Vehicle Shipping Routes

Popular New Mexico Shipping Locations

  • Carlsbad
  • Alamogordo
  • Gallup
  • Los Lunas
  • Sunland Park
  • Deming
  • Chaparral
  • Los Alamos
  • Las Vegas
We provide direct service to and from any location in New Mexico - above is a list of the most popular car shipping locations that we service.

Everything You Need to Know About the State of New Mexico (NM)

The state that is now New Mexico was first colonized by Spain and was included in the Gadsden Purchase in 1853. However, New Mexico did not officially become a state of the United States until 1912. The top-secret Manhattan Project, in which leading American scientists created the first atomic bomb, took place in New Mexico during World War II.

The bomb was tested at the Trinity Bomb site close to Alamogordo in 1945. When a local farmer found unidentifiable debris on his property in 1947, some people in Roswell, New Mexico, began to wonder if there might be extraterrestrial life there. They thought it might be the wreckage of an alien spaceship that had crashed.

The very large array telescope in Socorro and the ancient city of Santa Fe, which artist Georgia O'Keeffe once called home, are two popular attractions for visitors to New Mexico.
It is a Mountain state that borders Arizona, Utah, and Colorado in the Four Corners area. With Texas to the east-southeast, Oklahoma to the northeast, and the Mexican states of Chihuahua and Sonora to the south and southwest, New Mexico also has borders with these states. The state of New Mexico was officially declared on January 6, 1912. Santa Fe serves as the state capital.
At the Trinity Site in central New Mexico, the first atomic weapon ever tested was detonated on July 16, 1945.
The largest field of gypsum dune sand in the world is found in White Sands National Monument. Gypsum deposits are sandblasted into stunning white sand dunes that cover an area of 275 square miles as a result of water evaporating from transient lakes with high mineral content.
Nearly a quarter of a million individuals in New Mexico and southern Colorado speak a historical dialect of Spanish that is primarily of Castilian ancestry.

Car Shipping in New Mexico 

In New Mexico, transporting an automobile is an easy procedure. Without the right advice, you might not have a pleasant experience. Included below is a how-to manual for transporting an automobile to or from New Mexico.

The Car Shipping Process 

The car shipping process involves three primary steps:

  1. Get a Quote

After carefully selecting your preferred car shipping company, you request a quote and if you like the price and what they have to say, you book your transport. Details of your car, personal details, and other information will be requested to determine your quote.

  1. Pick Up

When a pick-up location and time has been agreed upon, a representative of the car shipping company will contact you to have your car picked up. 

  1. Delivery

You will be contacted again when your car is ready to be delivered. You should note, however, that delivery dates are not fixed and are determined by different factors. 

Factors Influencing Costs of Car Shipping in New Mexico

Car shipping costs are not fixed and are determined by factors such as pick-up dates, vehicle specifications, and method of shipping, distance, peak seasons, routes, and discounts.

  1. Pick-up Date

The flexibility of your pick-up date affects how much shipping your car will cost. If you prepare ahead of time and book your shipping, you are likely to pay less than if your shipping date can be adjusted. Also, urgent shipping may mean an expedited shipping which always costs more than regular shipping.

  1. Vehicle Specification

As it is shipping any package, you can expect your car to cost more the heavier it is. The bigger and heavier the size of your vehicle, the more expensive its shipping costs. Also, larger cars take up more space in the carriage and require more fuel to ship, hence, they cost more than smaller cars. 

  1. Shipping Method

There are two major shipping methods: the enclosed method and the closed method. The enclosed method transports vehicles in an enclosed carrier. These enclosed carriers keep the cars protected from elements such as dust, rain, and snow. As a result, this method costs more than the open method. The open method, however, leaves the vehicles exposed, making them susceptible to damage, and wear and tear. Also, some companies offer door-to-door shipping, while others provide terminal-to-terminal shipping.

  1. Distance

The distance covered between your pick-up and delivery location determines how much your car shipping costs. Longer distances typically cost more than shorter distances. Also, areas that the shipping company more frequently plies cost less than more remote locations.

  1. Peak Seasons

Car shipping is usually in greater demand during spring and summer, this is because it is the time of the year most people move long distances. Hence, shipping during this period costs more than at other times of the year. If you plan to cut costs to ship your car, consider shipping when the demand for car shipping companies is low.

  1. Discounts

You can spend less shipping your car if there is an available discount from your car shipping company. Factors that make you qualify for a discount typically vary from company to company, so you can speak with an agent from your car shipping company to know if you are eligible for any discounts.

Choosing a Car Shipping Company

Whether or not your car shipping process is pleasant is greatly determined by the car shipping company you engage. Hence, there is a need to properly consider and review your preferred car shipping company. Here are some tips to look out for:

  1. Experience & Trustworthiness

Make sure you do a screening on the auto shipping business you choose to ship your vehicle to or from New Mexico in order to determine the firm’s dependability. It is simple to determine they cannot be trusted if there are persistently unfavorable reviews or no bad reviews at all.

The paperwork should be concise and simple to read. Some businesses utilize ambiguity as a trap for unwary clients. Provide as many clarifications as you require to avoid being a victim of this.

  1. References

It is best if you choose a shipping company based on personal references. If you have none, you can research the testimonials of others who have shipped their cars. This can give you a good idea of what shipping companies to avoid and the ones with integrity. 

  1. Insurance

It is crucial that your car shipping company provides insurance services. While all car shipping companies are legally required to provide insurance, some companies provide extra services. You should confirm that their insurance is all-encompassing, covering loading, unloading, and transportation. This is because the safety of your car is in the hands of the shipping company, and they are responsible for any damages to your car in transit. However, mechanical damages are not catered for.   


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New Mexico Transportation Information

  • New Mexico Rail Transport
  • New Mexico Roads
  • New Mexico Air Transport
  • New Mexico Rail Transport

    Works Cited

    Wikipedia, Accessed March 29, 2020.

    Editors,Updated: August21,2018|Original:December18,2009,  Accessed March 29, 2020

    Along with regional railroads and other tourism routes, the state also jointly owns and runs the Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railway. It is a historic narrow-gauge steam railroad, with the state of Colorado. From Farmington to Santa Fe, narrow gauge railroads historically connected many towns in the state’s northern region. 

    The BNSF Railway and the Union Pacific Railroad are two class I railways that service New Mexico. They run 2,200 route miles of railway in the state collectively.

  • New Mexico Roads

    Works Cited

    Wikipedia, Accessed March 29, 2020.

    Editors,Updated: August21,2018|Original:December18,2009,  Accessed March 29, 2020

    The principal Interstate Highways include:

    There are just three Interstate Highways in New Mexico. I-25 and I-40 come together in Albuquerque at a stack interchange known as The Big I.

    Interstate 10 runs through the southwest corner of New Mexico via Las Cruces and close to El Paso, Texas, from the Arizona state line near Lordsburg to the Texas state line.

    From Las Cruces, New Mexico, to the Colorado state line near Raton, Interstate 25 is a significant north-south interstate roadway.

    Interstate 40- is a major east-west interstate highway starting from the Arizona Stateline west of Gallup to the Texas state line east from Tucumcari. East from Tucumcari to the Texas state line is Gallup. 

    U.S Highways

    15 US Highways now serve New Mexico. US 54, US 56, US 60, US 62, US 64, US 70, US 82, US 84, US 87, US 160, US 180, US 285, US 380, US 491, and US 550 fall under this category.

    In addition, Americanos USA, LLC, Greyhound Lines, and several government operators offer intercity and rural public transportation via roads.

  • New Mexico Air Transport

    Works Cited

    Wikipedia, Accessed March 29, 2020.

    Editors,Updated: August21,2018|Original:December18,2009,  Accessed March 29, 2020

    The state’s main airport for air travel is the Albuquerque International Sunport.

    Spaceport America, the world’s first operational and specifically designed commercial spaceport, is located in Upham, close to Truth or Consequences. Launches of rockets started in April 2007. It has only one renter, UP Aerospace, who launches small payloads and is not developed. Virgin Galactic, a space tourism company, intends to make this their major operating base.

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As rated by our clients (from 1139 testimonials)
I had originally scheduled a my car transport with Nationwide auto transportation (don't us them). On the day of my pickup nationwide called me stating that they had no one to pick up my car after I have made a reservation 2 weeks prior. When i originally made my reservation i was told tbwy would contact me two day before the pick. Due to their lack of professionalism I cancelled there service. I called ship a Car the same day and Pepper answered. We scheduled a pickup for the next busy day and with 48 my car was shipped from Florida to California.
Kirk S. San Diego , CA
Thank you to Ship a Car and Meredith who was so amazing in helping me get a driver in one day when I was trying to ship my truck from NJ to CA. Meredith explained the entire process to me, called me back several times to follow up on paperwork and driver status. Great company and Meredith, your the BEST!!! Thank you so much!!!
Angela C.
I dealt with Bob M. He was very helpful. After another transport company was not following through on their promises, I contacted Bob M and he took care of everything. Great experience. Will definitely recommend them.
Christine M
My experience with Ship a Car was wonderful. Sabrina was knowledgeable, pleasant, and efficient. The communication was great. The car was picked up and delivered as promised. Overall I was very pleased and would recommend this service to friends.
I'm a snowbird and I'm 84 years old. I used to drive back and forth but at my age, that's not safe. I don't see another alternative to Ship A Car. I work with Steve and he has been incredible. He knows me and my situation and he is just so supportive. The trip last fall was amazing. During this time when there's so much unrest, they're doing everything they can to make the trip as enjoyable as possible.
Jackie of Manitou Springs, CO
Bob Moran was a dependable pro and, after the primary driver suffered a truck malfunction, he found a replacement driver who seamlessly picked up the ball and executed a perfect transfer. This was new territory for me but SHIP A CAR lived up to their rating. Well done.
David Martin
At the last minute, I needed to help my grandparents ship their car. Without any prior knowledge of this line of business, I had to make a decision with a company I could trust. A friend's recommendation lead me to Ship A Car. I called and spoke to a very nice guy, Justin. He helped me get everything setup for them and made sure all my questions were answered. I was able to rest assured that my grandparent's car was in good hands on it's trip back home.
Charisse G.
From the first call to final delivery, it was a first class experience. Yvonne on the phone handling my request to the driver who showed great care with my car. Chicago Burbs to Seattle.....a job very well done. Everything as promised.
Dave F. St Charles, IL
This company is awesome! I'm a retired Navy Sr. Chief and own a 2012 Corvette Grand Sport, rare painted in Carlisle Blue. The driver "Willie" was on time and treated my car as though it was his own. He was very respectful and carried my car from Texas to NC and delivered it on our agreed date and time. Willie and I inspected the car before and after the shipment and he noted a spot on the windshield I didn't even note. Suffice it to say, my experience was the best ever. I fully recommend this company and driver to anyone shipping any vehicle.
Mike C.
Transporting a vehicle is very important so that is why I chose Ship a Car they are rated Number 1. Fernanda was my representative, she was very professional, courteous and her communication was GREAT! She was very helpful with the whole process, she made it a great experience, NO STRESS. And very quick service. My transporter Radu was very courteous and professional, he was able to deliver my car a day early! He notified me a time he would be at my home and then notified me again that he would be 20 minutes later and he was sorry. Then when he arrived he apologized again that he was a little late--GREAT COMMUNICATION. Wonderful people.
Great company to work with.
Jason Fung
I can honestly say, this company is the best!. I called on a Thursday morning, no later than 15 minutes they called me back telling me someone will be there on Friday morning and they were there ot pick up my car. The delivery was supposed to be on the following Monday. They actually showed up a day earlier. I used another company before, it literally took 2 weeks. I highly recommend this company. Highly! I never do reviews, ever! I had to this time.
Michelle T. Toledo, OH
Since day 1 the communication, price, service has been perfect. This is the second time that I need this type of service and decide to use another company since my first experience was not easy. I give myself the opportunity to try SHIP A CAS, INC. and the pickup date and delivery date has been fulfill. Ask for Paul M. he will take care or your car and will keep you update on everything. I'm very pleased with the service and I'll recommended. Thanks! A+
Melba Q
Gabriel was amazing. A total angel to deal with. But the driver you hired Ray sucked. My truck was 3 days late was never offered a discount. I will refer the company but will tell people if a guy names Ray is doing the driving he had one excuse after another for my truck being 3 days late. But Gabriel and this company did great. GET INFO ONYOUR DRIVER..
Jackie Costa
I called up Ship A Car and they were very courteous on the phone. They were understanding that at my age, I'm not quick on the computer and on a whole bunch of things. But I knew what I wanted. They said they would find somebody. They said, "Give us a day." They came back and gave me a basic price. Then they came back and said, "We found somebody who will do it for $50 less. It's enclosed. Everything is perfect. We've had a lot of good feedback with them." So I gave them my credit card and they took their money. I also paid for the extra insurance because it was a specialty car.   Ship A Car reduced the amount that they would get in their pocket by $50 when carrier number one could not pick up the car timely and they had to go to carrier number two, which was the fellow I ended up with. It was perfect. The guys were personable and it was a nice experience. The only thing was that I didn't know when the driver was going to show up. They said, "We'll pick it up Friday or Tuesday or Wednesday or whatever." They couldn't give me a time. So the gentleman called me and said that they were stuck at the car dealership so instead of getting here at 10 in the morning, they were going to arrive at 2:00 or 3:00. He kept me posted along the way telling me when he was going to arrive. So it was a pleasant experience. When the driver pulled up, he had a Porsche in there, which he pulled out and then put my car in the middle because of the way it was going to be dropped off at the other location. They strapped it all down. He took pictures before it left. Then it was in Nebraska from Long Island in a couple of days. They said it could take anywhere from four to six days, but it only took two and a half days. I was very pleased. My son looked at the car when it arrived and it arrived just the way it left.
Florence of Ronkonkoma, NY
I had my car shipped from League City, TX to San Jose, CA right on schedule I expected, thanks to coordinating by Mr. Harry Burge and the driver, Mr. Jair “J.J” Marinho Jr.. I would highly recommend this company for whoever wants to ship his/her car.
Do-Anh Tran
We used Ship a Car to transport 2 of our vehicles from Salt Lake City to Nashville. Justin was on it as soon as I gave the go ahead. The drivers arrived a little early, but patiently waited and our cars arrived one, before we did (but we had made arrangements for it to be received), the other as scheduled a couple of days later. No damage to either vehicle, just a lot of road dust as to be expected. I'd use them again in a heart beat. They were half the price of all the others and less that a week ship time.
DANA P. Salt Lake City, UT
Ms Dana was the best! She was very accommodating and helpful! Even in the delay, the company was very Creative in meeting our needs! The car arrived safe and in the 24 hours as promised!
Kim T.
Had a great experience. Fernanda was very helpful and easy to communicate with. They picked up my 68 Camaro the very next day. And when it arrived it was just as promised. Thank you and I would most definitely recommend them to anyone needing a vehicle moved.
Kent M.
I used Ship a Car to ship my car from Long Beach to Hawaii. My car was picked up on time and everything went smoothly, and the rep that I dealt with, Howard H., was very responsive and helpful through the whole process.
Yes everything went great. The guy with Falcon was very nice, thorough and careful. He would be 1 to reach out to as much as you can.
Rachelle Y. Indianapolis, IN
loved the company and will recommend to friends. came picked up car no problems driver of car carrier very nice and new what to do was a great experience loved them joe kept in contact with us thro whole process . great guys thank you so much peg leclair
Margaret Leclair
Larry was very easy to work with and responds very quickly to questions and calls. I would definitely call him again any time I need a vehicle transported. I compared a lot of prices on the internet along with each company's reputation - Price and reputation were great too!
Brendon Gunn
Meredith with Ship a Car, Inc. helped us to get 5 vehicles shipped across two states. She was wonderful and we highly recommend Ship a Car, Inc. We needed our cars shipped quickly. Meredith was responsive and communicative. She found us two professional drivers who both did an excellent job!
Jennifer P.
I booked vehicle transport with Ship A car Inc, twice in the past month. The first, the seller cancelled the sale the day that the hauler was scheduled for pick up. YIKES! Contacted Lisa from Ship A Car and she handled everything. I found another BMW K75 for sale, bought it..., and the first call that I made was to Lisa from Ship A Car. Once again, Lisa and Ship A Car Inc. handled everything exceptionally well. Vehicle pick-up and delivery by a company specializing in motorcycle transport. The vehicle arrived earlier than expected (2 days instead of 4) and in perfect condition. Lisa was great at communicating via email and phone (even for a customer that doesn't have an umbilical to his phone.) Would use them again..., in a second!
Rick L. Kyle, TX
Thank you, thank, thank you!! Darius was so great to work with. We had scheduled our car to be shipped and then called and asked if it could go sooner and he made it happen! He even called me back immediately when I had one of those panic moments! He was the best! Giraldo, our driver was also awesome. Called, was there to pick up the car, told us when it would arrive and it did! Thanks to all, I would definitely recommend you.
Pat Linton
I had a truck I needed to ship from California to Texas. I check around to see who had he better rate and Service. I found Ship a Car Inc was the one for me. They were a little high in price, but you can’t beat the service. The Agent I was working with was Bob. He held my hand throughout the whole process. Even after my truck was delivered, he call me up to see if everything went OK and If I had any questions. Would I use Ship a Car Inc again? Yes, for sure. Ask for Bob.
Joe Simon
I am so grateful for Paul Murphy who went out of his way to help me to ship my vehicle. I will definitely use this company again without hesitation in the future whenever I have a need to ship my vehicle. They operate the business with honesty and integrity, the best company that I have ever encountered, I truly thank God for directing me here for their service when I had a need to ship my vehicle. If there is more rating scale than 5 stars, I would give them the highest one, because they deserve all the praises! I sincerely hope that anyone who needs their vehicle to be shipped, please go to "Ship A Car, Inc.", because they are the best in this type of business. You would be rest assured that they would do their best, and the best part is that they never even try to take advantage of any customers unlike some other companies out there that have hidden agendas to rip of their customers... Words alone cannot express enough of my gratitude for the company!!!
Hong-Yu Li
This guy with Ship a car, his name is Cameron B, is an outstanding and honest man, hard to find this days. He lives with his words at all time from the bigining of setting up my car's shipment to the end of the delivery. The car delivery setup process went smooth and car was delivered much better than I expected. Awesome job.
Girma T. Manassas , VA
Very efficient and very satisfied. This saved us alot of time and was cheaper to go this route.
Rene T
NJ to Florida Very professional from start to finish. The booking agent (Len) was always available and reached out to me at every step of the process. The driver assigned to me (Jerry) was also an excellent communicator, took great care with my car and delivered it exactly as promised. I would definitely use this company again!
Donna Green
I had a great experience working with Fernanda Lopez at Ship A Car Inc. Professional and lived by their word. They were able to have My car shipped from Las Vegas to Detroit Mich in a timely matter. I would highly recommend this company.
Captain X
We have a street legal custom golf cart to the tune of a $10,000 investment with all of the fancy bells and whistles. My son and his family relocated to Boca Raton and they wanted to use it over there. A friend recommended that we contact Ship A Car and said that they would get it safely delivered from Sarasota to the east coast. Danny K. handled our request and made it happen for us in just one day. We were extremely pleased with his engaging attitude and the high degree of professional customer service that he provided us with. We will certainly recommend Ship A Car for your golf cart transport but we are sure that we will use there services when it comes time to ship our car anywhere in the US. Thank you Danny and staff for a job well done!!!
Sharon Smith
The rep knew what he was doing and his cognitive process. The delivery was smooth. They showed up on time as discussed. They were responsive to phone calls and communication was perfect. The condition of the vehicle was good when it arrived.
Job of Bellevue, NE
Willie is the Man! All commitments were honored beyond expectations. Our car arrived within 10 minutes of our arrival to our new location. Beyond luck - I say!
Mike J.
This is the second time I worked with Len R. to ship a car from Pennsylvania to Montana and back. My son and his fiance work in a remote location in Montana and obtaining a driver to transport a car was no easy task for Len. He worked hard to secure a reliable driver/company to get the job done. He did this while keeping a tight budget in mind. Feel free to call Len for excellent service.
Robert Steckel
Thank you Meredith for your assistance. I was pleasantly surprised that the car made it to me 2 days earlier than you originally quoted. Thank you for checking on the status on your end and for following up afterwards to make sure I got what I needed.
I took delivery on Saturday and everything went smoothly. Thank you very much for your follow up. I’ll be sure to recommend your company to anyone I know looking to ship a car, or snowcat!
Eric S. Greenville, ME
Great service from first phone call to delivery. Car delivered same day.
Excellent service. My car pickup and delivery were as promised. I will use them again. Janet Rinella, transport director, kept me informed during the entire process; she is an excellent communicator.
James Coolican
Overall great experience with Paul right from the start. Great communication regarding the quote and helping with coordination of the driver. Delivery of our UTV was a success! Thank you, Paul!!
Rob G
I've been using Ship A Car Inc. for about five or six months, and they've done everything they told me they would do. They've kept their word. I've referred six, large customers to them already. Danny is one of the guys I've been dealing with in Florida, and he's done whatever he's told me he will do. He's kept his word.They need more employees like him! It's been an all around good experience!
Louis S. Denver, CO
We were very pleased with the services and the efficiency of the staff at Ship a Car Inc. We received amazing customer service from Ms. Janet who helped us throughout the whole process. She delivered service with a smile that was transmitted over the phone. We were very satisfied with this company.
Escarlet Fiallos
Excellent service from this shipping company today. After my approval, my boss used the team, so I was a little worried but they managed it pretty easily. My boss's car arrived safely at our office, and my boss was happy with my recommended company and me. Super impressed and recommended it to all. Keep up the good work!
Charles Monroe
i am very pleased with Jocelyn with Ship a Car, she helped me with booking a driver to ship a car to my son from Georgia to Utah. I was sceptical at first from talking to other compananies and they were giving me different answers about a quote. Jocelyn was straight up with me, she gave me her word that she would not stop until she got me a driver and stay in contact with me the entire process which she did. even after my son received the car she checked with me to make sure everything was good. Thank you for your help.
Kim Williams
Ship A Car does good by finding the drivers but one of the drivers, the last one we worked with, wasn't all there. He had no idea what he was doing but he might have been new. other than that, Brian does a good job. We've shipped several cars through them.
Rodney F. Warren, MI
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