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New Hampshire Vehicle Shipping Routes

Popular New Hampshire Shipping Locations

  • Salem
  • Merrimack
  • Londonderry
  • Hudson
  • Bedford
  • Goffstown
  • Hampton
  • Milford
  • Exeter
We provide direct service to and from any location in New Hampshire - above is a list of the most popular car shipping locations that we service.

Everything You Need to Know About the State of New Hampshire (NH)

Attaining statehood on June 21, 1788, New Hampshire was the first state in the United States to have its own constitution. The state’s spirit of independence is symbolized in its motto, “Live Free or Die.” New Hampshire plays a vital role in national elections, as it was the first state to hold a primary election. Its primary results are considered an influence on the rest of the nation leading to the saying, “As New Hampshire goes, so goes the nation.” 

New Hampshire shares borders with Massachusetts to the south and Vermont to the west. It has Maine and the Atlantic Ocean to the East and the Canadian province of Quebec to the North. New Hampshire is the 5th smallest state by surface area in the country. It is the spot of the White Mountains and the renowned Mount Washington. Mount Washington is one of the windiest areas in the nation. Concord is the state’s capital. 

In 1774, there was an effort by the American troops to disarm a British garrison, and 400 locals responded to the call, and it was recorded as one of the first acts of revolution.
The Scotch-Irish settlers, who settled in Nutfield in April 1719, planted the first potato crops in North America. The settlement's name was later changed to Londonderry and is now located in Derry town.
Alan Shepard Junior, who was America's first astronaut, hailed from New Hampshire. Also, the first private civilian to travel to space, Christa McAuliffe, was from New Hampshire.
In July 1944, financiers from forty-four countries congregated at the magnificent Mount Washington Hotel for the Bretton Woods International Monetary Conference. During the conference, the World Bank and International Monetary Fund were established. In addition, the American dollar was appointed the standard of international exchange at the meeting.
New Hampshire is one of only nine states that does not require its populaces to pay state income taxes.

Car Shipping in New Hampshire

Even though New Hampshire is one of the safest states for driving, moving your own car may prove challenging. You need a New Hampshire vehicle shipping business with an impeccable reputation if you want to transport your car without hassle.

Here is what you need to know about car shipping in New Hampshire:

The Car Shipping Process

  1. Get a Quote

Reach out to your preferred auto transport company and request a quote. The quote should be detailed and should reflect how much you are paying and what the payment is for. To get a quote, you will need to provide your details such as your name and email. Also, your pickup and delivery address, the make and model of your car, its operational state, mode of shipping, and the car’s availability for pick up will be required. 

  1. Prepare Your Car

Before your car ships, you should put certain things in place:

  • Declutter

It is advisable for you to remove all valuables and personal items from your vehicle before shipping. This reduces the weight of the car, influencing the cost of shipping. It is also a safety measure for your property, as the company does not take responsibility for any missing or damaged items.

  • Inspect

You should inspect your car and preferably take pictures to serve as a reference for the state of the car before shipment. Any damage to the vehicle in the course of transit will need to be noted on the bill of lading.

  • Empty Gas Tank

There is no need to fill your gas tank before shipping. You only need enough gas for the car’s pickup and delivery, which is usually a quarter of the tank’s capacity. Any excess gas only increases the overall weight of the vehicle. 

  1. Have a Representative Pick Up Your Car

After the pickup location and time have been agreed upon, a representative will be available to pick up your car. It is a normal business practice in vehicle shipping conduct an inspection to ascertain the state of the car to confirm the car is delivered the same way it was picked up. The result of the assessment will be documented on a Bill of Lading, both on the pick and drop of.

  1. Delivery

You will be contacted ahead of time to confirm your availability for delivery. This is usually a day earlier to enable you or your pickup representative to be ready to receive the car. 

  1. Check for Damages

You should inspect your vehicle upon receipt to confirm there were no damages during the shipping process. 

There are some details you need to clarify from the car shipping company before you engage them. One of which is the validity of the quote. Quotes typically have short validity periods due to frequent price fluctuations. Hence, you should confirm how long the quote is valid for. This guides you in making a decision for payment on time. 

Also, payment options should be confirmed. While some car shipping companies do not require upfront payment, others do. The mode of payment is also not fixed. Hence, you should have these details sorted before proceeding.

Factors Influencing Car Shipping Costs

Factors Influencing Car Shipping Costs

There are a number of factors that determine how much it costs to ship a car to or from New Hampshire. Some of them are:

  1. Shipping Method

There are two major methods of car shipping. The open method and the enclosed method. The open method involves transporting cars in an open carriage. Although this method is cheaper, it is not the safest as it exposes the vehicles to harsh weather conditions. 

The second method is the enclosed method. This is a safer but costlier method. It transports the vehicles in an enclosed container, protecting them from extreme weather conditions. 

A third but less used method is the expedited method. This is an option for people who need their vehicles shipped urgently. The cars are shipped in a very short time frame, and delivery is dependent on the distance to be covered.

  1. Distance and Location

The overall distance to be covered while shipping your car determines the shipping costs. The longer the distance covered, the higher the shipping costs.

Also, the accessibility of your pickup and delivery location is a determinant. Easily accessible areas that the shipping company regularly plies do not cost as much as more remote areas. 

  1. The flexibility of Pickup and Delivery

A flexible pickup and delivery date that suits your shipping company help reduce shipping costs. Hence, scheduling your pickup long before you need the car shipped is best. On the other hand, shipping on short notice increases your shipping costs. 

  1. Vehicle’s Condition and Specification

The operational state of the car is also important. For example, functional vehicles cost less to ship as they are mobile and can be easily moved. Conversely, non-operational cars that require assistance to be moved cost more.

The type of vehicle, its size, and weight impact shipping costs. Typically, smaller and lighter cars cost less as they take up less space in the carriage compared to larger and heavier vehicles. 


Ready to transport with SAC?

Our transport representatives are available by calling (866) 821-4555 to answer all your questions.


New Hampshire Transportation Information

  • New Hampshire Rail Transport
  • New Hampshire Roads
  • New Hampshire Air Transport
  • New Hampshire Ferry Transport
  • New Hampshire Rail Transport

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    Amtrak’s Vermonter and Downeaster lines provide long-distance intercity passenger rail service. 

    The New Hampshire Rail Transit Authority is spreading its services from Lowell, Massachusetts, to Nashua, Concord, and Manchester (including the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport). Its services also extend from “Coastal Corridor” service from Haverhill, Massachusetts, to Plaistow. 

    Conway Scenic Railroad, Hobo-Winnipesaukee Railroad, and the Mount Washington Cog Railway are tourist railroads in New Hampshire. 

    Freight railroads in New Hampshire are:

    • Claremont & Concord Railroad (CCRR)
    • Pan Am Railways via subsidiary Springfield Terminal Railway (ST)
    • New England Central Railroad (NHCR)
    • St. Lawrence and Atlantic Railroad (SLR) and 
    • New Hampshire Northcoast Corporation (NHN).
  • New Hampshire Roads

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    New Hampshire has a properly managed, well-signed, and connected network of Interstate, United States, and state highways. Several route numbers are positioned with the same route numbers in neighboring states. The numbering of the state highways is random, with no general system as with U.S. and Interstate systems. 

    New Hampshire’s major routes include:

    • Interstate 89: It runs from the northwest, close to Concord to Lebanon on the Vermont border.
    • Interstate 93: It is the primary interstate highway in New Hampshire. It flows north from Salem (on the Massachusetts border) to Littleton (on the Vermont border). I-93 connects the more heavily populated southern part of the state to the Lakes Region and the White Mountains further to the North.
    • Interstate 95: It runs north-south along New Hampshire’s seacoast to the city of Portsmouth, then enters Maine.

    Major US Highways:

    • U.S. Route 1 runs north-south along New Hampshire’s seacoast to the East of I-95, paralleling I-95.
    • U.S. Route 2 runs east-west through Coos County from Maine, crisscrossing Route 16. Then, it skirts the White Mountain National Forest through Jefferson and into Vermont.
    • U.S. Route 3 is the longest numbered route in the state. It is also the only one to run entirely through the state from the Massachusetts border to the Canada – U.S. border. It parallels the I-93. South of Manchester, it heads west, routed through Nashua. North of Franconia Notch, U.S. 3 heads east before stopping at the Canada–U.S. border.
    • Route 4 terminates at the Portsmouth Traffic Circle and runs east-west across the southern part of the state connecting Durham, Concord, Boscawen, and Lebanon.

    Major State Route:

    New Hampshire Route 16 is a major north-south highway in the eastern part of the state that generally parallels the border with Maine, ultimately entering Maine as Maine Route 16. The southernmost portion of NH 16 is a four-lane freeway co-signed with U.S. Route 4.

    In the south of the state, Keene is connected to Manchester and the Seacoast by New Hampshire Route 101, a significant east-west road. NH 101 is a four-lane, limited-access road that connects Hampton Beach and I-95 and is located east of Manchester.

    Intercity bus service is offered by Greyhound, Concord Coach, Vermont Translines, and Dartmouth Coach to and from locations throughout New Hampshire and distant locations beyond and in between.

  • New Hampshire Air Transport

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    There are 25 public-use airports in New Hampshire, three of which offer some scheduled commercial passenger service. Manchester-Boston Regional Airport in Manchester and Londonderry, which serves the Greater Boston metropolitan region, is the busiest airport by number.

    Additionally, these airports run the best cargo services in the US to the rest of the nation.

  • New Hampshire Ferry Transport

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    The rivers Merrimack and Nashua come together in the state. To promote trade and freight movement through the port, the state’s Port Authority develops and manages the tidal waters.

    These airports also operate cargo services, which are regarded as the best in the US.

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What do our clients say?

As rated by our clients (from 1139 testimonials)
Never called to let us know pick up time would be pushed back. Never called night before when they said they would to let us know the pickup time. We are waiting to hear from them, flying out tomorrow morning, and can’t get a single response from anyone. Horrible service.
Jessica Hansen
I could not have been more pleased. Everything i was told and promised up front was actually the it happened. They picked my car up on time, it was bought to me on time, my car was in perfect condition, and everyone involved in this effect of transporting my car was extremely polite.
Rosalyn Z.
Ship A Car Inc is the best. The person who helped me was personable, professional, and made everything easier than I expected. He was very good at following up and making sure that everything would arrive in tip top shape right on time. I was impressed with how stress-free the experience was.
James B. Powell, MO
I called Bob at Ship A Car to ship 2 cars from Las Vegas to SC. Besides being personable and professional he got me the best price and the time frame i needed. He was in constant contact and the pick up and delivery went perfectly. In fact the cars showed up 2 days early in perfect condition. Five stars are not enough Thank You Bob and Ship A Car
Car Transport
The rep was very helpful. Pickup was Clarkston, Michigan on a Wednesday and the car wasn’t delivered until the following Saturday. It was in the email, very clear, that it would probably be delivered on that Friday, 10 days later. I thought it would come on a Monday or Tuesday. But when I looked at the email, it clearly said Friday. It ended up showing up on Saturday, which was fine. I was out of state, traveling for work. So, I didn’t need the vehicle, but I just had to schedule my friend to be there. Thankfully, she’s a very good friend. I saw the car on Monday. It was very dirty but that’s expected. It was dirty when it left, but it was way dirty. But it was in the same shape as it was when I left it with my sister for it to be picked up. I already recommended Ship A Car, Inc. to a coworker.
Tina of Hayward, CA
I had shipped a car in 2012 with another company and had no problems.So when I needed to ship a car this year I called them first.The price quote I got seemed a little high.When I called SHIP A CAR INC my name and the shipping information(as inaccurate as it was) was out for other companies to see even though I had talked to them on the telephone,not the internetThe people( Lisa & the driver) were very nice and professional.They also saved me $459.00( which is 23% of the total) over the other company.
Spence Wood
It Was An Almost Auto Quint Essential Experience And I Recommend That Khaii Receives An Retro Active Raise Of At least 20% Paid In American Money. His Sparkling Personality And Very Positive Perseverance Helped Me To Complete The Entire Transaction In Less Than 48 Hours. Congratulations On Hiring Such A Spectacular Human Being.
Bob D. Bellmore , NY
My recent relocation from Seattle to Pittsburgh was less stressful because of the service that Ship A Car provided—Yvonne coordinated with both my husband and I to have my car shipped. Both drivers were very nice and professional. It was a no-hassle process with the driver picking up my car on time and at my apartment, and then delivering it on time and at my apartment. Definitely recommend this service.
Toni I
Door to door ever. Picked up at 1pm in st Augustine, FL and delivered at 11pm that same night to Birmingham. Jaime asked me how late they would son was without a car so I knew late was totally acceptable. Janet from ship a car was winderful! Called and checked in several times. I will do business with this company again.
Representative Kristina was very professional and efficient. She was able to find awesome pricing and quickly secured transport of my car. I’ve used other transport services and have had terrible luck and service. I cannot recommend Ship-A-Car highly enough!!
Excellent customer service from Dana Briones from inquiry until the successful drop off of my new car from Pennsylvania to Los Angeles, CA. She was professional, knowledgeable, friendly, reassuring and made herself available when I called to check on the location of my car after 4 days. I was also provided with the driver's full name and cell phone number. I most appreciate that Dana was honest about the estimated transport pick up and delivery time frame. The driver Alex was the absolute best. He called me and the car dealership the morning he picked up my new car. We spoke about 4 days later and he told me his expected delivery day. On that day, he texted me to let me know the time based on his GPS. He arrived earlier than expected. This was my first time purchasing a car from the internet, from another state and using an auto transportation company. I did have anxiety in the beginning. However, EVERYTHING went smooth and I have nothing but great things to say about Dana and Ship a Car Inc.
M. A
Bob, just wanted to thank you for your amazing service! Lopez Auto was as awesome as well! The car was just delivered and thanks to the two of you, everything went perfectly.
Christina R.
All transactions regarding shipping my new car from SC to NY went smooth. Willie D. handled the transfer and was eager to answer all my questions . It was my first time shipping a car so I was a little anxious. He reassured me everything was done professionally and that everyone involved in the transfer were highly experienced. The car came in perfect condition in a very timely manner. Thank you Willie D. for making it so easy. I would not hesitate to recommend your services at
Bernadette C.
Car was shipped professionally, met the time schedule, with overal good experience. Very warm recommendation!
Igal Yaari
I worked with Lawrence and had a great experience. I had a quick turn around need for a motorcycle shipment and he got it done for a good cost. Definitely will be using him for future shipments!
AnneMarie A.
The driver showed up and dropped off the car exactly when he said he would. It was an extremely smooth experience. I would recommend Ship A Car to anybody. They honored the price and there was no damage to the vehicle at all.
Brett of Austin, TX
Ship a Car is the best especially Meredith. She was professional, kind, courteous and our car was delivered when promised. I even received a follow up call from her to make sure everything went well with the transport. I would highly recommend Ship a Care to anyone.
M Trainor
This was my first experience with Ship A Car INC. They transported a Volkswagon for me. The vehicle arrived in great shape, with no damages. It also arrived quickly, and on schedule. All in all, Ship A Car INC did a very good job for me, and I was very impressed with their professionalism! They handled all aspects of the transportation for me, just like they promised. Five Stars all around!
Lynlie B. Gary , IN
Katrina was outstanding to deal with- so friendly, accommodating and fair! The driver was also exceptional - he worked within my timeframe and kept in touch to let me know his timing. Can’t say enough good things about the whole process! And I shipped a brand new car that they took perfect care of!
Ann McKinney
Great company to work with.Janet Rinella was excellent and provided timely followup explaing how the pickup and delivery would be scheduled. Chris the driver and his copilot Jen did a geat job and provided schedule updates on both pick up and detination arrival. The car transport went well and without a hitch. I definetely will use them again.
Robert Chappel
Excellent service. Vehicle was delivered quickly and safely. Jocelyn was very attentive and represented the company well. Will definitely use them on next transport need!
Bill Nolastname
Carrie is definitely the best one. I was very nervous and concerned about shipping my car on the date I requested, because my special situation. Carrie was very patient and helpful, she explained the shipping process and ensured me the car would be shipped on time. She also called me afterwards to make sure everything is good. I had a great experience and thanks to Carrie to make my moving much easier!
Lili W.
The rep knew what he was doing and his cognitive process. The delivery was smooth. They showed up on time as discussed. They were responsive to phone calls and communication was perfect. The condition of the vehicle was good when it arrived.
Job of Bellevue, NE
Unlike some of the other reviewers I had an excellent experience with this company.  I was getting quotes from several companies. I spoke with Justin and he offered me a quote that was a little higher then another place but he said he could ship my car to CA fast. He called me shortly after and had everything set up.  I was nervous bc this was my first time having to ship a car and I was moving it across the country. I had to call him back a couple times as questions came up and he always answered. Even on Saturday.  The pick up day came and my car was picked up no issues.  It was delivered in the exact timeframe that justin quoted. My uncle had to meet the driver at a shopping plaza but that was ok bc I was warned that the truck may be too big to get down my street. Justin called afterwards to make sure everything went as planned.  No damage to the car. Will use again when I have to ship the car back east next year.
Cara B.
Thank you so much for your help in transporting my car from Seattle to Virginia. Everything went great! Your arrangements were fantastic! Very seamless and easy. I got the car within three days and the drivers were super about getting the car picked-up from my sister (they had to call her a few times) and then the drop-off was perfect. They told me when and where and were on-time too. THANK YOU!!! I have already recommended your company to my friends and I hope they will call you. Your company is very professional and pleasure to work with!!
Honor F. Alexandria, VA
Great experience with Ship-A-Car! Bob Moran and the Ship-A-Car team made the whole process of shipping our new vehicle smooth. Buying out of state can be stressful enough, you add shipping to the equation and it can make the strongest person fall to pieces. That's why you need a person like Bob Moran. He takes the hassle off your back! He handles everything from getting you the best price to coordinating all of the details with the transport companies. My experience was top-notch to say the least. I received the car the same week I purchased it. It arrived on-time and without any damage. It can be really frustrating dealing with trucking companies. Transport companies have very little patience and communication skills to deal with vehicle owners direct. That why you need a broker like Bob Moran with the skills and experience to get the job done right! If you're smart, you'd stick with these people like Bob Moran and Ship A Car, Inc.
Bobby Mitchell
Justin quoted me a price of $1,050. He then called me back and told me he had a driver who could bring the car up a day early for an extra $50. Well, Justin cheated me out of the $50. The driver knew nothing about coming up a day early and he arrived on Tuesday. Justin told me he would arrive Sunday or Monday. Don't use Justin. He will stick it to you in a very unpleasant manner.
Chuck Crowe
I have used your service twice now. Bob M. in Florida has taken care of me both times. I defiantly was an extremely difficult customer this past time . I was having a hard time arranging and planning my move back home. I think I had to change the date 3 times. Bob was the most understanding person and even became my friend during the process �� If anyone could ease ur mind and reassure you that everything would be ok it was Bob. I would recommend him to everyone that uses ur service He's amazing and I will cherish our friendship always.
Ellen S.
I recently hired Ship A car to transport a vehicle from Florida to Texas. I spoke with and dealt with Meredith Anzalone during this process. She made the experience positive. She was professional, informative and prompt in her response to me. If I had to call her with a question, she answered it right away. If I had to leave a message for her, she called back quickly. She showed care and also interest in the back story of this car. She also followed up after the car was delivered to make sure that everything went well. For me, as a woman who never hired a car shipping company before, it was refreshing to deal with another woman. She was respectful whereas, a male I had dealt with before calling Ship A Car, was very offensive. The entire experience was made easy by Meredith and I would, without a doubt, recommend her and Ship A Car, Inc.. Thanks Meredith for a job well done!!
Janice A. Mountain City, TX
Ship A Car did a good job. Their customer service was sufficient. I didn't have to worry about, “Where's the car? Or what are they doing?” Everything was in a timely manner. They had a man come here and he was of Lithuanian descent and he was new in the country. He was very kind and polite. He knew what he was supposed to do and did his job well. The car was delivered in about a day. He was very efficient. It worked out great.
Anthony of Painesville, OH
I needed to move my 67 Mustang to Northeast Georgia from Sarasota before Hurricane Irma. Meredith, at Ship a Car, was great at finding me an enclosed trailer to bring the car up here. It arrived in perfect condition.
William Dellert
Excellent customer service
Bill Kwiek
After contracting (luckily no money was issued) with another broker, who left us "high and dry," we frantically searched for another transport carrier. We found Ship A Car online and called. We were fortunate that Daniel answered. He was always calm, courteous and professional. We contacted the driver and are completely satisfied with his service.
Claire F. Conway, NH
I was very satisfied with the service. Bob was extremely professional and easy to work with, as were the shipping companies that I interacted with. I would (and already have) recommended them to friends. Everything was organized and executed exactly as I was told it would happen.
Jason C.
Overall great experience with Paul right from the start. Great communication regarding the quote and helping with coordination of the driver. Delivery of our UTV was a success! Thank you, Paul!!
Transporting Our UTV
Thanks to Steve Hungness this transport was the best that I have had in several years. His personal attention and politeness we're just unbelievable. It made the whole experience just so pleasant. My car arrived one hour after I got here. The driver must be the best driver in the fleet. I have already referred you to two other customers
jackie harstad
The service provided was exceptional. Andre (driver) was professional and did a great job. We could not have been more pleased. Thank you for your personal attention, your knowledge was invaluable, and you made a stressful situation become a pleasant experience.
Ann G. Duluth, GA
I shipped a car from Chicago to Port Charlotte Florida. This month. Worked with Steve G. At ship a car. The process was relatively seamless and very efficient. Will use them again for sure
Ken N
I received excellent service from Len of ship a car. He was thorough, pleasant to work with, and committed to helping me find a transport service. The company he contracted with was outstanding, great service, my car arrived in a timely manner in perfect condition...except for a few bugs on the windshield!! I highly recommend Len and his company.
Transport Car
I had my car and motorcycle shipped from Baltimore, Maryland to Fort Lauderdale Fl. My agent was Lawrence Knapp. This was my first using a shipping company and Lawrence made this experience very stress free. He was available every time I called and was very eager to answer all my questions. Also, the driver they chose was very experienced in shipping motorcycles and a great communicator. Thanks again Lawrence!!!!
Tony Meran
They picked up my car in Texas and brought it to Charlotte. The guy driving was an excellent guy -- I had no problems with them. I'd use them again and would recommend them to others.
Tim F. Charlotte, NC
Danny did an amazing job assisting my transport of two cars across the country. He met specific terms in our contract and provided first class service throughout the entire process. We ran into an issue where the truck picking up the cars had engine trouble. Danny called and had already fixed the problem contracting a second truck with the agreed upon pick-up date. The two cars were picked up and delivered on time.
Angelo L.
Shipped two vehicles from Nevada to Kansas Kristina V and Ship A Car booking people made our transport experience... A positive experience. Can not say enough about the calm, confident manner they had with handling details and getting our vehicles moved to their new home.. It is so stressful finding people that you can trust to do what they say they can do... This was just a wonderful blessing to us... Everything went smooth and delivery was GREAT! These two vehicles had to come 1577 miles. Cost was fair for shipping both vehicles... Just can not express, the sincere, happiness we felt to see these vehicles reach their final home... These people KNOW what they are doing to help others... I appreciate them helping us out... It was a remarkable, good experience finding this service.
Linda G Martinson
We checked with several car shippers before we found SHIPACAR.  Excellent customer service, fast booking and delivery as promised. Thank you Darius Johnson!
Karen Miller
We used Ship a Car to transport 2 of our vehicles from Salt Lake City to Nashville. Justin was on it as soon as I gave the go ahead. The drivers arrived a little early, but patiently waited and our cars arrived one, before we did (but we had made arrangements for it to be received), the other as scheduled a couple of days later. No damage to either vehicle, just a lot of road dust as to be expected. I'd use them again in a heart beat. They were half the price of all the others and less that a week ship time.
DANA P. Salt Lake City, UT
Shipped my 2017 rubicon with these guys and they were awesome, they got my vehicle out of the auction within minutes got it across states on time as they said you would. Very very good/reliable company.
D B.
Very helpful, kept me updated throughout. Shipping went off without a hitch, very timely and easy. Thanks to bob.
Awesome Company. I highly recommend them. Very professional, affordable, and punctual!
Rob Thom
Chris at ship a car did a great job locating a truck for me. Everything in between was really good too.
Charlie K. Kansas City, MO
I bought a motorcycle out of state and needed it transported. The dealer recommended Ship a Car and so I called them. The price was much less than I expected so I hired them. I have never made a transaction like this so I was anxious. Bob walked me through the whole process making it a seamless evolution. The bike showed up and was perfect. Not a scratch. I will definitely use Ship a Car again if the situation arises.
Shawn S
Bob was wonderful to work with. He researched the specific needs I had for moving my car and found the perfect transporters to handle it. They're the best!
Rand Z
Great service and fast delivery, Plus the police were very reasonable. The motorcycle they transported four me was picked up in Kansas City on a Saturday and delivered to me in Albuquerque on the next day (Sunday). Very prompt!!
Corey Knapp
We used Ship-A-Car to have a grain drill moved from Oklahoma to Wyoming. We dealt with Quinten Putnam, and we were very pleased! If anything, Quinten was too good! He had a driver lined up before our money order had even arrived to the dealer. The driver was one of the nicest men that I've met- he was prompt, courteous, and knowledgeable. The driver was even willing to show us some tips that the dealer told him. In less than a week, we went from not having chosen a grain drill, to having it dropped off at our place. Quinten went the extra mile for us. When we need something else moved, he'll be our man!
Roger K. Cody, WY
Called Ship A Car Inc without knowing what to expect. After receiving help from Bob Moran my expectations were far surpassed. He went above and beyond to make sure that my vehicle had the smoothest transfer from Northern California to Southern California. He even took the time to follow up with the delivery. I will definitely be recommending.
Marisela Jara
Cory G was very easy to work with and kept me updated at all times.
Maria T.
Bob was great to work with. It was our first time using Ship A Car and we were completely satisfied with the experience.
Derek Gilchrist
I needed a car shipped on a short haul from Nevada to California on an ASAP basis because the hauler I had contracted with cancelled on me at the last minute. I found Ship A Car in a Google search, quickly checked their references and reviews and called. I spoke to Willie Dublin and he got on it immediately. He scheduled a pick up for the same afternoon and my car was delivered the next day in exactly the same condition as it was in when it was loaded the afternoon before. They met and exceeded all my expectations for customer service, price, performance and efficiency
Elizabeth S. Danville, CA
Since day 1 the communication, price, service has been perfect. This is the second time that I need this type of service and decide to use another company since my first experience was not easy. I give myself the opportunity to try SHIP A CAS, INC. and the pickup date and delivery date has been fulfill. Ask for Paul M. he will take care or your car and will keep you update on everything. I'm very pleased with the service and I'll recommended. A+
Communication - Date Committed - Sharp!
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