How to Transport Forestry Equipment from Point A to Point B?

Forestry Equipment is quite heavy and bulky. Moving this type equipment from one location to another is usually tricky due to their design. Therefore, forestry equipment owners can opt for the shipping of their machines by a heavy haul team. Aside from that, doing the heavy work of transporting your forestry machines is a tough job. However, all that stress goes off when you let a transport company help you. Mind you, there are lots of rules and regulations with oversized / overload shipping. However, you do not need to worry about those regulations when using a shipping company.

How to Ship Forestry Equipment

Forestry equipment comes in different forms and may require a different shipping style. So, let’s look at the standard forestry equipment and how to ship them.

Feller Buncher

It is vital to get your buncher in good condition. So, load and secure the buncher correctly.

  1. The first step would be to separate large pieces. These large pieces may make the shipping truck overweight.
  2. After that, the pieces of the Buncher will be loaded carefully on the truck (mainly through driving).
  3. Security comes next. The shipping company would need to apply the neutral selection brake, activate the hydraulic switch, and release the book lock to release hydraulic pressure. After which, the Buncher will be chained, including all the attachments.
  4. The driver also needs to do a final inspection and also drive slowly.

Log Loader

The process of transporting a log loader is similar to that of a feller buncher. The transport company carries out an intricate process to ensure that the machine arrives at its definition in its original condition.

  1. The driver drives the loader into the truck—most likely an RGN trailer. The RGN trailer works best as it easily detaches from the semi-truck and can be used as a rack to load the loader quickly.
  2. Similarly, to the feller buncher, the brake pads will be set to neutral, and the hydraulic lockout switch will be activated. The driver will also release the boom lock, which will lower the grapple and release hydraulic pressure.
  3. The driver will chain the equipment and drive out slowly while inspecting the load.

This same process is repeated when loading other furniture equipment like Skidder, Dozer, Processor, Forwarder, and many more.

Transporting Forestry Equipment

The section above details the process of loading and shipping furniture equipment. However, we did not mention that shipping heavy items comes with lots of regulations. So, it is advisable to let experienced haulers handle the entire shipping process.

The SAC heavy haul transport team helps you seamlessly transport your furniture machines. The team knows all federal and regional regulations about transporting heavy items. They are also well grounded in the fine details of furniture equipment.

Ship A Car, Inc. is comprised of logistics professionals who can manage the entire shipping process, from truck inspection to cargo securement. They also pick the right trailer that works well for your machines. Most times, a step-deck or RGN trailer is being used. These trailers are used to foster adequate clearances when en route.

SAC heavy haul is not just restricted to domestic transportation. They know the regulations and are here to make load shipping easy and seamless for every person. They also load the items on the right truck/trailer, which enables easy transportation. As a plus, the truck/trailer drivers are skilled and experienced, so that you can be sure of safe delivery.


Transporting forestry equipment is more or less like transporting any other heavy items. However, the difference lies in the ability of the hauling company to find the right truck/trailer that suits the equipment. Hence, you must let an experienced company like Ship A Car, Inc. (aka SAC) handle your forestry equipment shipping. All you need to do is reach out to the team, share details about your load, get a quote, and make payments. The team would handle all the logistics specifications and ensure your shipment gets to you in time. Start by calling the team at (866) 452-3657.