Concrete Mixers & Cement Pump Trucks Shipping Guide

Concrete mixers and pump trucks are helpful in construction sites, but most people struggle to get them to the expected destination. It is ideal to have your construction machinery, such as concrete mixes, hauled on a trailer and transported to the destination rather than driving the trucks to the construction site. Are you interested in shipping concrete mixes or cement pump trucks to Africa, Europe, Asia, South America or the Middle East? Locating an ideal shipping company is the perfect way to get fair international and local shipping rates. Here are ways to go about it:

Concrete Mixers & Cement Pump Trucks Shipping Guide

Select an Experienced Shipping Company

Finding an experienced shipping company near you allows you to go through the logistics with an expert. Have the questions ready to know how many concrete mixers and pump trucks they can transport, especially if you are interested in transporting many trucks. Ask if the team has experience transporting concrete mixers and other heavy-duty equipment and what their experience was. Some of the other questions to ask to include the following:

  • Do you have insurance coverage?
  • Does your company ship internationally?
  • What is the expected delivery date?
  • What are the charges, and are there extra charges?

Why Choose a Shipping Company?

Why Choose a Shipping Company?

Shipping these construction items takes time and is stressful. One of the reasons why many opt to work with a shipping company is the comfort of knowing someone else is handling all the logistics. There are other benefits associated with these companies, such as:

  • Keeping the concrete mixers and cement pump trucks in shape: Although it might seem fun to drive these trucks across the country, you will be moving across different jurisdictions with different laws. This can be challenging without forgetting the extra miles you will be adding on these trucks that could affect their resale price in future.
  • Health complications: It is not healthy to drive for over eight hours, especially if you travel long distances. It is not only exhausting but could take a toll on your health. If you constantly drive these trucks to the construction site and still handle your regular day job, it could lead to severe backaches, headaches and backaches. However, a shipping company has experienced drivers who understand the best relaxing methods to avoid such complications in future.
The Cost

Shipping heavy trucks such as cement pumps and concrete mixers start at as low as $2 per mile. However, the final factors and the final price relies on different factors, including:

  • Weight: A semi-truck that weighs 10 tons is cheaper than a concrete mixer with over 30+ tons.
  • Shipping distance: shipping within the state is more expensive than shipping across the country due to the economics of scale. However, it is still worth taking a short break, unlike risking damaging your truck along the way.
  • Weather: Shipping during spring and summer is more effective than in winter. During winter, many unpredictable changes could affect the shipping routes, causing delays in the expected delivery date. Therefore, you will pay more if you require these construction machines earlier.

Preparing Concrete Mixers and Cement Pump Trucks for Transportation

Preparing Concrete Mixers and Cement Pump Trucks for Transportation

The mixer drum is transported separately or driven by the truck engine during transportation. Working with professionals means they handle all loads of freight and still emphasize safety. If you are a seller shipping a new or used cement pump truck abroad, here is a checklist to ensure it gets to the client in one piece:

Wash and Clean the Truck

One of the ways to see if these trucks have dents, dings, paint chips or scratches is through washing. Therefore, ensure the cement pump trucks are clean before shipping to help with condition report preparation. Clean the interiors, removing any accessories the new owner has not paid for and might not need.


Take photos after cleaning and handing the trucks over to the shipping company. Have evidence of your concrete mixers and cement pump trucks’ condition and cover all angles. It makes it easier to see if any damages occurred along the way and determine how much the shipping company should pay you. 

Think about the Rust

Determine which anti-rust methods work for the truck to keep it in great shape. The truck is exposed to weather elements such as dust and rain during shipping, especially when using open-air transportation. If unsure, ask the auto shipping company which anti-rust method best works for your heavy-duty truck.

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Although shipping concrete mixers and cement pumps seems complicated, choosing an ideal shipping company prevents travel restrictions by selecting the perfect shipping routes. The aim is to choose an excellent company, clean your truck, take pictures and protect it from rust during shipping. Working with us ensures you get a free quote for nationwide shipping needs, thanks to our extended lowboy trailers and stacking options.

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