How to Ship an Ambulance and Other Medical Vans

An ambulance is much larger than other vehicles and is sometimes referred to as a heavy load. And since these ambulances are emergency vehicles needed in clinics and hospitals their transportation must be done quickly and without hitches. We at Ship A Car recognize the effort needed to carry out this and guarantees to provide trusted services when shipping ambulances and other medical vans or medical types of equipment.

How to Ship Ambulances

There are certain things to clarify when shipping ambulances and one of them is determining the best way to ship them. At SAC we provide you with efficient and affordable options when deciding on how to best transport your ambulances or medical vans. You may choose to transport your ambulance through the use of a flatbed, double drop, step-deck or drop-deck carrier. These are truck carriers dedicated to vehicles taller than the legal height limit, and a full-size ambulance falls under that category.

The other option is a standard car carrier for mini ambulances and vans. This is cheaper and less stressful than using other specialized trailers.

Another thing to note when shipping ambulances are certain features that are distinct from one ambulance to the other. For example, an ambulance may be built with extra length than most and this may incur you some extra costs. In others, the pop-top may be too high or the ambulance may come with a ladder or ramps which could easily be damaged or cause some hassle when transporting. To avoid any damages and for smooth transporting, you should deal with a shipping company that has proven experience in shipping ambulances. For accurate costs relating to the type of ambulance being transported, you can use online quote forms for vehicles and for medical equipment or contact an experience auto shipper.

Procedures Involved To Shipping Ambulances

When shipping vehicles, including ambulances and medical vans, there are some steps and requirements involved to ensure a successful shipment. The first step is to provide all required documents needed for shipping before the time of departure. These documents include the shipper’s full details (full name, address, photo ID and contact info), the consignee’s details (full name, address, photo ID and contact info), the original title of the vehicle, full prepayment, proof of commercial value of the vehicle and finally a signed attorney form legally allowing the shipping company to handle the shipment.

The next step is for the company to be informed of the date and destination of the ambulance shipment. After all this information has been provided and the steps have all been followed and completed, then the ambulance may then be loaded onto the ship and transported to its destination.

Why Ship A Car, Inc?

Some of these new shipping/freight companies may not be handle your ambulance transport efficiently as they may get overwhelmed by the pressure. That does not apply to us here at SAC. We have been in the freight shipping business for some time now and have garnered enough knowledge and experience necessary to fulfill your request hitch free. Using reliable shipping companies like us at Ship A Car, helps makes the whole job easier and without hassles. You are free to contact us by phone at (866) 452-3657 to ask your questions or get a quote online to you.

Medical Equipment

From us at Ship A Car, Inc you are also ensured a successful shipment of your medical equipment. It doesn’t matter if they’re heavy machinery or not, we are more than capable of transporting them to their destination. These equipments may include surgical equipment, X-ray devices, lab equipment, diagnostic equipment, MRI scan machines, CT scans or maybe even some hospital furniture. You can use our cost calculator for equipment to get a quote on how much a shipment would cost.


We at Ship A Car, Inc. are experts in transporting ambulances, medical vans, and medical types of equipment. We have garnered experience over the years from shipping and transporting other forms of vehicles and automobiles, you can trust us to ship your ambulance in good condition to any location of your choice.

Feel free to contact us today for your seamless transportation of ambulances or medical vans or medical equipment. You can be assured of a professional and efficient job for your ambulance shipping.