How to Ship a Tractor

In most cases, this is an issue for individuals moving tractor across provinces or shipping it from one country to the next. When moving a tractor over long-distance, getting a flatbed trailer, a truck, and a truck driver is important. Some companies have their vehicles or means of shipping tractors to any location, while others don’t. That is where tractor shipping services come in to have the job done. However, before selecting any company to transport such heavy equipment, here are essential things to know about tractor shipping:

Prepare the Tractor for Shipping

You should prepare the tractor to speed up the loading process onto the trailer. Doing this on time ensures your machine is tied down well in all the right places. Some of the things you should do include washing the tractor to clear the build-up of mud and dirt. Cleaning makes it easier to tie and secure the machine correctly. Alternatively, pit the tractor in the right position, ready for loading. It saves time and effort, so you do not have to reposition the tractor when the driver arrives. However, there are some safety procedures to follow during this step to ensure there are no accidents no matter how short the trip is, as indicated below:

  • Cover the smokestack of the tractor to prevent debris from getting inside. Use any material when covering this area and ensure it is securely put so it does not fly off during transportation.
  • Check if the tractor doors are locked to avoid flying open during shipping.
  • Disconnect the battery, especially for long hauls, to save its power life and ensure it starts well at the destination. Let the person receiving the tractor know they should reconnect it so they do not waste a lot of time investigating why it does not start.

Determine the Shipping Cost

Plan your finances, so you do not get caught off-guard by the shipping cost. There is no set shipping price since each company has its price range based on the size and the number of tractors you are shipping. Work with a tractor shipping company that offers fast shipping services and delivers safety but at a cost-effective rate. There are a few things that determine how much each shipping firm charges during tractor transportation, including:

  • Distance: It is cheaper to ship over shorter distances than longer ones.
  • Capacity: Since drivers are constantly moving around the country, a company located in a city with a surplus of drivers reduces the shipping cost compared to one with few drivers.
  • Delivery speed: The quicker you want your tractor delivered, the more expensive shipping becomes.
  • Dimensions or weight: Most companies will charge shipping rates based on how big or heavy the tractors are. Weight-based pricing is a better deal, unlike the dimensional-pricing; with weight-based pricing, the heavier the package, the more the shipping expenses. On the other hand, with dimensional pricing, a firm looks at the weight, height, and length of the tractor before determining the price.
The Driver’s and the Company’s Capabilities

Be sure to vet the driver and the company. Find out if they have the right trailer for your needs and whether the driver is licensed to haul in the jurisdictions you want to take your tractor. Find out if the firm has the right insurance to move your tractor or tractors, a good safety record, and perfect customer service.

What If You Are Shipping A Tractor Internationally?

In case you are looking to ship a tractor overseas from the U.S, there are three major steps to make your process quick and stress-free:

Get International Shipping Costs

International tractor shipping could be quite expensive depending on where you want the tractor to be delivered; however, the process is not impossible. Get a quotation to determine your budget and find the right firm. Provide the following details to your shipping company from the start:

  • The shipping weight
  • The tractor or tractors’ length, width, and height
  • The tractor’s model.
Prepare the Tractor for Overseas Transportation

Ensure there is no fluid leak; the tractor should be free of grease and dirt. This step is important since some countries have specific rules on the equipment’s cleanliness requirements before being cleared at the port. Confirm the machine is working correctly and is clean to avoid unnecessary port delays.

Ship the Tractor Overseas

The final stage involves the shipping process itself. At this point, you already know how much it will cost and confirm the equipment is ready for transportation. You most likely will use the Roll-on/Roll-off (RORO) method unless you are transporting individual tractor parts such as engines which can be shipped on pallets.

Whether shipping a tractor locally or overseas, the goal should be finding the right tractor shipping company. With the many firms available, researching and finding out the cost and how long it takes to ship your tractor from point A to B matters. Meet with a company’s representative first to investigate how they work and see if the team seems transparent and honest about their shipping procedures before hiring them.

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