Stress-free Transport of Marble, Quartz, and Granite Slabs

Whether you’re remodeling your kitchen or bathrooms or need to give your house a fresh look, stone countertops are a terrific idea. The greatest options are countertops made of marble, quartz, or granite. Of course, you must take precautions if you decide to DIY the carriage of your countertop to prevent losing money on your purchase, which is simple to do with such big, hefty products. But, of course, if you’ve spent money on high-quality kitchen materials, you’ll also likely be dealing with a countertop that is worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars, so you wouldn’t want to break it.

New countertops are typically delivered and installed by the custom-fitting firm. However, if you wish to deliver the item yourself or if you want to recycle an old countertop, this additional service might be offered elsewhere. Therefore, you will need the assistance of a shipping or logistics business where SAC comes in. Our knowledgeable personnel can assist you in moving your priceless items to your doorstep in perfect condition without any difficulty or concern anywhere in The United States.

You must first be familiar with the tools necessary for the task and how to utilize them to move marble, quartz, and granite. To prevent the slabs from breaking, you must also know how to handle them properly.

Here are some pointers for moving granite, quartz, and marble slabs to assist you.

Having the Right Equipment

The tools and equipment you employ will significantly impact the countertops’ security while in transit. However, the great part is that you can use a ton of safety gear for your task. They consist of the following:

An A-Frame

An A-frame is a piece of wood that has been shaped into the letter “A” and is bonded together. They can be created from wood or metal. They can carry slabs or bulky panels, including hefty art frames or glass, while leaning on their edge.

This is essential due to the following:

  • If moved horizontally or flat, stone slabs are prone to cracking.
  • Typically, stone slabs or countertops are too heavy to be moved far by human strength.
Heavy-Duty Moving Straps

There is no better tool than moving straps to secure the slab to the A-frame to prevent it from shifting or wobbling during the transfer. You can choose from a variety of straps both online and offline.

Avoid purchasing cheap straps because they are frequently weak and don’t offer a tight grasp. Also, keep in mind that your countertops are expensive. Do you want to fasten a $200 strap around a $1,000 slab?

Invest in a sturdy strap that will safely hold the countertop in place during transit and give you peace of mind to prevent accidents.

Cushioning or Moving Blankets

Use padding on the stone slabs to help reduce impact and soften the blows to the delicate rock-in-transit. These are essential, particularly when moving multiple countertops at once. You may use bubble wrap. Make sure you have a method to keep the padding from coming off when you move the slab.


The carrying clamps’ function is to give a firm grip to the sides of the large, heavy stone slabs so that you have a handle to carry the slabs from.

Using the Right Techniques for Moving Heavy Stone Slabs

Even with the best tools, you risk harming the stone slabs if you don’t transport them properly. So here are some pointers to keep in mind as you carry the slabs to help you:

  • Vertically transport the slabs. Not horizontal or flat.
  • Avoid pushing or dragging the stone slabs since you’ll break them. Have a few more persons assist you in lifting it to make sure this doesn’t happen.
  • Move the slabs in a single direction; avoid stopping for breaks along the route, as doing so increases the likelihood that the slabs may break.

When transporting a stone countertop/slab from the truck to the location where it will be installed, attempt to arrange “rest stops” along the way (or vice versa). You’ll want to be able to set it down without producing cracks or chips because they are so hefty. In addition, your back will get sore if you repeatedly descend to the floor. Using workbenches, sawhorses, or other strong support structures may be beneficial.


While moving the slabs yourself can save you money, there are many risks involved. Put the job in the hands of a reputable moving company to shield yourself from the risk.

In addition to moving the countertops/slabs carefully, the firm will most likely be insured. So you won’t have to worry about your loss if an accident occurs because the insurance company will handle it.

Instead of risking damage to your brand-new kitchen counter or bathroom vanity, you might cooperate with Ship A Car to eliminate the potential damage. You won’t have to worry about breaking your countertop in the back of your pickup truck or dropping it off while attempting to unload because we have access to the necessary equipment and professionals to complete the task correctly.