Shipping a Stand-up Forklift Is Easier than You Think

When it comes to shipping heavy-duty equipment like a stand-up forklift, many people are left scratching their heads about the difficult and complex process they will have to go through.

In all honesty, trying to ship a stand-up forklift by yourself can be time-consuming, challenging, and a headache. The logistics alone, not to mention the safety precaution required during the transportation, is enough to make you frustrated.

However, shipping a stand-up forklift is easier than you think. All you need is to get the right shipping company and adequate preparation.

How Can a Shipping Company Make Stand-Up Forklift Shipping Easier?

Many believe that a shipping company can only offer the “you can just relax, and we will do it for you” benefit. However, it is more than that. The things that will make the shipping challenging for you will be easier for them, and you won’t have to break a sweat over it.

Here are ways a shipping company can make shipping a stand-up forklift easier than you think

1.     They Have the Right Tools

Having the right equipment and tools makes the job easier and quicker. The weight and size of stand-up forklifts vary, and this can affect the transportation process; therefore, the company will have the right equipment that will be able to efficiently handle the workload.

2.    They Have Insurance

Accidents do happen, and if they do while you are transporting them, you might not have the coverage needed for you and your property. However, a professional shipping company usually has insurance that covers the goods they are transporting. If anything goes wrong, they are responsible for it.  Make sure to ask before you book.

3.    They Have the Right Skills

Experience and skills are something that not everyone can have. In order to ship a stand-up forklift, you need to have experience and the right skills. This is one thing a shipping company has. They have high-trained staff that brings lots of experience to the table.

4.    It’s Cheaper Than You May Think

If you decide to handle the shipping process on your own, you will have to bear all the expenses. This includes renting the truck, workforce, driver, tools, chains, and other necessary equipment. However, with a shipping company, you get a fixed rate on your transportation. This covers the truck, workforce, tools, and others. All you need is to get a specialized quote from the company, and you are good to go.

How a Stand-Up Forklift Shipping is Carried Out

There are so many ways a stand-up forklift can be transported. Stand-up forklifts are commonly shipped using a flatbed hauler. This is because this transport type is suitable for short distances. A flatbed trailer can accommodate various types of forklifts, and although weight and height are not a problem during shipping, loading can be. Nevertheless, flatbed haulers are best because they can contain a large number of stand-up forklifts per shipment.

There are other shipping containers large enough to support the weight and height; however, they are a bit more expensive than a flatbed. These containers include

  • Enclosed van trailer: This trailer is enclosed, and they protect your forklifts from the weather. This is the best choice if the forklift will be transported over a long distance.
  • Step deck trailer: Step decks use ramps. This makes loading easy as the forklift can be driven onboard.
  • RGN trailer: RGNs have a specially designed neck that tilts down for drive-aboard loading.

Factors to Consider Before Shipping a Stand-Up Forklift

Before shipping a stand-up forklift, consider these factors. These factors can influence the shipping process and the cost.

  • Shipping method
  • Size and weight
  • Safety
  • Distance
  • Shipping deadlines

Whether you want to do it yourself or hire a professional, it is important to consider all these factors before shipping.

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Shipping a stand-up forklift is a big responsibility. You will definitely find it easier to hire a professional to ship the forklift.

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