What to Know When You Need to Transport a Fiberglass Pool

Transporting fiberglass pools is often different from other types of load shipping. Fiberglass pools are usually compact and already assembled, so a flatbed truck is most likely used. But bear in mind that the types of fiberglass pools vary, and the shipping process may be different. So, we will create this guide to walk you through the process of shipping fiberglass pools. Before then, let’s consider the following;

Common Types of Fiberglass Pools

Before you ship any fiberglass pools, you must ensure that there is a matching shipping truck. Hence, it is crucial to have a good understanding of the different types of fiberglass. Curious to know? Let’s look at some common types.

Above-ground Pools

The above-ground pools are attractive, affordable, and fantastic. This type of pool is suitable for travelers or renters. It also have flexible shipping policies.

In-ground Pools

The in-ground pool is a kind of pool that competes with concrete pools. The advantage is that once it is offloaded from the shipping truck, it can be installed instantly. There are also numerous ideas to choose from while remaining budget-friendly.

Free-Form Pools

A Free-Form pool is a pool made to fit any shape, such as the heart shape or even the kidney shape. It is incredible for new homes.

Circular Pools

The circular pool is not as big as other pools. However, it has amazing functionality. The circular pool, considering that it takes up little space, is the best for homes. The pool is small in size, yet an excellent recommendation for small homes.

Rectangular Pools

Have you ever heard of lap swimming? The lap swimming involves swimming in laps and requires the right shaped pools. The rectangular pool is best fitted for lap swimming. Aside from that, the rectangular pool is also easy to transport.

Fiberglass Pools with Bench Seats

Some models of fiberglass pools are designed with benches and leeches. This extension is usually done to improvise and manage available space. Because of its unique shape, the fiberglass pools with bench seats may not fit the regular shipping truck. So, speak with a shipping company and ensure that there is provision for a fitting truck.

One-Piece Pools

As the name suggests, One-Piece pools are in one piece. They don’t need assemblage. While this is good, it is also a disadvantage. A shipping company may be unable to ship a large-size one-piece pool. So, reach out to the company to make inquiries and get clarification.

How to Transport Fiberglass Pools on a Heavy Hauler

Once you ship any item bigger than the standard dimensions, then you know you have to comply with other regulations.

One of the most important things to get is a permit. If you don’t know, your load will move across different states, so you’ll also need separate permits for every state. However, the problem comes with getting permits from every state. Sometimes, the department in charge is often different. One state could be the Department of Revenue, and another is the Department of Transportation.

After getting all your permits, your load driver must have certain items. These items include:

  • A banner declaring the type of load, wide load or oversized load, is most preferred
  • Copies of all state permits
  • Escort vehicles
  • Flags and blinking lights

Although the law has no specifics for the skills of drivers; however, ensure that the carrier is a well-recognized transportation company.

What is the Cost of Shipping Fiberglass Pools

Many factors play a role in the final cost of fiberglass pool shipping, so expect a high price. Bear in mind factors like state permits, weight, dimensions, fuel costs, distance, delivery and pickup location, weather, and season, amongst others, makes it tough to estimate the cost of shipping a fiberglass pool. The only feasible option is to contact a transport company for a quote.


Fiberglass pools are an over-dimensional load. So, the shipping process is often similar to oversized freight. However, aside from knowing the method of oversize load shipping, it is also essential to understand your pool type and select the right vehicle. Another vital factor is outsourcing the whole process to a professional transport company like Heavy Haul Transport Team to handle your shipping. Get a quote by calling Ship A Car at (866) 452-3657.