How to Ship a Lamborghini

When you are shipping a car, there are many different factors that make an impact on the ease of transport. However, when you are shipping a vehicle of immense value, the effort that goes in to protect your vehicle increases tenfold. When purchasing a vehicle of this caliber, there are areas of concern that you are forced to deal with.

Enclosed Auto Transportation

When shipping high line vehicles like Lamborghinis, right off the bat you must choose to ship through an enclosed transportation. For both enclosure options, the Lamborghini will drive onto a lower lift-gate or lowered racing ramps so there are no issues of scraping. The ramp will then raise to be level with the trailer, and is then able to enter the trailer to be tightly secured for travel. Before covering the positives of closed enclosure, there are a few obvious drawbacks. First of all, the cost will be much higher when choosing either of the enclosed transportation options. Furthermore, it may take longer for enclosed shipping to arrive as opposed to open auto transport. When choosing enclosed transportation, there are two options you can pick from:

  • Soft Sided

When shipping with a soft sided enclosure, there is a heavy canvas that covers the carrier that will protect the Lamborghini from flying debri, inclement weather, and any other elements that may damage the luxury car.

  • Hard Sided

The hard sided enclosure offers additional protection of your Lamborghini in the very unlikely event the car is exposed to damage during transportation.

If you are opposed to enclosed transportation due to the costs (enclosed units are typically 15 – 40% more expensive depending on carrier and time of year), you could also use an open auto transport system. Typically the open auto transport system uses the double-decker carriers that Lamborghini dealers use. The Lamborghini will be secured with the most protective equipment available, and will typically arrive within seven days of its departure.


The cost of shipping a Lamborghini is a result of multiple factors. First of all, the cost to ship a Lamborghini fluctuates throughout the year. Furthermore, the location you are shipping from and to play a heavy factor, the longer the distance, the higher the price. Finally, the type of shipping you choose from will heavily influence the cost, with an enclosed unit being more expensive.


This may seem like an obvious necessity, but it is extremely important to take out extra insurance on the Lamborghini during transport. You are investing a lot of money into this luxury vehicle so it is important to protect your investment. Typically, whichever company you eventually decide to ship through, they will have their own insurance in the unlikely event the Lamborghini is damaged. However, if the company does not, it is vital that you have insurance of your own.

Choose the Right Company

When you are purchasing your Lamborghini, it is important you have this step figured out relatively quickly. There are multiple companies that will offer their services to you, it is important to thoroughly research each company, and pick the one that is right for you. Throughout the research process, here are a few important deciding factors that you should consider before making your decision. First of all, the company you choose should be a reputable company that has been in business for a long period of time. It is not the best time when shipping a Lamborghini to go with the young startup company, you want the company that has many years of experience doing so. Another factor that is important to consider is the company’s insurance policy that will cover your Lamborghini throughout the move. Most companies will have an excellent insurance policy, but some may differ in the wording and how quickly you could get your claim. An obvious area that you would need to look into is the timing of your shipment. Most people want their goods shipped quickly, so that could be a deciding factor in which company you use. The final area to compare between companies are the quotes that they send to you, which could be the determining factor. However, when purchasing and shipping a Lamborghini, the cost should not play a major influence on determining which company you decide to choose, it should be the company you feel will deliver your vehicle with no damage and no headaches on your end.


High luxury cars like Lamborghinis are one of the most stressful things a person can ship. You have a few different options for the shipment themselves from an enclosed auto carrier to open auto carrier. Once you have decided on what form of transportation, a person must research the company they are using thoroughly as they are responsible for shipping an item you invested a lot of money in.