The University of South Florida’s (USF) Official Vehicle Transport Manual, Navigating Car Shipping

The University of South Florida is an international research institution committed to student achievement. This prestigious metropolitan university, based in Tampa, Florida, is essential to developing the knowledge economy.

Over 240 undergraduate, graduate, specialty, and doctorate programs are available at USF’s 14 colleges. As a public research university, USF benefits the citizens of Florida, the country, and the world by encouraging scholarly inquiry and producing knowledge that has a beneficial impact on the future on a local, national, and international scale.

It must be a goal to tick off the list to be accepted to USF if you wish to attend the University of South Florida with your car. You might need help from a car-shipping firm like Ship A Car.

Let’s start with more information on shipping a car to or from the USF, Tampa.

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Required Documents

If you’re moving to Tampa and want your car shipped, you either have to be the owner of it or get a document from your bank stating that it is a lien. Along with the additional papers listed below, US Customs also demands copies of the original titles for your car: 

  • Printed copies of the title on the front and back. 
  • A notice of lien from your bank, if any.
  • Information on the shipment (to and from destinations).
  • Driver’s license copy.
  • Statement of Value.

You can get the necessary papers from a professional international shipping firm. The process is simple if you own your car and are prepared with the necessary paperwork. 

You should also take pictures of the complete car and check for any existing damage on your vehicle. The entire shipping procedure will be simpler if you are well-prepared. 

Ship Your Car to Tampa

Ship Your Car to Tampa

It will help if you search for trustworthy car shipping companies with expertise in shipping cars. Then, inquire about several service alternatives that meet your needs.

Plan Early

Planning early is a crucial step. Your chances of finding a trustworthy shipping business at a reasonable price increase the earlier you begin. Generally speaking, the process should start about eight weeks before the anticipated shipping date.

Do Your Research before Booking

The majority of car shipping firms also provide auto transport. Make sure you research the company’s track record and automobile exporting expertise. An inexperienced business may cause unnecessary problems like delays and extra costs. 

Explore Shipping Methods

A few options are available, such as door-to-door and terminal-to-terminal shipping. The ideal shipping option depends on your needs, budget, and environment. 


The majority of car shipping brokers and carriers provide vehicle transport insurance. Consider purchasing insurance if you ship a vehicle to another state. 

If you follow the steps, you’ll be well on your way to choosing the best business and service and enjoying a hassle-free experience!

Choose a Reliable Car Shipping Company

Choose a Reliable Car Shipping Company

Choosing the best shipping services for your particular needs can take time and effort when there are many car shipping firms. Which services would best meet your moving needs will depend on various factors, including customer reviews, shipping costs, shipping alternatives, the ability to transfer cars quickly, and the type of vehicle.

Determine which shippers are readily accessible by looking at the available pick-up and drop-off locations.

Insurance is Crucial

Shipping companies in the car shipping industry must be authorized, covered by insurance and bonded. Therefore, confirming that each car shipping company is insured is essential.

Shipments are protected from theft, damage, and loss by cargo coverage and shipping insurance, and shippers are responsible for paying customers back for the cost of the item if any unforeseen harm happens during the journey.

Check the Reviews

Prospective clients might learn more about auto shipping firms by reading reviews from previous clients. While reading car shipping reviews, look for reviews highlighting upfront assurances, superior customer service, affordable transport rates, and the best vehicle shipping alternatives, such as enclosed carriers and open carriers.

The shipping cost for each provider can be compared to other service options using reviews from well-known car shipping companies.

Check the Credibility of the Firm

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) rates vehicle carriers from highest (A+) to lowest (F) to establish the trustworthiness of a car shipping business. An auto shipping firm will be given a no rating (NR) if the BBB has not accredited it frequently because it provided insufficient information.

Customers who search for auto shipping firms on the BBB website will find the most recent reviews, online quotes, connections to each company’s website and contact details.

Prepare Your Car

Prepare Your Car

It would be best to take a few procedures before shipping your car to guarantee a seamless shipment process. The actions you should take to prepare for shipping your car are listed below.

  • Ensure that all of your documentation is in order.
  • Ensure the car is clean from inside and out.
  • Look for existing damage on your car.
  • Maintain only a quarter tank of fuel.
  • Execute necessary maintenance.
  • Take away any extra parts from the outside of the car.
  • Keep an extra key handy.

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With some planning and information, you can easily ship your car to your desired destination. However, before finding the best company for your destination, ensure you have the lien letter, wash your car, and take pictures. 

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