Things to Consider When Shipping a Car in the Summertime

Summer brings about change. In the summers, when kids have their schools off many people tend to go on vacation. According to statistics, most businesses would move personnel to a different branch during the calmer summertime. Your transfer can be motivated by a desire for a new beginning or a relocation to a different college. All of those significant shifts, though, come with some hassles. It is particularly true if you are moving across the state or the country.

Even if you could, can you fit your whole house in a moving truck? Hire movers or learn how to operate the big truck on your own? How about your vehicle?

Most of these questions can be resolved by hiring a shipping service to move your car in the Summer. One of the finest ways to ease your move-related stress is to use Ship A Car. With our premium services, you can get there more quickly without putting more miles on your car.

Check out these essential guidelines for exporting your automobile this summer if you’re ready to enjoy the warm weather.

Get Quotes from Different Companies

When looking for a shipping company, conduct in-depth online and offline research. You can ask your friends, relatives, or coworkers for information. To focus your search, you might conduct an online search for the “best shipping company near me” and then pick the top three results.

Get important information, such as the ports from which you want to ship and the place where you want to deliver your car. You also must gather details about the shipment from door-to-door delivery or port to port, the anticipated cost, the paperwork needed, and delivery schedules.

One of the most reputable businesses that provide high-quality, dependable, hassle-free, and affordable shipping services is Ship A Car. Our qualified staff can give you step-by-step instructions and a precise shipping estimate.

Service Contract

Keep a copy of your service contract so that you don’t have to face any problems in the future. Obtain written confirmation of your unique demands from the auto transport business which they agreed to. Read the entire document before signing anything. It would be best if you get connected with an auto transporter that offers insurance above everything else.

As the law requires, all licensed auto transportation businesses have current insurance coverage. Feel free to request a review of the policy to determine what is covered. A trustworthy service provider will be willing to demonstrate this to you. After all, if something goes wrong on the road, this document will safeguard both you and the shipper.

Take Photos Before Shipping Your Car

Utilize technology by taking images of your car using your cellphone. Washing your automobile first will assist you in clearly identifying any problems. Include all possible angles of the interior and exterior. Take pictures that clearly display each body panel of your car. Obtaining several perspectives can assist you in determining whether your car has sustained damage during shipment or if it already had that damage.

You may aim to enlarge any already present damage, such as:

Scratches, Dents, Hits, and Corrosion Signs.

Keep these documents secure; if something is destroyed during transit, they will serve as proof for you.

Get The Car Ready for Loading

This is one of the essential phases because it will provide you peace of mind and enable the company to send the car effectively. In addition, making advance arrangements makes it more likely that your car will arrive undamaged. The following are some possible preparations:

Anything from your car that might fly into the air and break the glass should be removed. Take the required documents out of the glove box and stop the alarm to reduce battery usage.

Moreover, remove the tollway transponder before proceeding and expensive gadgets, such as a standalone GPS, to dissuade theft. Fold the antenna and mirrors back to prevent breakage.

Additionally, the car spoiler and other trimmings should be secured or removed before delivery. Keep the gas tank at 1/4 capacity to save weight. Ensure that the tire pressures are consistent also check and recharge the car’s battery as necessary.

These actions can assist in reducing potential harm. For example, taking away valuable stuff makes thieves and vandals less likely to target your car. Most importantly, performing pre-trip maintenance ensures that your vehicle will be in working order when you arrive.

Inspect Your Car After Arrival

Always examine your car once it gets to your location. Similar to what you did before you loaded the car onto the trailer, thoroughly inspect the vehicle. To find damages, carefully inspect both the interior and exterior. To ensure the car is in good condition, you should also use a flashlight to inspect the undercarriage.

The delivery driver will let you sign the bill of lading after inspecting it. This certifies that you received the vehicle undamaged and in good working order. By signing, you release the shipper from liability and can no longer pursue them. A prior examination is essential to submit any claims for damages.


Due to increasing demand, summertime car transport is more expensive. When you relocate to states like Hawaii, the costs increase even further. The good news is that you can rely on Ship A Car transportation services to be effective, safe, dependable, and reasonably priced. We’ll make sure your car is on schedule and stays safe.