SUV Vehicle Transport
What to Do Before Shipping Your SUV
  1. Make Proper Plans in Advance

This cannot be overemphasized. Before you begin shipping your SUV, you need to conduct proper research about reputable shipping companies and testimonials about their success in shipping SUVs; you would also need to take note of the company’s liability insurance coverage as well as your own insurance. If you need your vehicle delivered to you quickly, you need to make your findings about expedited shipping and plan accordingly.

  1. Take Note of Dents or Damages on the SUV

Good shipping companies usually do a comprehensive run-through of your vehicle before loading it onto the truck. This is done to take note of scratches, dents or any other damage to the car. However, you should do a thorough run-through of these things and take notes (images and videos) before the shipping company does theirs. This is so that you can quickly identify any further damage done to the SUV after it has been delivered and help you support your damage claim.

  1. Provide Accurate Specifics of Your Car to the Shipping Company

SUVs are no doubt large and bulky cars. But they come in various models and, as such, come in varying sizes and weights. The accurate dimension, model and weight of your SUV are usually required by experienced and reputable shipping companies to determine the appropriate carrier, driver expertise, and additional equipment for loading and unloading the vehicle.

What is the Cost of Shipping an SUV?

The shipping company you choose will give you a quote for your SUV based on several factors. But it’s advisable to remember that shipping an SUV is generally more expensive than shipping regular cars because it is bigger and heavier. However, the final cost of shipping is dependent on these factors below:

  1. Scheduled or Open Pickup

If you need your SUV picked up and delivered within a specific timeframe, your best bet would be to go for scheduled pickup. This means that your shipping company will have to work with your time for the delivery, typically costing you more. However, suppose you decide to go with open pickup. Whenever the company has a truck with an available slot heading towards your delivery location, they’ll notify you to pick up your SUV. This costs less than scheduling your pickup.

  1. Enclosed or Open Transport

Enclosed shipping involves shipping your vehicle using a covered trailer or truck with a roof and cover on the four sides. Enclosed shipping prevents your vehicle from external damage during shipping. It’s ideal for exotic and expensive cars, usually worth more than $70,000. Hence, it’s a more expensive type of shipping. Open shipping, on the other hand, is more common and less costly than enclosed shipping as it requires no cover. However, your vehicle will be exposed to damage by the elements. Your shipping company will most likely transport your vehicle using open transport. However, if you insist on enclosed shipping, you should expect a much higher quote.


Shipping an SUV can be a bit more difficult than regular vehicles due to its size and weight. Therefore, it’s easy to want to get lower-cost shipping options. But when you consider the cost and safety of your SUV, you wouldn’t want anything but the best when shipping it. At Ship a Car, Inc, our reputation for providing excellent shipping services precedes us. We accommodate every size and weight of SUVs and do it at customer-friendly rates too. Call us at (866) 821-4555 to get a quote free of charge.

  1. Can I ship my SUV with extra items inside?

No, you can’t ship your SUV with extra items inside. Before shipping, you are expected to clear everything inside your vehicle, including personal effects, documents, etc.

  1. Is there any other factor that can affect the cost of shipping my SUV?

A few other factors can affect the cost of shipping your SUV, including the location of your delivery, weather conditions, and vehicle size.