Everything a Travel Therapist Needs to Know About Car Shipping

So, if you decide to ship your car, this post will show you the necessary steps to take.

Search for Car Shipping Companies

When you go online, you will discover several shipping companies with juicy packages. Some blogs may tell you to look for the company’s design or specific grammatical errors. Those are not actual pointers to a company’s credibility. The first thing you should look for is reviews. You can get reviews on their website or on review sites like BBB, Consumer Affairs and Google. They will show you what the previous clients are saying about their services.

Secondly, you also want to confirm their registration and authenticity. If you are in the US, you only want to consider car shipping companies that are registered with the United States Department of Transportation. A credible company will include such information on its website.

Thirdly, confirm if they can ship from your previous location to your new job location. A bonus tip here is that you can ask your colleagues about the shipping companies they have used.

Weigh the Cost

After narrowing down your search based on your location, consider the cost. To get a quote, you should contact a shipping company representative. This is because sometimes, the prices on their websites can vary due to pick-up and drop-off addresses, the season of the year, availability of drivers, and the transport method. Don’t forget that some companies offer discounts to new and returning customers. So, do not forget to ask if there are such offers at your travel time.

Choose a Transport Method

Transport methods for your car include:

  • Open Transport
  • Enclosed Transport
  • Door-to-Door Shipping
  • Terminal-to-Terminal Shipping

Open transport lets you ship with other vehicles, while enclosed transport allows your car to be shipped inside a hard-sided carrier away from the outdoor elements. Enclosed transport means more cost and less worry about the safety of your vehicle. You can also be assured of your car’s safety with open transport as long as the company is insured. However, you should put aside some money to give your car a good wash when it arrives.

While door-to-door transport picks up your car at your home and delivers it to your new home, for terminal transport you will be required to drop off and pick up your car at a terminal. Before you make a choice, consider your budget and your timeline. Ensure that you arrive at your new location just in time to pick your car up at the terminal or receive it at your doorstep.

Get Ready to Ship Your Car

The usual preparation is to wash your car and take note of the condition of your car before it is shipped. If you want to add some personal items to your car, some companies permit goods weighing not more than 100 pounds. So ensure you do not exceed the limit to avoid issues at weigh stations. Please confirm with your transport representative prior to putting anything into the vehicle that you are permitted to do so by the carrier. Although we advise that you do not include any personal items to prevent theft, even with prior approval. Most shipping companies only offer insurance on your car and not your personal items. Do not forget to stay in contact with the shipping company so you can stay updated throughout the shipping period.


We understand that a travel therapist may love the thrill of going on road trips. However, driving long distances can be harsh on your muscles and joints. We know you want to be in the best healthy position to attend to your patients. This is why when you contact us, we will guide you through the process and help you ship your car with no stress. Whatever method you choose, you will surely get your car delivered just as you gave it to us.

●     Can you ship my dog with my car?

No. For the safety of your pet, we advise that you take your pet with you or you contact a pet shipping company to move your pet.

●     What is the cheapest shipping company for my car?

There are several affordable shipping companies. Please be advised that the cheapest shipping price should not be your only factor when considering the best car shipping company to transport your vehicle.